One day in the life of a surgical nurse

Because the surgical nurse is very different from other specialties as surgical nurses deal with patients who are asleep. Surgical nurses to see patients in a very short pre-op and then return to the operating room, where they will be put to sleep as an anesthesiologist or Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA).

Surgical nurses are very territorial and secretive. No one knows what goes on behind the doors, (neither the patients, nurses and other). It's a completely different world of surgery and without the proper training, you can not participate in the surgical area.

Surgical nurses not change dressings; not usually be given medications (except for local monitoring). They do not answer call lights or care much about patients' families. So what the hell are they doing?

Well, surgical behind these doors some exceptionally skilled nurses who deserve recognition and praise, rarely get.

they do not see how the patient recovers. Patients Versed so high that the whole amnesia after their surgical experience.

day shift If they arrive at the hospital or facility around 6:00 to be ready to set up an incident at 7:00 am. This gives them time to change into scrubs and read the schedule. The fate of the agenda of the next 8-12 hours. I look at the big board at the front desk to find out if they are the scrub nurse on the day or the pump. The most important thing you look for a sign as to which surgeon will work. This simple thing can make or break your day. There are good and bad surgeons than any other slice of the population. "Please God, do not be such and such."

Doctors were friendly, but their skills can be terrible. Or it could be a good surgeons, but the real jerks. Hopefully that day will get all the surgeons, all of which are friendly and good at what they do … but this is unlikely.

When added to the circulating nurse, you can grab a scrub tech / nurse, and you can also go to look for the first time into the day. This can be anywhere from a mess of other cars that have been filled with items needed in other cases. Hmmm, what a joy it is when there is a great deal of ortho and half of non-sterile instruments, and should be flashed Better yet, you are missing half the items on the preferences page.

You run and find them as a scrub nurse opens the sterile field. When you return to "dance with the scrub nurse." Not literally, but the "dance of the scrub nurse" really means to help the scrub nurse tie his / her sterile gown. They can not do this on your own, or make them sterile, reaching behind them.

Next, you need to count everything, including all the tools, RAYTEC, loops, needles and blades. Remember all this happened 06: 30-07: 00th God forbid, you lose a round or above items. It's a nightmare when you lose nothing. Already in those cases where we remove lap sponges, a needle or device; In these cases, so much fun. While the cases where the surgeon has already left a sponge inside the patient, it is absolutely necessary to mask a dab of wintergreen, or you're likely to vomit up the gut! (And that's putting it lightly). Besides, if all the matter in the scrub nurse happy stretch, the OR bed and all the equipment in the room, it's time to go out and greet the patient.

You go to the pre-op of sight to the patient, and evaluates the chart. God knows what crap are there. The labs may be far away, and surgery may be canceled. The patient may be allergic to latex, so to be broken across the sterile field, because there has been placed a latex Foley. You go in the room and deal with the patient in a cool way, you can (try to remember that these patients have lost their wits scared), unless you are already familiar with. Such a wonderful drug!

Sleep has normally seen and evaluated the patients before they arrive, and the patient has been asked 3 or 4 times that I've had something to eat or drink since midnight. But if you ask the patient the same question, the answer suddenly changes. They say all I had a donut and coffee for breakfast that morning! Okay, now the case is suddenly interrupted, and lucky enough to have the task of breaking down the entire operating room to room down and start all over again. A number of other scenarios may be that the patient is allergic to shellfish and peanuts, (which is the allergy de Jour these days). Everyone mother of a peanut allergy. Or, perhaps, only the patient is allergic to his own snot!

Today the patient has no such problems. They are not obese or pregnant, so there will not be pulled out of the Hercules bed. Hip hip hooray involves the surgery. You begin to penetrate the back post and he was "margarita glass" (Versed), and everyone says before the pre-op area all his secret.

He goes on to talk your head all the way to the operating room to be silly, and he tells you that he'll never forget how wonderful you are. Your mind thinks Yes, that's right, you will not remember your own name when you wake up, let alone mine. After entering or transfer the patient to the table and find that he is still wearing underwear, (full latex banding), though I told you that was a latex allergy … Awesome!

You Anesthesiologist or CRNA help him put to sleep, (hurry, because his leadership, walnuts), her "jabber jabber not shut up." Anesthesiologist or CRNA put him to bed (hurry, because his leadership, walnuts), her "jabber jabber not shut up."

Unfortunately, he fell asleep, and all is quiet for a few minutes, until the explosions doctor friendly. He had a bad day doing rounds, and she has been paged 54 times with his office staff, so he's a nice atmosphere and you're a nice day.

There is no right of preference cards, and spend your time running around looking devices (dirty also, which need to be flashed). It just pisses off the surgeon improves more and more of the day. The Bovi does not work and the Rad Tech named the C-arm 10 times, but still MIA.

When everything starts to settle all the issues have been resolved and you can relax and sit 5 minutes, hoping to stay that way. Finally, the surgeon closes and begins counting. Circles and RAYTEC first, and then the instruments and needles. All right, (and except for a small needle), which is nowhere to be found. The scrub matter again. "No, we are still missing." The surgeon knock someone's head, and freely verbalizes it. You run the magnetic roll a stick in the ground and find the damn needle. Finally, you find that the scrub nurse right leg.

