Various alternatives Frame Mat Styles

Most people who look at the art, the broader carpet helps to between visual "breathing space" in the frame, and the art that it seems more convenient. Wide limits mat once primarily used by museums and art collectors their self-esteem while, but now very popular with many kinds of framed art.

The choice of carpet is mostly personal preference limits, which may change over time. It is a good idea when trying to determine the preference to consider framed art magazines, museums, others at home or really anywhere you can find Art.

In addition to the width of the mat border, you can find varieties developed over the years, with some variations to match decor with art. Create the atmosphere of art that displays different types of carpet borders.

equal Borders, Single Mat

The most basic standards of equal width across the mat and deliver a simple presentation in almost every art form. The texture and color of the surface of this mat board is that the entire character of the graphics.

There are several opening Mats

This type of photo mats usually used one more hole cut mat board that allows you to display multiple images. The openings may be all different shapes and sizes, or may be the same shape and size. This type of mat can also be used to show their collections, such as playing cards or stamps. If the displayed many items in a frame, generally should choose simple lines, such as solid-wood frames or plain silver-plated picture frames.

The double Mats

The double carpet mat is actually two to over one another. A half inch 1.8 inch bottom opening in the mat turns out top mattress. Generally the mats of two different colors, but this is not necessary. This kind of map provides a visual and physical depth. If the graphic uses a double mat, it was thought to be a finished and professional looking pieces.

The weighted Bottom Mat

The weighted bottom mat is one that includes a broader or somewhat expanded lower end. Some believe that it fits in a man's eyes, because it gives the feel of a solid foundation. This is a very popular style of many artistic frame.

Mat Style Museum

This type of carpet significant limits on the top and sides, and a large, wide bottom border. Art museums are usually this type of mat to display drawings, engravings, watercolors, and this is the place that the name comes from. The traditional color is more neutral carpet museums gray, off-white and white, but if used furnishings, some individuals, such as increased density in the colors of the mat.

The oriental carpet

This type of carpet two narrow opposite side, and the rest is much broader limits, and is designed to mimic the proportions of art, which is located coil. Typically, the narrow sides of a fourth one-third the width of the other side. This type of mat work fine arts elongated, but usually seen in Asian art prints and paintings.

Curved Mat

If you are looking to have a traditional, romantic or classic feel, choose a curved arch mat. This style of carpet making artwork antique feel, and it's a wonderful selection of vintage photos. It's also a wonderful choice for a romantic photographs, like an anniversary or a wedding.

The Print Mat

This mat gives to art, contemporary character and work well with the prints, which is a narrow upper and lower, wider side of the oversized sheets of paper, and carpet.

in the Oval Mat

carpet, which gives an oval opening both romantic and an old-fashioned feel. This type of carpet works best for a focused picture, as the corners of the arts, which will be hidden in the frame. Oval mat used to frame silhouette portraits, wedding photos, and vintage photos.

The present Fabric Mats

It's easy to add depth and dimension to the texture of the fabric mat. Usually they are found covered with linen, silk, suede, velvet.

French Mats

The opening of the French carpet closed between lightbar, panels watercolor wash these lines. These are only two of a series of washes of color, they have a number of lines and colored panels.

embellished with Mat

It is possible to apply stickers or other decorative surface of the mat as a simple monogram in a corner, or perhaps a fancy four corners. The kind of decoration that makes you decide to work around players in the formal and elegant.

Now that we have learned some of the many forms mat, which you can choose, you have a great time framing pictures. You are able to really improve the images of that type of carpet you are using.

Source by Autumn Lockwood

How to Budget a non-profit organization

How to Set Up Budgets Nonprofits

Nonprofit very detailed budget, including funding from governments, businesses, individuals and foundations. Managing costs is definitely a priority for non-profit organizations, such as the budget for a significant part of the cost of the design.

The following are some steps to set up a budget is a non-profit

1 – Prepare a budget before about three months before the fiscal year begins

starting the budget process earlier than it does not work well, because things are changing, and these changes will be incorporated into the budget. It should be as close as possible to the beginning of the year, fiscal, however, the proper time management and accounting to analyze the numbers and figures that well thought out.

2- Print / off a profit and loss account / statement Activities

through the present or the basis of actual revenue and expenditure of the previous years for the next year . The best solution would be to download the numbers into a spreadsheet so that the numbers can be changed in the table. For example, if the program shows income this year is $ 10,000, and management believes that this figure is 10% higher for next year, this formula can be entered into the table easily.

3- document the process in detail

When decisions of the income and expenditure of the Support document should these decisions be available. Often when the actual / real numbers and budget variances between big one, I want to analyze the management to make decisions about it. For example, should the reason for increase in rental costs documented that if this growth does not happen in reality it is easily explained variance.

4- contains all the leaders

all the leaders of the organization should provide input into the budget. The Board of Directors may establish the basic numbers, but without the information managers, the budget may not be realistic. The management should be involved in the budget process and take responsibility for the areas above. For example, the fundraising department must create the numbers brochures and event organizer and responsibility over them.

