How to Budget a non-profit organization

How to Set Up Budgets Nonprofits

Nonprofit very detailed budget, including funding from governments, businesses, individuals and foundations. Managing costs is definitely a priority for non-profit organizations, such as the budget for a significant part of the cost of the design.

The following are some steps to set up a budget is a non-profit

1 – Prepare a budget before about three months before the fiscal year begins

starting the budget process earlier than it does not work well, because things are changing, and these changes will be incorporated into the budget. It should be as close as possible to the beginning of the year, fiscal, however, the proper time management and accounting to analyze the numbers and figures that well thought out.

2- Print / off a profit and loss account / statement Activities

through the present or the basis of actual revenue and expenditure of the previous years for the next year . The best solution would be to download the numbers into a spreadsheet so that the numbers can be changed in the table. For example, if the program shows income this year is $ 10,000, and management believes that this figure is 10% higher for next year, this formula can be entered into the table easily.

3- document the process in detail

When decisions of the income and expenditure of the Support document should these decisions be available. Often when the actual / real numbers and budget variances between big one, I want to analyze the management to make decisions about it. For example, should the reason for increase in rental costs documented that if this growth does not happen in reality it is easily explained variance.

4- contains all the leaders

all the leaders of the organization should provide input into the budget. The Board of Directors may establish the basic numbers, but without the information managers, the budget may not be realistic. The management should be involved in the budget process and take responsibility for the areas above. For example, the fundraising department must create the numbers brochures and event organizer and responsibility over them.

5- in respect of the establishment of written policies and procedures of the budget

Preparation and approval of

shall be considered a serious leadership. Generally, a non-profit budget approved by the Governing Board or the Finance Committee. Guidelines procedures in this area it is important that the method and linear standard over the years. The policy, for example, to approve deadlines and situations about the budget when the budget need to be re-approved by the Board.

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