The patient begins to shake, and finished on the matter. After you pass and give the report to the Pacu nurse patient surgery. Hooray, it's lunch time and you're exhausted, only five cases go.

This is a day in the life of a surgical nurse. Many nurses in other specialties believe that surgical nurses really not much or no "real sisters." While the role of surgical nurses are very non-traditional, working very hard, and they are an integral part of the nursing profession. Unfortunately, it did not get to see the fruits of your labor. Once the surgery is over, you never see the patient again, and generally have no idea how well the patient has made a recovery. The patient does not remember receiving great care, or for the sake of all the staff and the patients, it's probably better this way.

surgical nurses are highly skilled at what they do, and really deserves more respect to both surgeons and other caregivers. So, the next time you encounter a surgical nurse to treat them right, you may be the next to come through the mysterious double doors and onto that or table.

Source by Michelle Raines

Rise and fall of Napster

The only program written in 1999, a computer science student at Northeastern University, 18-year-old Shawn Fanning called it unwittingly transformed forever how people use the Internet. The program called Napster. Dubbed after the teenage nickname because of his nappy hair, Napster, a free downloadable program that converts each computer servers shared MP3 music files over the Internet. Instead of a central server, where all music files are stored, Napster instead worked as a medium. Users could log in to Napster, search for an artist or song title and then proceed to download directly from another logged-in user's hard drive. After a little more than a year, the launch, Napster will soon be one of the most notorious and wildly popular Internet sites history. At its peak, Napster was a great advertises a total of about 60 million users worldwide (Collins, 2002). Little did Fanning realize that his idea will soon be as ubiquitous on the Internet, such as e-mail and instant messaging. Fanning's little notice nor any related legal storm that eventually create the creature. Ultimately, what began as a simple program written for friends to share music soon caught the attention of not only young people around the world, but the anger of the music industry.

The story of Napster begins south of Boston in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. The 17-year-old Colleen Fanning was a high school senior there, one night in 1980, celebrating his brother's graduation party and hired a local band's "Macbeth" to play at the party. This was a resounding success, and about 3,000 people attack the house. Colleen's younger brother John went around a hat to collect and pay the band a couple of high-net at the end of the night, the first entrepreneurial experience money. That night, the Fannings, Colleen hooked up with one of the musicians and wound up pregnant. The support of Colleen's father held the baby and called Soma. But Shawn's biological father, who happens to be the son of one of the richest families in Massachusetts bailed out. Colleen finally finally married an ex-Marine who led a vehicle carrying a local bakery. His name was Raymond Verrier. The couple had four children, and Colleen took care of them while her husband is working. "Money is still pretty big issue," Shawn said in a 2000 Business Week article. He added: "There was a lot of tension around that" (Ante, 2000).

Shawn grew up near the public housing projects in Brockton. At that time, Verrier could see longer shy son quit the downtown chaos constantly around him, "He went into his very deep, and he said, 'I want to see who it is." Even though it meant losing him a little this is what he wanted, "Verrier, employed then as an assistant said. As Shawn grew older, Verrier turned to her business-minded brother, John, to help his son. As an incentive to learn, for each 'A' he brought home from school his uncle John Fanning gave him money. He also bought his nephew an Apple Macintosh computer Verrier could never have the money (Menn, 2003). Life Shawn Fanning household however, slowly but steadily deteriorating. The relationship between parents finally culminated when her mother and stepfather were split. A year ago, Shawn and his brothers were forced to live in a foster home (Ante, 2000). However, Uncle Shawn Fanning business has always been to provide support for young nephew there. Shawn worked summers as an intern in the department uncle John's internet company, NetGames the nearby city of Hull. There, Shawn became quite adept at programming fellow trainees who are studying computer science at Carnegie Mellon University. Yet, despite the interest in his nephew John, Shawn was reluctant to absorb his uncle's attentive work ethic. Shawn had difficulty focusing on tasks and often instead of video games. "I'm just getting into programming, so I spent a lot of my time just fiddling with projects and hanging out," Shawn said (Ante, 2000). It also, however, that Shawn learned that we will soon make him notorious, MP3 digital music files (Menn, 2003) during this time.

Soon after graduating from Harwich High School in 1998, Shawn enrolled at nearby Northeastern University. What will become of it Napster was created in the freshman dorm room Fanning's roommate at Northeastern University. After listening to the complaints of his roommate found nothing but dead links to MP3 music files to traditional search engines such as Lycos and Yahoo!, Shawn looked for an easier alternative. His idea was simple. He wanted to combine the traditional ease of use of the Internet file transfer technologies such as the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) network. Shawn knew he had to be out there, to be combined with the width of the search engines such as Google's "presence awareness" systems, such as instant messaging, which we can make out, signed at any time (Menn, 2003). This combined with the opportunity for individual users to choose which files can be shared with others, while connected to the Napster network. These innovative elements of the program Napster network finally eliminated problems associated with dead links. Also, if you store your music for all users on your computers, electronic tubes will not clog if the new system is only connected to a couple of people and then dropped his own relationship to them (Menn, 2003). Finally, add these items was a characteristic that has enabled the online Napster users to chat in real time with each other.