5- in respect of the establishment of written policies and procedures of the budget

Preparation and approval of

shall be considered a serious leadership. Generally, a non-profit budget approved by the Governing Board or the Finance Committee. Guidelines procedures in this area it is important that the method and linear standard over the years. The policy, for example, to approve deadlines and situations about the budget when the budget need to be re-approved by the Board.

(This article is dedicated to providing credible information. The author or publisher can not offer legal, accounting and other professional services. If legal or other expert assistance is required, the services of a competent should look professional. )

Source by Sheila Shanker

Halibut Fishing Tips – How best to handle the Halibut Out of Water

If you go halibut fishing spree, one of the best things you can do is to learn how to deal with such hefty fish, if you've actually got them. Needless to say, these fish are not easy to give up without a fight. And if there is a catch-and-release "license", a catch and safely getting off the boat to be the number one priority. When not mean "safe" really means this on your behalf, as the 300+ Butt (halibut) is easy to make a punching bag out of you. Spines, ribs, and blunt tail can cause large pieces; and bitten by a fish is common, but it is certainly not unheard of. So here are some tips on how to handle a halibut out of water.

always comes prepared. A poorly prepared angler is obliged to go home with black eyes, two, or even worse, a cracked rib, or a broken limb. Wrestling is a living can cause a lot of physical injury (not to mention a disgrace to rejoice san is a flat fish). First, never to fish alone if it's after the game. This is one of the cardinal rules of anglers because of the deep sea or ocean flat fish can reach staggering proportions. Take it with a fine mesh will replace the smaller butts. However, the really huge monster of a harpoon or gaff more than necessary.

Before the harpoon or gaff, let the line run until thoroughly exhausted the fish. It takes a while, but after reeling the fish tired makes it significantly safer for you. This is as opposed to bringing a mad flapping halibut on board no matter how much fish can be. If you think a fish weighing no more than 30 pounds, it's easy to mesh and get on board. The bedroom and the line from the body, and try not to settle immediately on board. Anything heavier than 30 pounds should be given a wider bed. To make things less complicated for you, you Gaff or harpoon fish, even when in the water. The halibut is likely to go berserk, as the head of the roll too thin area.

The aim of the base of the spine, if you can, but most anglers simply prefer to harpoon fish through and through. Only when the fish did not move can be made safely on board. Even if the fish continues to muscle spasm, thus it feared meters still advisable.

Some anglers use guns and golf clubs to subdue the flapping fish, but these are the recommendations, we would like to reserve the "never". There are two primary concern here. One, there are certain fishing areas that do not allow fishermen to carry guns and rifles on board ships (that is, most Canadian fishing haunts). So if you rely on in your gun to kill 400+ halibut and no back-up plan, it would be in serious trouble indeed. In addition, the bullets do not really marked "clean." Residue of gunpowder contaminate the fish. Two swinging a golf club head and body in the ass cause a lot of harm to fish, but it probably will not kill the halibut immediately. In fact, it's that fish angrier and prone to fighting. The harpoon or gaff still faster and safer results.

Source by Rick Jenkins

Best Outdoor Cedar wood playsets

did a lot of reading online about the end playsets. There are a lot of forums around the country many mothers ask each other cedar outdoor playsets. They ask about the specific brands and share findings and why the consumer purchased the one that finally.

I've seen so much bad information going back and forth. Many bought based on price or sales pitch, or what could be viewed in its own territory. Many still made bad decisions.

Nobody knows who to ask! The retailer or manufacturer will try to persuade naturally, playset that they are the best or the best offer. Based on the very limited consumer knowledge is limited compared to some that they were able to do so. Neither of these sources know very much a wide range of playsets.

So who do you ask ??? Try to get not only the best informed anyone in the country with a wide range of stocks, you have to ask someone who does not have an ax to grind, and you will not lose or gain a lot of the decisions that you make. Ask the experienced and well installation of these kits to assemble and install almost any brand is the best to the worst … ME!

playset host of manufacturers, both domestic and foreign. I get to combine them, bolt by bolt, screw by screw, tile table, from top to bottom. Not only that, but had six children and three grandchildren, so parental insight and keeping security in mind.

# 1

After all this, I can tell you that the best set of quality in this country CedarWorks. Although they are expensive, if you can afford the best, this is where you should go. You can customize the set of exactly what you want and we will ship directly to you.

CedarWorks playset using arbor inside the building. This is a tough and solid wood that is naturally resistant to rot and insect infestation of. Each piece is sanded smooth and provides a very safe playset looks good to last.

In addition CedarWorks playset not limited to children ages 2-12, as most determines the market today. The adults of all ages can enjoy it right, and their children.

# 2

If CedarWorks not just the budget, but like a solid, heavy-duty, the unfinished look of the arbor and Systems playset Triumph of the road. Nice people and great products. They are not as ornate overall CedarWorks sets, but each piece and strong and high quality. I'm not just an experienced mechanic but I am also an experienced carpenter. They greatly appreciate the quality, safety and durability of these sets.

