Halibut Fishing Tips – How best to handle the Halibut Out of Water

If you go halibut fishing spree, one of the best things you can do is to learn how to deal with such hefty fish, if you've actually got them. Needless to say, these fish are not easy to give up without a fight. And if there is a catch-and-release "license", a catch and safely getting off the boat to be the number one priority. When not mean "safe" really means this on your behalf, as the 300+ Butt (halibut) is easy to make a punching bag out of you. Spines, ribs, and blunt tail can cause large pieces; and bitten by a fish is common, but it is certainly not unheard of. So here are some tips on how to handle a halibut out of water.

always comes prepared. A poorly prepared angler is obliged to go home with black eyes, two, or even worse, a cracked rib, or a broken limb. Wrestling is a living can cause a lot of physical injury (not to mention a disgrace to rejoice san is a flat fish). First, never to fish alone if it's after the game. This is one of the cardinal rules of anglers because of the deep sea or ocean flat fish can reach staggering proportions. Take it with a fine mesh will replace the smaller butts. However, the really huge monster of a harpoon or gaff more than necessary.

Before the harpoon or gaff, let the line run until thoroughly exhausted the fish. It takes a while, but after reeling the fish tired makes it significantly safer for you. This is as opposed to bringing a mad flapping halibut on board no matter how much fish can be. If you think a fish weighing no more than 30 pounds, it's easy to mesh and get on board. The bedroom and the line from the body, and try not to settle immediately on board. Anything heavier than 30 pounds should be given a wider bed. To make things less complicated for you, you Gaff or harpoon fish, even when in the water. The halibut is likely to go berserk, as the head of the roll too thin area.

The aim of the base of the spine, if you can, but most anglers simply prefer to harpoon fish through and through. Only when the fish did not move can be made safely on board. Even if the fish continues to muscle spasm, thus it feared meters still advisable.

Some anglers use guns and golf clubs to subdue the flapping fish, but these are the recommendations, we would like to reserve the "never". There are two primary concern here. One, there are certain fishing areas that do not allow fishermen to carry guns and rifles on board ships (that is, most Canadian fishing haunts). So if you rely on in your gun to kill 400+ halibut and no back-up plan, it would be in serious trouble indeed. In addition, the bullets do not really marked "clean." Residue of gunpowder contaminate the fish. Two swinging a golf club head and body in the ass cause a lot of harm to fish, but it probably will not kill the halibut immediately. In fact, it's that fish angrier and prone to fighting. The harpoon or gaff still faster and safer results.

Source by Rick Jenkins

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