Shawn eliminated Northeastern January 1999 to devote time to improve overall invention. According former colleague Tarek Loubani, he is rarely seen anyone so focused. "I do not think people appreciate how hard he worked," Loubani (Menn, 2003), he said. He remembers only vaguely phase in mid-1999 and could not recall the exact month, week or day. Among the memories of his time hunched just beneath the Dell notebook computer, writing the code and snoozing uncle John couch or floor. It fears that a software product similar in front of him, he obsessively wrote the complete source code for Napster lasting 60 hours (Greenfeld, 2000). In May 1999, Uncle Shawn registered company Napster. John Fanning would retain a 70% stake in the acquired company, while nephew Shawn only keep 30% stake in the company. The justification offered by uncle was that Shawn desperately needed a seasoned businessman like him to handle the nuances of running the company. (Menn, 2003).

Word quickly spread through the Northeastern University campus as a former classmate Shawn had a preliminary beta program Napster is ready for testing on June 1, 1999. Soon hundreds of college students were busy commercial music. This revolutionary file sharing service early buzz among the internet literati entrance bulletin boards and chat rooms. The Napster network is growing and it is growing rapidly. Faced with the unprecedented popularity in such a short time, the Fannings raise capital more bandwidth and servers defined. The company relocated from Hull, Massachusetts to San Mateo, California, with a more spacious location and hired additional workers. The additional investment in Napster has arrived just in time. Napster became so popular that some universities were experiencing clogged amount of students using Napster servers alone. Schools such as Pennsylvania State University in 1999 issued a moratorium on Napster on campus computers and the internet in an attempt to alleviate the problem. Napster is just the beginning of troubles.

The notoriety finally noticed the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The RIAA sued Napster on December 7, 1999, claiming copyright infringement. In addition, the RIAA wanted compensation of $ 10,000 for each copyrighted song traded across the Napster network. The lawsuit gathered unprecedented media attention and drove Napster's popularity, especially college students. Increasing droves of young people flocked to Napster to change the music, and the community soon touted millions of members worldwide. At any given time during this period, there would be millions of users online trading hundreds of thousands of songs.

Later, during the spring of 2000, the heavy metal band Metallica learned that an unreleased studio outtake of their song "disappear" has been leaked and traded on Napster. The result was that the single could be heard across America several radio stations. Metallica decided to find out what song is so widely disseminated. the obvious culprit Napster. Infringement of copyright lawsuit filed on April 13, shooting after a 2000 advisory firm PDNet, Metallica quickly discovered that over a weekend in April 2000, more individual Napster users than 335,000 were trading music online. the May 3, 2000 Napster presented 60,000 pages of user names allegedly traded copyrighted Metallica songs over the Napster network. Metallica demanded that Napster banned protected by the 335,000 users trading copyrighted material and Napster he agreed. Napster lawyer éd Laurence Pulgram said: "Napster made extraordinary steps to Metallica's demands to block hundreds of thousands of fans of the Napster system." He also added, "Napster has always stated that it complied with notice of copyright holders, and lived up to the commitment good faith ". (Uhelszki & Dansby, 2000).

On May 5, 2000, Napster was legal fatal blow. US District Court Judge Marilyn Hall Patel found that Napster was not entitled to the "safe harbor" status in the 1992 Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Napster RIAA suit was original to defend the inclusion of Section 1008. This section expressly stated in the Act that:

"No action under this heading is based on infringement of the copyright [1] the manufacture, importation, or distribution a digital audio recording device, a digital audio recording medium, an analog recording device, or an analog recording medium, or [2] use by a non-consumer based on such a device or digital medium for making musical recordings or analog musical recordings. "

the Court found that the mass violations of the rights to Napster's users were engaged. In addition, the ruling also found that Napster "part and contribute to vicariously liable for their actions." The exclusion does not apply in § 1008 of Ahra, because the law only provides for an exemption, not the copy, not public distribution. Members of the Napster network of more than 20 million people. Therefore, every time a user is logged in to the network and shared his hard drive contents that the user was distributing materials protected by copyright law masses. § 1008 Ahra deal with the proliferation and does not contain material protected by copyright. Therefore, according to the court, Napster users were in violation of copyright infringement and Napster makes it easier for copyright infringement. Judge Patel granted the RIAA request for a preliminary injunction and the site was ordered shut down on July 26, 2000.

of transition, Napster appealed the verdict on October 2, 2000. The Napster appeal was lost in February 12, in 2001, $ 1 billion offer to settle out of court the Napster music industry shortly rejected. March 5, 2001, the Ninth Circuit Court ordered Napster to stop the trading of copyrighted material for the network. As a result, Napster began to use filters to search. Napster system completely blocked by artist or song title all what copyright-protected user searches. Popular artists and song titles are no longer displayed in search results. As a result, skillful users of Napster circumvented by artist or song title based on the filters intentional misspelling their hard drives. Napster users are still able to download copyrighted music. As a result, Napster completely shut down the entire network in July 2001 fully comply with the court order. September 24, 2001, Napster settled copyright holders to the tune of $ 26 million in illegal use of music, and the $ 10 million up front to cover impending royalty agreements. Napster announced an agreement on 17 May 2002, the German Bertelsmann AG. The agreement will enable the development of feature-based Napster subscribers in the form of Bertelsmann AG music catalog in exchange for the German company to drop the lawsuit Napster. However, based on the June 3, 2001 Napster filed for bankruptcy Chapter 11. The sale of Bertelsmann AG was blocked, and Napster was forced to hand over the remaining assets.