I will admit that it comes pre-assembled sections more than any other I've seen, including CedarWorks. The assembly time is much smaller, almost half the time. Therefore, if you are using the installer, like me, you end up with a better set than most of the "Set Play-In-A-Box" (which is very time-consuming to assemble), about the same price. Triumph playset Systems also uses arbor in the construction of each of the set

Note: I highly recommend that you get the tree on top of updates.


most of the "Play-Set-in-a-Box" is defined to be sold at Costco, Sam's Club, Home Depot, Lowe's, Walmart, BJ and others made in China. They are mass marketed and sold in large quantities for a much lower price than the much higher-quality American-made kit. They look good stocks, and the average consumer buys "nice" quality in general.

Chinese playsets are often stated as being the Cedar. What is considered "Chinese cedar" and sometimes "China light" is actually a kind of "Cypress" (Cunninghamia lanceolata). Do not just my word for it, read this article of "A Closer Look at Cedar China & # 39; and then there is this instructive article on". Chinese Cedar "

know if a set is made of this Chinese Cypress as soon as I open the box is very aromatic and smells usually strong initial closure in cardboard boxes My general observations on the tree. 1) it looks like the pine second.. ) it is light in weight. 3) in the not too dense. 4) of shares relatively easy. 5) it is usually very dry.

is wise to drill the smaller or thinner pieces in advance, to prevent splitting is attached to the wood screws. This is done by the manufacturer of certain stocks or certain elements, but often do not.

Because the kits from China is so light they should be on the ground. Anchors are included in many of the China-made kits. But as with all stocks, be sure that all of the trees above the ground. Both Cedar and Cypress rot over time, if buried under the ground. Sometimes, when the location is not level, the playsets are set below ground level on one side or another to the set level. Do not do or allow the installer to do it. You need to make sure that the ground is level prior to installation. Make sure that all the appropriate use it anchors, restaurants.


If you decide to purchase one of these made-in-China "play-sets-In-A-Box", because we have a budget, but still looking safety and the most for your money, you can go Gorilla playsets.

Gorilla playsets made it a lot better than most of the "play-sets-in-a-Box" from China to be sold in most major retailers like Home Depot, Lowe's, Costco, Sam's Club, BJ, Walmart, etc. put together a bunch of Gorilla playsets. These full-featured playsets that will not break the bank and are generally safe enough even for me to climb across. If it's a choice, I highly recommend that you purchase one at the top of a tree and not a canvas roofs that do not last.

Some Chinese stocks weak and scare you. If they shake and easily move my 180 lbs, what will they do with a lot of kids climbing all over it? The gorilla playset playset is a better than most of their Chinese counterparts. My favorite feature of the Gorilla playsets that the deck is thicker than 5/4 "set instead of 3/4" set, that most of these sets in China.

Like all known playsets are from China, their use is generally limited for children ages 2-12. They are just too easy and do not build enough is recommended for adults.


There is another advantage to buying the best quality, or Triumph as CedarWorks playset Systems … Overall, the cheaper stocks are more expensive to professionally. In fact, the same high price CedarWorks Frolic together the two that currently costs $ 4,995, as I do with the Highlander Deluxe Cedar playset which is currently priced at $ 899 Sam's Club. The cheapest kit can be assembled in general and of the highest quality for the dollar spent, in my opinion, the Triumph Systems playset.

Source by Stan Hallett

hypnotizability – Do You Have It?

hypnotizability is the ability to experience the hypnotic trance, usually through self-hypnosis or direction of another person, such as a hypnotherapist. People change so that you will be able to go into trance and purpose. As a human characteristic, hypnotizability seems to be "normal," which the population. In other words, statistically the distribution of hypnotizability in the general population follows a bell-shaped curve. This means that a small percentage of people, about 10%, and very hypnotizable trans access quite easily. It seems to be a natural, innate ability to go into a trance. At the other end of the continuum, there is a small percentage of people who for accessing trance (or at least someone intentionally or manual) is difficult. The rest, about 80% of the population, in the middle of the continuum hypnotizability — these are low-average, average and high average. In this sense, it changes hypnotizability person as other naturally occurring features such as intelligence or height.

Certain psychological, social and psychological factors correlated with hypnotizability and actually contribute to hypnotizability. When a hypnotherapist pursuing formal or informal "hypnotizability tests," he asks the customer to carry out some simple exercises aim to elicit one or more of the factors which meets hypnotizability. According to Dr. Steven Gurgevich he Self-Hypnosis Home Study Course (Sounds True, 2006) a number of common indicators hypnotizability. These factors or indicators hypnotizability are discussed below in the following paragraphs.

ability to follow

Some instructions are welcome, if they think it is in their interest to do so– and very fulfilling a hypnotherapist's instructions. These people will go into trance more easily than other people who do not like being told what to do, and often have a compelling drive to disobey or disregard instructions, just to maintain your own sense of self-direction and independent thinking. People can hypnotize the latter category (independent) until the hypnotherapist is not using an authoritarian approach.

The authoritarian approach usually does not work well for independent thinkers. To be successful independent thinkers, the hypnotherapist should strengthen the customer's decision-making capabilities across the hypnosis process and allows the client to consider how to best utilize and respond to the hypnotic procedure.

