Suicidal Tendencies interview

TIS = The Indie Spiritualist

DP = Dean Pleasants

= EM Eric Moore

TIS: That's a really nostalgic tour've put together here. We have the Cro-Mags, DRI, Underdog … all who, together with yourselves, hardcore legends! We took the tour experience than the one before?

DP: He is a good man. Somehow a blur, rides in general, but a lot of fun. We're on the bus "submarine", we go under the water, and we emerge concerts. Every day a different crowd of people, but always entertaining. You play stuff off the record and No Mercy Suicidal Army and other old things, so the crowd really enjoyed it and we. We are really getting into the gap in right now, which is usually what happens then tour is over. It all bond and it is now a lot of fun.

TIS: It's me or you do not wish to avoid open a lot of new "punk / hardcore" bands?

DP: Not really, we just do what works for us. We did some shows recently Deftones.

EM: Yes, and we toured the Lamb of God for a while. We tour a lot of new bands, then smash them, haha.

DP: We did some festivals in Europe, and it's just such a diverse lineup. What was the show Jay-Z, Missy Elliot, Kiss. This is crazy.

EM: Yeah, trust me, it's diverse. Suicidal very diverse.

TIS: You did not ever skate yourselves?

DP: Yes, absolutely.

EM: Dean still skates. He is board there. I used to skate when I was too skinny. Like all times. I fell and busted my lip and shit, but I always come up.

TIS: Haha, cool. So what signs did you grow up?

DP: Well, when I was a kid, it was the first sign this little polyurethane plastic thing when it first came out. That was before they roller skate bowls and stuff. I'm just skating board Pep monster truck wheels and Indy. I can show you.

TIS: Yeah, that would be awesome if you do not mind.

DP: No, not at all!

EM: Wal-Mart has always been a man boards. Former Wal-Mart's board of life. I told you I wanted my mother to the one that won on each side, and he'll be like, "No! You will receive this $ 10 card, and you'll like it", and I'd be like, OK, fine, I'll just ride a BMX bike. Because when a thug growing up, I just liked to steal anything.

DP: So here's my board. Definitely there is a working out of the tour and definitely cruising. The boys Rip City (Santa Monica, CA) hooked this up for me. I told them I played in a band his brother Jim and hung up.

EM: Yeah, the only reason why he skates Pep Pep s board our homeboy.

DP Yeah. I really like to cruise, so this thing is, it's like two shot, and you can go forever, and it's fast. Before this board, I skated Dogtown and I also had a Jesse Santa Monica Airlines.

TIS: Rad. So Sucidal, especially Mike Muir has been noted with beef Rage Against The Machine. In fact, he wrote a song Do what I say, which is a parody of the lyrics, Rage song Killing In The Name. This is still an ongoing thing?

EM: Hahahaha.

DP: Honestly, I do not know too much about it. What's really just comes from South America, where he played the Rage.

EM: Yeah, we played with them. Only three bands for us, Mars Volta and Rage.

DP: Yeah, it was pretty cool, so I do not want to say anything bad about them.

EM: but I really have nothing bad to say anyway.

DP: They're a hell of a show. It was crazy. There were 50,000 people going nuts. I mean, all put on a good show, but Rage put on a good show.

EM: Yes, Anger Kills.

TIS: Cool. So is it safe to say you can not start playing now, or at least not then?

DP: I certainly do not play there.

EM: It was really a beef between people, not bands. It was not like I had to whoop your ass, or you have to come with us.

DP: It was a war of words, which are attended by Mike. What happened was that the band is on tour together and have someone on the phone and someone pushed someone, and that was really all that Tom's fooling. Then he said something about an interview with Mike and the band of old, or something funny. Mike asked us if we interfere when he wrote a song about it. You do not really want to involve us. I was not mad at those guys. So he wrote Do what you say, I like ok, really mad at them.

So we go to South America, which had offered two festivals, one in Chile and another in San Paulo. Anger was a leader, like, well I do not know if you want me to come to you too, but I asked them, and it's been long forgotten. And the Brazilian people said they wanted to come Suicidal, so we went. We got there and saw Tom, and Zack, and said hi, and everything was good.

TIS: All right. What's the word on the new album? We have a tentative release date?

DP: Well, we wanted to release the No Mercy / Suicidal Army Tour record because Mike had a vision of doing over the records, and show people the harder side of Suicidal. We usually play three or four songs in our set. As for the new record, it's really just based on timing because of the way the industry and distribution. He wants to get out, and now rebaptize people who are into us before, and show the newer generation of kids who we are before we release a record. We do not want to release something that will not be heard. This is very important to all of us. When you put your heart and soul something, you want to be heard. And we go on this American tour in Europe and South America, etc.

TIS: Yeah my friend Randy said the way up to how much he loves the new recordings of No Mercy things, and what you did to her.

EM: Yeah man, it's new, hard and fast thing.

DP: This is a throwback to the way they were recorded long ago. I am originally from the Infectious Grooves before suicide, and we are used to doing in a certain way, a lot of jamming and writing, but it was not a formula to Suicidal that sounded the way that it did. And we went back to the formula. Mike was doing it the hard rhythms and solos, and drummer and bassist are doing their thing. It really makes a different type of recording. And that's what we did at No Mercy. If you listen to it, you can hear everyone's doing what they do best.

TIS: You mentioned Infectious Grooves. You play first US show in 10 years in November 23 Can you talk a little bit about that?

EM: Yeah man, it will be a great show. You play at The House of Blues in Hollywood.

DP: Infectious could play in the Chilean Ratman and Mars Volta, and we never played there. We have some freedom in France, Europe and Australia though. Infectious' first tour opening Ozzy

TIS: Yes. I remember Will comes out and sings Therapy with you

DP:.?. Yes, and in fact, when he shot the video with us, he had a broken leg What it was in Chicago and I will never forget that anyone can say what they want about Ozzy, but he's the nicest guy, he really is

TIS.. So is there any truth to the Suicidal / LA Sureno Venice 13 gang rumors Then she nods once, yes, twice no, if you want

EM. ha, ha, oh man

DP. Haha well you have a bunch of bands that claim Suicidal but I'm not I'm gang members

EM:.. I wear red so … (laughter)

DP: there are a lot of people who are in the band, which is also the other things that you may not salty . When you play Ventura, the hell's angels to our shows all the time. there are a lot of 1% biker gangs, which Suicidal. They never cause any trouble for the show, but they are there. When you play Ventura, the whole street lined Hells Angels.

TIS: sounds crazy.

EM: It's weird.

DP: Yeah, it's crazy. So a lot of people like our music, and for us this honor. There are a lot of people in jail that you like the music, and they say that will help them through the day so that's great. For us, the key is to touch someone. If you can help someone through a day when they're having a hard time, that means something. So far the band thing, I do not know. It's crazy, and people are definitely doing their thing.

TIS: Cool guys. Thanks for your time.

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