The current legal incarnation of Napster as a paid subscriber-based service. Roxio bought Napster assets at auction in 2002. According to Wikipedia (2005), the monthly fee will be billed $ 9.95 members, which are temporarily rented songs, with the option of paying an extra $ 0.80 $ 0.90 permanently download songs. While the new Napster is only a fraction of the old Napster's popularity, others filled the void of peer-to-peer file sharing world. Popular services like Kazaa, LimeWire and Morpheus utilize the technology made famous Shawn Fanning. Still, if the original Napster had a central server, these services rely on other users on the network directly related. They are inherently difficult to control copyright infringement, and similarly almost impossible to stop.

Source by Marcus Mayer

Taking into account the Multi couple sex game?

Every couple friends. However, few go beyond the usual friendly family barbecue on a summer afternoon or a typical cocktail hour. Many people find us attractive to other couples that will best be characterized as flirtatious and perhaps a bit of a sexual nature. While there is no doubt that most secretly wondered what it would be like to create a more intimate relationship with a member of the opposite sex with another couple, few of them go for that. The standards of most social groups usually prohibit this kind of behavior.

The reason for abstention generally refers to the fact that it can be destroyed in a close group of friends when a member of a particularly lively group makes their desires known. However, under the right circumstances it may be appropriate for couples who are trying to bolder flavor of fun. Although the indicators that this may be the opportunity to remain elusive, however, common symptoms include a discussion of sexual topics, couples and "innocent" little mild flirtation between an affected was not a partner. Even if these indicators exist, there is still a risk that makes it sexier moving toward the dinner pace some members of the friendship group.

In the event that you and your partner have discussed the possibility that the next half a little spicy, there are different ways to bring into play the idea with friends. The first is to increase the level to talk sexy to evaluate the susceptibility of the other pair. Another method tells the story of a couple "heard" wild parties and who gives up a swinger. A real favorite to ask the group if they want to play, everyone had a bad game, after a few drinks. In an especially wise friend of mine once said, "Every couple only three martinis from being a swinger." A fun way to cheer, to suggest either drinking or truth or dare party to make the game play more couples together. There will always be a few daring members of the group who are interested in testing the limits of everyone's comfort. As a reaction to this in the course of the evening, it may be acceptable to turn up the heat with the introduction of several pairs of sexy game.

more sex a couple of games require a bit of pre-planning in order to pull off properly. One key element of sexy, cheerful music. Barry White is definitely not a good idea. Instead, the club mix, to remind players that night of debauchery, they recall fondly a year ago. It is also important to create a comfortable seating area, facilitating interaction and access to the board as well. Do not forget to dim the lights, everyone looks better than soft and creates a sexy environment. Finally, based on the group's potential is really outrageous sense of fun, condoms or sex toys hidden nearby. Now the really fun part – a couple more games Sex propose?

Quite often incited the couple to pull out a sex toy designed for each pair, and then change the rules to make the game a working group. Unfortunately, it is often difficult and these games do not spend much time in the atmosphere, or relax participants the experience. As such, suggesting a game where everyone knows the rules make sense. Consider Truth or Dare, Strip Poker, Spin the Bottle or potential initiator. Moreover, these games are usually fairly easy things, and as a result, the correct approach is "play" experiment. Assuming that the number of couples reported very comfortable with each other, you may decide to suggest the game swinger.

Multi couple swinger sex toys and games are essentially the same. The most important element in the selection of a game in this category, to consider the possible real exchange between the couples present. Although there are not many games swinger on the market, some to assume that everyone is completely equal in "The Lifestyle", and the boundaries are not a hindrance. This is fine if the game other couples with whom they played in the past. However, for those initially investigating the possibility sure that the game you choose flexible enough to cater to all preferences and level of involvement. The big game will be that participants can easily control the tempo of the game without ever having to feel so "party poopers" if a challenge or a question outside the room. It is also essential that the plural couple sex game allows the group to regulate the intensity game based on the desires of the most conservative individuals. To this end, a large house rules that say that women are responsible for deciding how much and what the most appropriate boundaries for this period.

to the next party or get together both memorable and fun by suggesting a number of multi-pair sex toys. Although there is some risk, it is a good idea, whether it is for you and your friends. Also, be sure to select the most appropriate game situation and preferences of the group.