Capacity dreaming and deep concentration

If dreaming is easy to slip and you can get easily absorbed in movies, books and video games, it is probably a good hypnotizability. If distractible and difficult to sit still for a few minutes, you'll probably less hypnotizability.


If you have a good ability to visualize and imagine new possibilities, it is a good candidate for hypnotic. The success of hypnosis is often relies on the ability to imagine new behaviors engaged. If a lack of imagination, the hypnotizability may be less than optimal.

The Eye-Roll phenomenon

studies of the 1960s, Dr. Herbert Speigel conducted have shown a strong correlation between the ability to disable the human eye up toward the forehead and hypnotizability. The more white space can be presented to the raised bottom of the eyeball, the greater the hypnotizability. No one is sure why this relationship exists. how

interest in the mind works

People who are interested in the mind and how it works are generally adept hypnotic trance. People who are interested in the mind, who often earn by self-improvement seminars, reading self-help books, listening to self-improvement CDs and DVDs, and spending time with activities such as meditation, journaling, yoga, relaxation and hypnosis. People who have little interest in the mind is not normally considered hypnosis is a viable option to solve a personal problem, or self-improvement.


People usually succeed in hypnosis when you maintain an open process. These curious and willing to explore what hypnosis is and how to use it. They claim the positive expectation that hypnosis will be nice, maybe a useful experience. People who are dead set against hypnosis, or who want to prove that hypnosis does not work or does not work for them usually fail to hypnosis.

ability to think analytically is not

who thinks he is just a logical, analytical way, there will be a high hypnotizability. People high hypnotizability easily switch between the intuitive and analytical thinking, creative, imaginative thinking.


This is a misconception that hypnotizability is usually related to mental weakness or gullibility. In fact, the opposite is true. Those who have very high intelligence is often good candidates for hypnosis.

About the control problems

Some beginners who do not know much about hypnosis are reluctant to pursue hypnosis, and difficult to hypnotize because they fear that hypnosis causes them to give up self-control. Nothing could be further from the truth. Hypnosis can really help people to get more control over their thinking, actions, and emotions. In fact, many people are looking for hypnosis, as usual, engaged in any behavior which control (smoking, overeating, gambling, etc.). A person's control issues are not the best, hypnosis is an in-depth understanding of the process in advance.

paper and pencil tests

There are paper-and-pencil tests hypnotizability, but not all well documented predictability and msny not been subjected to rigorous scientific analysis of what is actually measured. The tests, which are well-documented scientific studies are usually used, in which a variable hypnotizability. Hypnotherapists rarely use these tests in practice, because:

1) The tests are time-consuming and expensive.

2) Most people hypnotizable the appropriate conditions, no matter what kind of tests can be detected.

3) hypnotizability depends on your own expectations. If you think that hypnotizable, the chance to go into trance improving. If the test says that low hypnotizability, you can reduce your expectations, low expectations and actually reduces your ability to trance.

Other factors that influence the success of hypnosis

There are other factors that influence the success of hypnosis. Rapport is a person performing hypnosis. Even if you want to be hypnotized if the hypnotist or hypnotherapist working with you does not seem entirely reliable or honest, or who has experience working with you, you may encounter you can access trance. If you do not feel comfortable in each leading hypnosis with you, part of your mind will be on guard.

Motivation is a very important factor in hypnosis. Motivation is the highest when the individual believes is beneficial to achieving the goal, willing to participate in the process and steps that power, the intention is completely congruent for performance, and believes in their ability to reach a goal . Most hypnotizable people who sincerely want to be hypnotized, expect hypnosis to work, and who are the real results of hypnosis. A person who is not motivated to change will not be easy to convince you that this hypnosis.

If you feel half-motivated to make a change, but there is still some concern or conflict may be required to do extra work to get a satisfactory hypnotherapist and hypnosis lasting results. Probable causes of conflict:

o competing goals: You can be the result of a profit or B but not both.

o competing values: The goal of the considerable personal values ​​or beliefs, but because it is in violation of other important personal values ​​or belief.

he wanted the goal, but not in the office or on the steps necessary to achieve it.

he wanted the target, but not the problems and / or the responsibilities that come with this performance.

he wanted the goal, but he did not know how to do it.

he wanted the goal, but the feeling is blocked by fears, inhibitions and restrictive beliefs are rooted in past experience.

the situation is further complicated by the exact source of the conflict is often present in the subconscious, and there is no cognitive, conscious analysis. In this case, the individual must contend with conflicting fear, procrastination or self-sabotage, without getting to the heart of the matter.

achieve resolution on their own hard. A psychotherapist who is also a hypnotherapist can use various hypnotic processes that help identify the type of conflict you may encounter and help to work through, do not reach resolution, digest it and put it behind him.

What to do if you think that low hypnotizability

Surprisingly, the belief in one's own hypnotizability does not seem to be a significant factor in hypnotizability. I've had several clients who came to the practice of doubting one reason or another, that they can be hypnotized. Still, if I explained the process to them and worked with them, within easy reach of trance. I also had a couple of clients who said, other hypnotherapists that they were not hypnotizable, or who found that he could not access earlier hypnotherapists trance. Many of these customers are also available trance, my guidance and instruction. Most people can reach trance if they understand the hypnotic process and motivation is really hypnotized.

