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values ​​I want to teach children the principles focus on the parents. Making a list of values ​​in children may feel overwhelming. Remember that teaching values ​​is something that the child learns during his whole life.

Below you will find suggestions to help you make a list of values. Take a look at the list of examples of values ​​and ideas on how to teach your own list.

Making a list of values ​​for children

· Take a moment and think of someone you love.

· Because you think this person describe attributes evaluated.

· Furthermore this list, write the values ​​that are related to the properties of worship.

· Talk to friends, family, teachers, and religious leaders. Ask, and note how they try to live the values.

· Think about the standards and principles that are important to you. Write down those that want to instill in their children.

First write down every idea that comes to you. Later, you can edit the list to keep the top ten or fifteen levels to use.

Example Value List children

A list of these values ​​is an example of the principles for children, it may be listed. These values ​​are not in any particular order.

· Honesty

· Integrity

· kindness

· empathy

· thankfulness

· curiosity

· respected

· Imagination

· Hard work

· Perseverance

· The hit

· Friendship

Note that the imagination and curiosity of the list of values. The figures are not only the principles and standards. They also have what we consider important in our lives, and I would like to hand over to our children. Keep this in mind that the list of eigenvalues. a list of

educational values ​​taught

values ​​ For example, in the home. Review the values ​​in the list. As you talk to and listen to children, to teach values ​​moments present themselves.

these moments to help your child know what you think is right in a given situation. Help them, because they think of how to put values ​​into action in their daily lives.

of lesson in family understand the teachings of another weekly, or monthly value from the list, another way to help kids learn and values. using

Music teach values ​​to the list. Find a song with words to illustrate one of the values ​​in the list. Listen in the car or at home. As the child meets with her, you can begin teaching your words.

Once you learn the words to ask questions like the following:

· What does this song to talk about?

· What is it trying to help us understand?

· What is the situation where you can apply this value?

Remember that learning and teaching values ​​of life long pursuit. Do not get discouraged; just be consistent. Live values ​​you want to teach. They are waiting for the kids and help us to live well.

Source by Vickie S. Christensen

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