Source by Neo G Anderson

Planning a large group picnic

If this group does not plan to picnic, you have a front understanding that the only items ordered or agreed to be paid for the whole group. It can break your budget is nice, but not required, that appropriate product that anger. If you have money left for one or two extra items can be sold.

What is your budget? Whether your company, church or club you have money set aside for a picnic? There, participants will pay? If the latter you need to decide the cost of food, beverages and items such as rent, plates, utensils and beverage containers before you start signing up people. Payment at the time of reservation.

How do you plan to manage does not show? If you do not plan on tax refunds, say the registration materials. You should be able to refund the people who say that must be stopped before the meals available. If the cancellation is an emergency, the proposal would be to repay the money. Whatever you choose, make sure the return policy and everyone knows it.

Add the date, time and place for a picnic. We reserve the spot if you have an event in a public place such as a park. If the site is decided, no shelter consider purchasing or renting a tent in case of inclement weather. If picnic tables are available, they will be invited to rent or borrow them and arrange delivery and pick up after the event.

If this is an annual event, such as a company, club or church picnic, you will have a rough idea of ​​how many people are usually involved, so start planning the type of picnic gear and food needs. In many organizations, what is needed.

Up-year or the first of what will be an annual event, start at the beginning of the registration form, or if participants are spread throughout the country, send your name, address, telephone number, e-mails or postcards and e-mail to the person in charge of reservations. It will be the responsibility of the persons to contact people who have not responded to the 30 days before the event.

09:55 Good plan extra people than a few people will be a no-show and others whose schedule suddenly becomes free, it will show up. If you have leftovers, give home containers so it will not go to waste.

Even if volunteers are willing to give food to the masses prudent and healthiest thing for a food place has approved kitchen for preparing meals.

However, if the group has access to a kitchen approved by the public service and want to make their own food and make sure that you have enough volunteers to buy the ingredients and prepare them. Follow all health standards in food preparation, including washing hands, hair and hand coverings, proper food handling and storage. This is not the place references.

If you go to a professional food producers, the deli department of a local grocery store. These different salads, main dishes and desserts and will help you determine how much food you need per person. It also delivers food to the site. If not, you need to plan your food to be picked up and moved the server table.


and the mobility of the group, appropriate equipment available in popular games such as softball, volleyball, Frisbee and horse shoes and children's games. There are board games for people who can not or do not want to participate in more strenuous activity.

Try not to plan for a voluntary group size or budget. All work must be voluntary. If more jobs than ask for volunteers to help or facilitate the further plans. Remember, this is a picnic, not a formal ball. Picnics supposed to be fun for everyone.

Source by Febe Van Zanten

Charcuterie motherboards – Whatever you want to be

I'm just the idea of ​​a 'butchers' board recently when one of my favorite online stores buy special meat, poultry and game products. They were having a sale it is recommended ingredients and their definition and history of charcuterie board. This is essentially an "all meat" version of the traditional cheese board.

Since then, I have learned that the "butchers' can record a" combined "meat and cheese board. It all depends on your tastes.

This can be used a kind of "starter" as well as a dinner in this regard will fill the board. So much less effort to produce a number of courses (and all the pots, serving bowls, etc., which are required), a delicious, casual and simple "dinner" party. A variety of meats, cheeses and other entourage will also be the forum please every taste and personal preference.

So began the 'how' to go.

First of all, we want to select all of the different flavors of the meat and cheese. Mild, moderate and heavy flavors allow guests to create different combinations to suit their taste. Some may prefer mild flavors softer than a bold mouth. For example … a brie cheese, bleu cheese … vs vs mild spicy salami ham.

Some suggestions … meat pepperoni, cappicola, ham, hard salami (mild & spicy), pancetta, mortadella and sopressata. The names may sound fancy / exotic, but most grocery stores will have a variety you need. If you have a good Italian deli nearby … so much better!

The cheese selection … brie, bleu cheese, aged Gouda, the company Italian cheese (provolone, asiago, fontina, pecorino romano), soft cheese spread, Monchego opportunity to go on and on ….

other ingredients to compliment and complete "meal" …

Dried apricots, dates or figs. Fresh grapes ..

jams or spreads, some sweet. "Quince paste" is a conventional complement Manchego cheese.

Pickled vegetables such as gherkins..plain or flavored / stuffed olives, pepperoncinis etc.

Spicy spreads and / or sauces. .. stone ground mustard, hummus (plain or flavored), tapenade.

Salt flavored biscuits and crisp bread … or the very traditional plain "water" … biscuit slices French baguette is a good.

The final touch Beverage …

The traditional.Reds and white wine. Once again to please all guests tastes sweet … something … some dry.

The beer is excellent … In addition to variety of palates … The popular "light" and some hearty provide. "IPAS" very fashionable

… To delight all tastes soft drinks Diet Coke … … bottled water.

The performance … is simply Google "charcuterie boards," and then a very wide range of pics to ideas. Do not 'get intimidated … that's easy.

Want to add some flair and style … little … soft music..just candles..tea lights in the background … nothing to beat the conversation.

… cocktail napkins paper local party store to suit the occasion or the decor.