If you think that there is little hypnotizability or think you may be a bad candidate for hypnosis, do not give up. Find and work with a qualified hypnotherapist with whom he feels good. Sometimes people with low hypnotizability requires some practice time before you can achieve trance. A trained hypnotherapist will experiment with different approaches and induction to find the methods that are best for each customer.

Source by Judith Pearson

A History of St. Louis Imperial Swing Dancing

There are a total of eight swing dance club located in and around the St. Louis area (including music Collinsville, Illinois), which are members of the Midwest Swing Dance Federation and the all of these clubs descendant of St. Louis Imperial Dance Club, which was founded in 1973. the largest of these sister club West County swing Dance Club, the difference is that one of the biggest swing club's active membership in the United States, totaling more a thousand dancers.

Imperial Swing got its name from the Imperial Club is located Goodfellow Boulevard and West Florissant Avenue. The building was originally called the Imperial Hall, it was built in 1928 as a dance hall, bowling alley and restaurant / bar complex. In the 1930s and 1940s, it was the dance scene Northwest St. Louis, as Arcadia (later known as Tune Town), Admiral Showboat Midtown, and Casa Loma in Southside were the most popular dance halls own areas. In 1952, George Edicom Enterprises purchased Imperial Hall and George Edicom renamed the Imperial Club. The beginning of the decade, he worked with the club as a ballroom with the theme of "a nice place for nice people." He played "big band" music and catered primarily individuals. He was able to book a regular guest appearances in popular performers such as Stan Kenton and Louis Prima, because Robert Hyland, CBS and KMOX radio broadcast weekly "Coast To Coast Bob Hyland" program in the Imperial Ballroom.

in the late 1950s and early 1960s, Edicom realized that the country's musical tastes have shifted, "Rock & # 39; n Roll" and he used advertising-public relations firm to aggressively promote the Club Imperial KWK, KXOK Wil and WGNU. Joe Bozzi Quintet, Jimmie (Night Train) Forrest, Chuck Berry, Dolly Parton, monkeys, Glen Campbell, Ike and Tina Turner and a small vocal ensemble now known as the "fifth dimension" are among the many artists who began his career in club. He promoted the "Jitterbug" contest, in which a married couple in the Club Imperial (Teddy Cole and Kathy Burke) won the National Jitterbug Championships. The "Rock & # 39; n Roll" craze Tuesday, lasted Edicom "Teen Night" dances, and it was these can dance the jitterbug variation that became known as the "Imperial Style" was born in St. Louis swing. Given the progress of the '60s, musical trends is changing again. A & # 39; Roll "started dropping out" Rock & # 39; n Roll ", the" rock "has become tougher and teenagers getting involved loud, psychedelic music concerts. Since the freak-out beats the acid rock music was almost impossible to dance, Edicom gradually eliminated all public dances to the club.

the George in 1970, Edicom wanted to reintroduce more listenable and danceable music Club imperial and found that the host of swing races just the ticket! he got along with Teddy Cole, the Jitterbug champion, who is also a dance promoter in its own right, and I decided to fund a year-old St. Louis Jitterbug Contest "Imperial Style" add "City champion." They are widely known tournaments asks a lot of older, experienced dancers to come around the club again and EDICOM sponsored several "Salute dances" to introduce these old-timers of the newer dancers. As more and more people began to study the empire, he began organizing small dance groups that met with apartment complexes around the St. Louis area, and George Edicom kept in touch with many of the leaders.

1973 Al Morris formulated, which is a club, and it was the group that first met the San Miguel apartments in St. Charles, St. Louis became the Imperial Dance Club. The founders Dave Cheshire, Cheshire Jan, Rick McQueen, Joan Fritz, Debbie Dustman (Wheelis) and Veronica Lynch. The new club alternated dances Lynch gated community in South County and West County Wood Hollow Apartments. Edicom contact the council and told them to be very interested in the club to fulfill their mission to swing dance scene. The big promoter convinced them a compelling new adaptation of the original 1950 theme to their club to keep growing in the future dances at the Club Imperial Ballroom as "a nice place nice people who love to swing dance!"

Good mottos never die, but unfortunately the people, and June 11, 2002 Edice George passed away. The building is quiet, but now it is here, not only as a landmark, which began in Imperial Swing, but a tribute to a man who in his colorful, eighty-six-year life, was able to transform his dreams into reality. . . Not a bad epitaph!

Source by Skip Culver

ATX power supply – the easiest way to improve it

stopped repairing ATX power supply many years ago, thanks to the new cost is very cheap. It is not worth to repair because the parts are sometimes more expensive than getting a new power supply. Search ATX power supply spare parts was not easy, as many of them can not even find them online. Not only that, a number of complex and different planned power supply manufacturer has absorbed our precious troubleshooting time, because we need time to understand how all these different power supply designed to work.

Some power supply designs were the PWM IC (UC3842) and power FET, some use the double transistors while some only one primary side of the power IC. As a manufacturer wants to be taken in the design of compact size, number of secondary or even primary power supply circuit was built in a modular table (small plate). This made troubleshooting more difficult, because many times the probe can not reach that point in the investigation.