There is a nice, simple (as opposed to a full dinner) get-together … great food and drink..with friends and family … to put together a board butchers!

Source by Stan Plytynski

Crystal Nail Files Vs Vs Metal nail files Files

might own one yourself, or if a test spin in a women's show, or local fair – the new crystal nail file. Slim, colorful and very stylish, but it's worth the $ 7 price tag, and it's really better than buying a dozen nail files?

Emery boards cardboard small grains of sand stuck to, and in fact interchangeable with sandpaper. As file, emery board literally tears the nail to the nature of how files.

The nail files must submit one way to minimize the damage to the nail during the filing process. Sandpaper on a stick aka nail files, come in a variety of grits, so file your nails down a long, shaped and do your best to tame these jagged edges deadly to always be using emery board.

nail files nail in the rough, but still working. The roughness of the file you choose to use depends on if weak, thin, brittle nails, or tough, strong hooves.

Unfortunately, this work was designed nail files cause more harm than good to your nails. If sandpaper board, then let the tip of the nail "open" rather than "closed", as well as pores on your face to open or closed. Leaving the nail edge "open" means dirt and water leech inside the nail itself as chipping, cracking, peeling, and weakens the nails. In addition, the roughness of sandpaper abrasive action weakens the nail.

Because of the porous nature can get the cardboard, glue and sand, dirt and debris fits the file and fungus and bacteria can grow rampantly. Although you can not see your eyes, good micro-biologist with a microscope and enlighten the scientific project with a stick! There is no way to clean, disinfect it with sandpaper so much attention and exposure to the bacteria that you have to toss out the emery board after each use. This practice mandated by the FDA is a professional salons, and this brings us to the environmental factors. The emery board scores very low on the "green-o-meter". The number of trees used to make the size of the space occupied by millions of pictures and landfill space these small 5-inch sticks, more powerful than you can imagine. At least one full football stadium can be tossed aside every year to spend nail files, and takes years to fully decompose in a soil.

Metal Files fare slightly better than the bacteria stick to a friend, sandpaper board, but not by much.

Metal files are manufactured in two ways: one is that the actual small flakes of metal adhered to the metal or cardboard rod and two, is formed on the metal rod and the rod itself is roughened to create the application interface. In both cases, the tiny, tiny pieces of metal to flake off time of submission. While the metal is much stronger and more durable than the sand grains of the metal used to make the files are usually of lower quality and very soft indeed, as far as metals go.

Metal nail files can also grind the tip of the nail and leave it "open" as opposed to "closed". Due to the nature of the metal bits of the file, dirt and debris is trapped in tiny metal-like "teeth" and stick to the metal. non-porous metal, such as the growth of bacteria in the file itself is not likely, however, the growth of bacteria in the mouth debris and any dirt caught in the file itself. Then rinse with a metal file, but you need to be wary of any rust from forming cracks and crevices, the "teeth".

The metal files can not be cleaned by the FDA's satisfaction in the final purity.

green-o-meter metal files score slightly higher than the cardboard friend because of the lack of trees used for the production. Metal does not off-gas during the manufacturing process some nasty chemicals and metal files to be discarded after several uses because it can not be effectively cleaned. They take a lot longer than nail files decompose in a landfill.

The highest quality crystals files actual cut crystal and the crystal surface is treated to roughen it manufacturing process, leading to the application surface.

crystal nail file is very smooth, gliding like a nail tip. This does not break a nail as a sandpaper board or metal file, so can provide both direction and as a bonus – no more jagged edges! If a crystal nail file to file, you notice that smooth the nail tip.

The crystal nail file closure of the tip, and it actually closes, preventing the leaching of water and debris into the mouth. After using a crystal nail files a period of about a month, according to its noticeable difference between the nails are stronger and they "do not chip and crack and peel like a lot."

Crystal non-porous and very hygienic. Not bacteria or debris can grow the announcement surface nor get trapped in the roughened surface of the crystal file. The same is true of the crystal pumice file, which can be left to the right without fear of bathtub mold, fungus or bacteria growing, or on it!

Better quality crystal nail file recycled crystals. There are plants that make the new, large pieces of crystal glass, but the best quality crystal factories were found to use the crystal remained after vases and stem ware. The crystals melted down and converted into a wide berth. From these sheets, different sized nail files, pumice files are deleted.

There are various grits of a crystal file, save the file pumice. The pumice file is a rough surface, and can be used for calluses, dry skin, nails and artificial nails.

Crystal nail files meet the requirements of the FDA disinfection. They can be cleaned by alcohol, UV light and baked in an autoclave. Since the hygienic nature, crystal files are perfect for diabetics – especially pumice file. You do not have to worry about cutting yourself while taking care of your feet as diabetics do.

Crystal nail files takes years, if not a lifetime. Crystal, of course, very difficult if you can find in nature. When crystal formed on the ground, there is a slow cooling rate of the crystal molecules therefore have more time to form a strong lattice-type formations which a hard, stable bond. As compared to glass, which cools very quickly and the molecules do not have time to create a stable truss system for excellent crystal material. Based on

The crystal nail file high scores of green-o-meter because it is made from recycled materials, and produce more using lead-free, environmentally friendly paints. They are taking so long that the landfill will not be greatly affected by constant consumption, such as cardboard and metal rods friends. A crystal nail files and pumice file last one person for life!

Source by Colleen Lloyd-Roberts

Tips to Pass a Talent Show Audition – What you need to prepare and practice

always popular talent show on television, and even in schools and various organizations. Not only that, joined talent shows are a great stepping stone to a career in show business, so many people are flocking to where you have a talent show audition in hopes of being discovered his talent managers and eventually get to the world of show business.

Perhaps the most popular talent show singing competitions these days, which often leads to feelings of televisions. They have the talent shows great need for most people, especially to those most exposure and the most likely to get into stardom. If you are aiming for these big tournaments talent, do not hesitate to participate in talent shows – be it small or only in your area. They certainly increase the talent and it must be equipped to face a major talent show audition in the future.

is the right choice of Song

may have heard over and over again judge on American Idol, you get to the competitor criticize the song choice. In fact, there are songs that match the quality of the voice or personality and is always wise to choose a song that highlights your talents. Of course, we must consider the track and the range of the sound if it matches the song of your choice. As a singer, you have to learn to recognize your voice and learn what songs fit the sound quality.

At times, the lyrics of the selected song on issues, although sometimes people seem to not pay attention to the text, but if you have a talent show audition, trying to impress the judges, not to impress them with a song whose vulgar or sexually explicit words . It can give them a hint to send home.

What to practice

Even if the right song or audition piece, do not go for the talent show audition unprepared. Practice before the play's appeal to others. You can hire a music teacher or coach to help the song. Draw up with another alternative in case you are asked to sing another piece, and we practice it. Do not just practice the songs, but the overall performance of the practice – as you move on stage, gestures, how to establish eye contact and how to make that connection with the audience.

We must be prepared

Prepare before hearing the vocal cords. Do not push her voice to its limits, as long as it will be a whole day of auditions. A good rest before the auditions so will your energy levels, you need to be heard. Get ready. The dress is also a factor talent show auditions, so dress appropriately. Be presentable. A great talent and attractive appearance, you can be looking for the total package. Talent auditions nerve-wracking as you watch the other performers on stage. Be prepared to feel confident and just think about enjoying the performance as the best.

Source by Carolyn Anderson

Game Live – How to create a killer monitors the Band Sound

I have the strength, we have been practicing in the garage or small rehearsal room and things sound pretty tight. Now you have a chance to play down the local pub / bar. How hard can it be? Well, if you feel that all you have to do is create and play as they have been practicing, it is a disaster cent chance of 99%. Many bands sound terrible first concerts because the PA is not sorted; They find themselves playing out of time and out of tune.

Why? This follow – or more accurately the lack! The singer will only be able to sing in tune when you hear what you sing. Guitarists can only bend notes exactly when you hear your own guitar. Bass and drums can only be closed if they hear one another, and each one will only know where a song when you hear the rest of the band. This is completely different than the boundaries of space in the garage or practice, and it really throws everything. There will be struggling to hear the entire sound and it is also part of the problem normally hear. No matter how good all the musicians, no matter how much that no observation on the good will in the end of the day, the melody and wishes he were at home. When the stage sound bad acoustics can just tell the audience how bad it is.

Lanes 3-6 Man electric guitar and bass, drummer, singer and possibly a keyboard, playing small venues in the audience less than 200 (typical start-up scenario) triple the gain needs

1) Return line – this includes the guitar and bass amplifiers, drums

2) monitors – these stage speakers relaying "fold-back" – their own voice

3) PA – front of house sound that the audience will hear

Note that 1) 2) create a sound stage, whilst 3) delivers a sound stage in front of the house. It allows you to them one by one:

Back Line

It should be 30 RMS 50watts guitar to match the drum. 50 will need about 100 watts of bass. If you are using keyboards you will be 100 watts, as the back-line tool, but if you choose the keyboard directly in front of the house PA, keep in mind that they will not be a distraction mixing the singer. Those pieces of kit that does not have a volume control – the drummer and vocalist – is now to be considered. The song definitely need a system that more than guitars, bass and drums in a room full of noise absorbing people (and the audience absorb the higher frequencies more efficiently than lower) such as the PA's mainly the province of the singer but the keyboard and if you choose to mic them the drums.


You have to stage monitors, so the singer can hear themselves and you can hear the rest of the band singer. The monitor is a speaker, often quite small, and wedge-shaped, he pointed out that the singer without hiding it, and generally raise the front edge of a tripod (or propped up on an old brick) project better. Add more monitors so you can hear the rest of the band and the singer with such a situation, the drummer. You will need a separate amplifier to drive the monitors, although this is not essential as strong as the PA amplifier, and if there will be extra acoustic instruments need to monitor these as well. Look 100W monitors, you can get active with built-in amplifier, or go to a separate monitor speaker amplifier. Understand, also, that the guitar and bass amplifiers, stage, monitors. You need to set them so that you can hear yourself and the other band members, and that you do not hear as well as themselves. This is the hardest part, and when wars break out the sound on stage, often in a race to the loudest, it is the public that suffers. Do not make the mistake of turning up the amps to impress the audience, as only then will balance the sound of the band. can be very small venues and mostly acoustic band, the monitors is to pour tone of the public.