The real reason I stopped repairing ATX power supply was the profit. If you spend the big buyers prefer to buy a new unit warranty for one year. If you fill too low, you can end up on the losing side because instead of parts, electricity, etc., charge a fee earned reasonable profit margin does not extend the time spent on troubleshooting it. I am here not to discourage you to stop repairing ATX power supply, but if you have the time to contact more cheap power supply components, easy access to many power supply and wiring diagrams, etc., you can go ahead to improve it.

right back to the article, one of our clients asked me to repair the ATX power supply. I told him to get a new one (because it was very cheap), but said he could not find one that fits the customer's CPU. He wanted the power to either the same size or smaller than the original one of equal or greater performance, but all I could find a standard size power supply!

The benefit to my clients, it's not my best to help him to repair the ATX power supply. If the power supply was switched on measurements. The results surges. The 12-volt line shot up to + 13 V and 5 V line was 5.6 volts. After removing the cover, I found it very dirty and my vacuum cleaner and brush to clean off the dirt. Then I saw four filter electrolytic capacitors also bulged the cover page.

As you know, our electronic repair shops not only see things only from one side; It is that the other party. What I mean was, try to see if there are any suspicious items that contributed to the failure of the power supply, such as broken parts, dry joints, loose connection, decay glue and etc before you start checking the suspected area.

What I saw there were on the primary side components covered with decayed glue in the picture. It is necessary to carefully remove the rotten scrapping the layers of adhesive while maintaining the outer layer of the components. Once you have finished, we clean the diluent. Corrupt adhesive may cause severe or intermittent fault electronic equipment because it may lead.

If repairs ATX power supply, make sure to check the fan because the heat caused some power failures caused by faulty fan. The purpose of the fan to suck all the heat generated by the power supply inside the machine. In order to allow smooth running of the fan, the service has a Philips oil based spray as shown.

After the exchange of four electrolytic capacitors and removal of decayed glue, then plug it into my eyes, this is a motherboard testing hard drive performance with the ATX power supply, and measure all of the output voltage. It seems as if the output voltages were back to normal. If everything is okay, you can try a working CPU to check the display.

To test your junk motherboard first, so as not to cause my good motherboard go bad just in case, if the output voltage is still very high. Better safe than regret later. By the way, you can not control the power supply without load already is on for a while, then it stopped. If it is not junk motherboard you can always at least connect the hard drive and a jumper cable connector, turn on the ATX power supply.

Do you know that most of ATX power supply uses a dual Schottky rectifier to convert the C wave of DC voltage? Even the LCD monitor power supply, dual Schottky rectification is used. For your information, check diode Schottky diode is different from normal controls. Analog meter set to X10 K ohm, you have to show some leakage reading, if the opposite bias test. If this element is very easy to fail to have a replacement, of course, is that one of the right specification. That's all for today, I hope you enjoy the article and come back often to check out the latest repair techniques possible that I will share with you.

Source by Jestine Yong

Andy Warhol – "Cowboys and Indians" – "Sitting Bull"

Andy Warhol issued the "Cowboys and Indians" limited edition print Portfolio 1986 This was the last edition of 10 prints. These zip Lenox Museum Board. Rupert Jasen Smith was a printer and Gaultney, Klineman Art, Inc. was the publisher.

understanding "Sitting Bull" Andy Warhol's 1986 "Cowboys and Indians" Portfolio confusing. Twice in the past month had confused the customers 'Sitting Bull'. Well, that's confusing, and I have never seen a good explanation. There's also more confusion neighbor "John Wayne", but that in a later article! Below is a breakdown of the Portfolio

Each of the 250 Regular Edition "Cowboys and Indians" portfolios include 10 different prints:

  • Geronimo
  • Mother and Child
  • John Wayne
  • Plains Indian Shield
  • Custer
  • Annie Oakley
  • Kachina dolls
  • Indian Head Nickel
  • Northwest Coast Mask
  • Teddy Roosevelt

Each of the unique 36 Trial Proof Edition "Cowboys and Indians" Portfolios listed above plus four additional 10 to 14 prints. All printed custom color combinations.

  • Sitting Bull
  • Buffalo Head nickel
  • Indian War Bonnet
  • Action Picture

To add to the confusion, an unknown number (or 250) of similar color "Sitting Bull" printed on the regular edition, but not used. The idea that they're one of 10, the regular edition, but it can be replaced by another publication. These are available in the market and is not signed or numbered. They issued Sitting Bull has been authenticated by the Andy Warhol Art Authentication Board and Estate of Andy Warhol.

Source by Henry Koelsch

Suicidal Tendencies interview

TIS = The Indie Spiritualist

DP = Dean Pleasants

= EM Eric Moore

TIS: That's a really nostalgic tour've put together here. We have the Cro-Mags, DRI, Underdog … all who, together with yourselves, hardcore legends! We took the tour experience than the one before?