Now check and balance problems to be considered. A decision: either the balance of the back row to the drums, the drums, or mic to the PA and balance. There are the possible trade-offs when playing small places where it may be effective to simply kick drum microphone.


The singer, PA, which is next to the guitar amp, but much more. We are going to go through a PA mixer. These days the mixer can handle the whole band can be picked up for low-cost mid-range guitar. Given that a number of locations, even the smaller ones, now have their own PA systems, including the console, you need to accept them in both directions. At a basic level, you can just go over to the PA only need 100W per channel and a pair of speakers is complete. The speakers will be ten, twelve or fifteen-inch woofer and horn handle high notes. We have to raise above the horns of the audience, or from the people will absorb the rest of the room is high and porridge. Therefore, most of the features of the PA systems available, so use them! Make sure that the cabinets is the first singer or the back-line voice could overcome the vocal mic and set up a howling feedback. If you've got a stage sound better, you can not get this issue on the back-line, but if not, you now know the answer. Remove the back row!

Source by Jez Rogers

Country Music What & # 39; Country?

for decades, getting back in the 1920s by artists such as "Eck" Robertson and Jimmie Rodgers, but it was far, it leaps and bounds and has become unrecognizable to some and unpalatable to others. it may be difficult to imagine the two eras of Country Music could be so different, yet the same. Differences between the artist and sub genres such as pop and rock, what makes Country Music Country?


This device? Traditionally violins and was also instrumental in the high-spirited, simple chords and slow, but if you make it, it certainly excludes almost all of today's top country artists in the top ten and even many older artists.


Traditionally, this music has become very recognizable lyrics. The song tells a typical story of loss, pain and life lessons, it is put aside many other genres of music, but this "old" style seems lost in today's modern world, and even the "story-telling" text seems to be lost several types of commercial song.


Has he really lost its twang? This peng, which country? A lot of modern songs have lost peng, peng but is not involved in it, remove the country? Country Was it just might pop or blues? When you listen to this music, we are aware of a specific element that distinguishes it from other subgenres of music. But even the hardest of Country Music Fan problems distinguishing Country other pop genre, when you look at someone like Carrie Underwood, the popular rising stars, the music seems to hold little to do with this music singers of old, and despite the fact that it sometimes it is difficult to distinguish today's pop music.

there is one thing that determines whether you listen or not? The purist may say that this really was not the country since the 1970s when the term was created in Nashville, and C. Pop became a genre. Here's to lose, they have everything that is not "clean" country, should not be considered in this genre.

Those branch of the genre of "traditional", in order to preserve o C Music heritage; they see something special missing in today's Country Music? Maybe this is the real commercial music genre that has destroyed so many of the traditional music lovers, after all, you can write a song that you like, or you can write a song to sell these two ideas barely cross over at some point in their careers, they are forced to choose between the two, and easier, many people choose popularity over the traditional, and not so popular styles, there is much cross-genre and completely turning a blind old farmhouse. One day it will be so far gone to the sounds of music C. pioneers of music that is lost forever in the form completely unrecognizable C. and finally the music and the traditional C Music?

Source by Joe Hansen

What is the most useless room in the house?

In The Land Before Time, or a very, very long time ago, there was a formal living room with important visitors. U led the host entry in a horse-drawn carriage, a footman opened the car door and handed it to the ground. The front door, a coat or cloak; he left a calling card on the hall table and headed into the parlor. Wake up! We mere mortals do not live more.

The family room is found for a dual wage-earner household with children so, on the off chance they were unannounced visitors do not have to run around like a chicken with his head cut off and put away the toys in the laundry. They retired to the formal living room. But the invention of the telephone – not so long ago – the people called and meetings, rather than just appear. I know there are some that cling "I was in the neighborhood" trick, but did not get what they deserve.

So why do developers continue to formal living room with us? Someone is sleeping on the switch. Someone needs to tell them the people can no longer retire the study and brandy and a cigar; and women have long since stopped having tea in the drawing room away from the men.

If there is such an age, living is useless to look just been re-interpreted it. The feature, which work very well in the space, is obviously too small for formal gatherings beyond the immediate family, an elegant home office. Even if you are running a business of this place, it can be mounted on such things as the built-in storage, books, maps, world globes, etc., are always in mind. Technology can be placed in boxes cape is the actual use of home-based business or a place to deal with family matters. Today's large storage space for your important and confidential paperwork safely out of sight under lock and key. Comfortable seating is repurposed room can double as a great meeting place for a small group.

What about a library, a special dining room, formal dining room where the missing? A play room where they played cards and board games would be perfect. The music room or reading room is more helpful ideas ignored the room. When it comes down to is that just because an architect space marked "day" does not mean that it should be limited to what the plan is. Is this your house. Be useful!

Source by Connie LeGendre