DP: He is a good man. Somehow a blur, rides in general, but a lot of fun. We're on the bus "submarine", we go under the water, and we emerge concerts. Every day a different crowd of people, but always entertaining. You play stuff off the record and No Mercy Suicidal Army and other old things, so the crowd really enjoyed it and we. We are really getting into the gap in right now, which is usually what happens then tour is over. It all bond and it is now a lot of fun.

TIS: It's me or you do not wish to avoid open a lot of new "punk / hardcore" bands?

DP: Not really, we just do what works for us. We did some shows recently Deftones.

EM: Yes, and we toured the Lamb of God for a while. We tour a lot of new bands, then smash them, haha.

DP: We did some festivals in Europe, and it's just such a diverse lineup. What was the show Jay-Z, Missy Elliot, Kiss. This is crazy.

EM: Yeah, trust me, it's diverse. Suicidal very diverse.

TIS: You did not ever skate yourselves?

DP: Yes, absolutely.

EM: Dean still skates. He is board there. I used to skate when I was too skinny. Like all times. I fell and busted my lip and shit, but I always come up.

TIS: Haha, cool. So what signs did you grow up?

DP: Well, when I was a kid, it was the first sign this little polyurethane plastic thing when it first came out. That was before they roller skate bowls and stuff. I'm just skating board Pep monster truck wheels and Indy. I can show you.

TIS: Yeah, that would be awesome if you do not mind.

DP: No, not at all!

EM: Wal-Mart has always been a man boards. Former Wal-Mart's board of life. I told you I wanted my mother to the one that won on each side, and he'll be like, "No! You will receive this $ 10 card, and you'll like it", and I'd be like, OK, fine, I'll just ride a BMX bike. Because when a thug growing up, I just liked to steal anything.

DP: So here's my board. Definitely there is a working out of the tour and definitely cruising. The boys Rip City (Santa Monica, CA) hooked this up for me. I told them I played in a band his brother Jim and hung up.

EM: Yeah, the only reason why he skates Pep Pep s board our homeboy.

DP Yeah. I really like to cruise, so this thing is, it's like two shot, and you can go forever, and it's fast. Before this board, I skated Dogtown and I also had a Jesse Santa Monica Airlines.

TIS: Rad. So Sucidal, especially Mike Muir has been noted with beef Rage Against The Machine. In fact, he wrote a song Do what I say, which is a parody of the lyrics, Rage song Killing In The Name. This is still an ongoing thing?

EM: Hahahaha.

DP: Honestly, I do not know too much about it. What's really just comes from South America, where he played the Rage.

EM: Yeah, we played with them. Only three bands for us, Mars Volta and Rage.

DP: Yeah, it was pretty cool, so I do not want to say anything bad about them.

EM: but I really have nothing bad to say anyway.

DP: They're a hell of a show. It was crazy. There were 50,000 people going nuts. I mean, all put on a good show, but Rage put on a good show.

EM: Yes, Anger Kills.

TIS: Cool. So is it safe to say you can not start playing now, or at least not then?

DP: I certainly do not play there.

EM: It was really a beef between people, not bands. It was not like I had to whoop your ass, or you have to come with us.

DP: It was a war of words, which are attended by Mike. What happened was that the band is on tour together and have someone on the phone and someone pushed someone, and that was really all that Tom's fooling. Then he said something about an interview with Mike and the band of old, or something funny. Mike asked us if we interfere when he wrote a song about it. You do not really want to involve us. I was not mad at those guys. So he wrote Do what you say, I like ok, really mad at them.

So we go to South America, which had offered two festivals, one in Chile and another in San Paulo. Anger was a leader, like, well I do not know if you want me to come to you too, but I asked them, and it's been long forgotten. And the Brazilian people said they wanted to come Suicidal, so we went. We got there and saw Tom, and Zack, and said hi, and everything was good.

TIS: All right. What's the word on the new album? We have a tentative release date?

DP: Well, we wanted to release the No Mercy / Suicidal Army Tour record because Mike had a vision of doing over the records, and show people the harder side of Suicidal. We usually play three or four songs in our set. As for the new record, it's really just based on timing because of the way the industry and distribution. He wants to get out, and now rebaptize people who are into us before, and show the newer generation of kids who we are before we release a record. We do not want to release something that will not be heard. This is very important to all of us. When you put your heart and soul something, you want to be heard. And we go on this American tour in Europe and South America, etc.

TIS: Yeah my friend Randy said the way up to how much he loves the new recordings of No Mercy things, and what you did to her.

EM: Yeah man, it's new, hard and fast thing.

DP: This is a throwback to the way they were recorded long ago. I am originally from the Infectious Grooves before suicide, and we are used to doing in a certain way, a lot of jamming and writing, but it was not a formula to Suicidal that sounded the way that it did. And we went back to the formula. Mike was doing it the hard rhythms and solos, and drummer and bassist are doing their thing. It really makes a different type of recording. And that's what we did at No Mercy. If you listen to it, you can hear everyone's doing what they do best.

TIS: You mentioned Infectious Grooves. You play first US show in 10 years in November 23 Can you talk a little bit about that?

EM: Yeah man, it will be a great show. You play at The House of Blues in Hollywood.

DP: Infectious could play in the Chilean Ratman and Mars Volta, and we never played there. We have some freedom in France, Europe and Australia though. Infectious' first tour opening Ozzy

TIS: Yes. I remember Will comes out and sings Therapy with you

DP:.?. Yes, and in fact, when he shot the video with us, he had a broken leg What it was in Chicago and I will never forget that anyone can say what they want about Ozzy, but he's the nicest guy, he really is

TIS.. So is there any truth to the Suicidal / LA Sureno Venice 13 gang rumors Then she nods once, yes, twice no, if you want

EM. ha, ha, oh man

DP. Haha well you have a bunch of bands that claim Suicidal but I'm not I'm gang members

EM:.. I wear red so … (laughter)

DP: there are a lot of people who are in the band, which is also the other things that you may not salty . When you play Ventura, the hell's angels to our shows all the time. there are a lot of 1% biker gangs, which Suicidal. They never cause any trouble for the show, but they are there. When you play Ventura, the whole street lined Hells Angels.

TIS: sounds crazy.

EM: It's weird.

DP: Yeah, it's crazy. So a lot of people like our music, and for us this honor. There are a lot of people in jail that you like the music, and they say that will help them through the day so that's great. For us, the key is to touch someone. If you can help someone through a day when they're having a hard time, that means something. So far the band thing, I do not know. It's crazy, and people are definitely doing their thing.

TIS: Cool guys. Thanks for your time.

Source by Chris Grosso

How to use Caulker patch without internal walls plaster them

I know it can be a headache for most people, but did you know that it is sometimes possible that the domestic "DIY" enthusiasts, as well as the builder to settle nasty nicks, scratches and cracks before painting the interior walls without being plastered all over the area again.

Available in many "DIY" store is a wonderful tool, which is called "Caulker."

What is a "Caulker"?

is essentially a flexible plastic-type blade, generally about 10 to 12 "in length and can be used for applying a filler the surface of a wall or ceiling, and also the elastic capability of being able to pen (Blend: Flatten) of . filling gently out onto the surface, making it ideal for spot on

a 'Caulker' is very similar to the "Texturing / Arte Xing legs' unless the business edge of the" Caulker & # 39; smooth and flat, not serrated, combs and the like, such as a "Texturing comb & # 39;. report

There are generally two types of plastic" Caulker. & # 39; One is an all-in-one plastic version, while the thicker grip molded onto the thinner flexible working lives. The rest consists of a wooden handle, and a separate, flexible and thinner plastic working edge is inserted into the wooden handle.

next to the & # 39; Caulker "successfully apply the label and prepare the new plaster wall / table decorating before the ceiling is an invaluable tool for yourself and use it if you do not own" DIY "

1: you will be able to scoop up joint filler bucket using scraper and then strip material from the center of the "Caulker" blade

2. Start to offer employees a filler "Caulker" the surface of the wall, resting on the flat directly, and the entire surface with a 45% angle

3: and if we continue to slip in the 'Caulker' to the wall, lay the material slowly close the 45% angle so that at the end of the stroke of the handle edge closer to the wall, which is the minor scratches and surface variations as you go.

This method is "on" should be a continuous uninterrupted.

4 : Once it's done, take your scraper and scrape off the filler own "Caulker"

5: and begin to use the pure "Caulker" feather the edges of the filler onto and over a good area of ​​the surface .

As with most things, first tried, it all takes a lot of practice.

production of the vital key. Please watch out for the rest of the article, which covers all kinds of different surfaces and how to prepare them, before the great or decorating.

There is a wide selection of fillings available in the market that can be used in our "Seal Technique" and has experimented with most of them.

I find that the best results are achieved when mixed with 40-50% run / end "type of gypsum plaster pink" white powdered filler-type inner surface clean with cold water.

This ultimately creates a very fine mixture which is ideal for the job.

Once you have created the filler, the consistency should be thick enough, you can not run or drip when the scraper scoop some up. And do not be so thick that you can not even spread out onto the surface.

Also make sure that all of these mixed clumps.

Again, it is essential to use clean water and clean all equipment. The reason is that once you have laid the surface of the filler, if there is a bit of mud mixture as you are smoothing the surface of the filler, it is noticed that a few minor scratches in your work.

There are many substances that are mixed with water tends to shy away once dried.

Thus, the second layer may be feasible area when dry. To do this, you need to define more mixed material over a wider first attempt and beyond the first layer completely covers.

But before we go on this second layer, read in connection with the preparation of the preliminary decorative interior surfaces, because we have just created a highly porous surface and the band's new material does not stick to just pass the dried stuff.

This is the mix of fillers that have created absolutely wonderful for grinding down; This may be required in that they further mix the filler in the wall.

Use fine sandpaper, and please take care when using sharp tools in use, always read the instructions on the packaging and building materials, use a dust mask and take care of the lungs.

For more on how to use the "Caulker" taping new plaster wall / ceiling boards were for "Texture awakening."

I hope this article regarding a 'Caulker' to sort out the internal surfaces help to "DIY" mission.

Go Create a Craze.

Dale Ovenstone. 2008

Source by Dale Ovenstone