Open letter to their loved ones: How Caring people help heal the wounds

When honestly ask ourselves which person in our lives are our most often find that those who, instead of advice to, solutions, or cures, chose rather to share our pain and touch the wounds with a warm and tender hand. The friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion, who stay with us an hour of grief and bereavement, who can tolerate not knowing, not curing, not healing and face with us the reality of our powerlessness, that is a friend who cares.

~ Henri Nouwen

Expensive loved

Inspiration is everywhere. Although I am the one who searches every day you experience, motivation and encouragement in a specific area of ​​my life: my relationships. I am a strong believer that the well-being focus on "horizontal" relations, as well as the vertical higher source. You are my inspiration. I can smile again because of you.

For many years, I struggled to grasp what a healthy relationship should be. It was more toxic and harmful season meetings. It was difficult to find a balance, because poor people entered my life. They came because of my lack of knowledge, vulnerableness and easily trusting nature allowed the entrance. Once I learned therapist brother, "they are causes of behavior, but there is no excuse." I have a big generous and caring person by nature. I enjoy being there for others. I do this to them, and used it, pulled the "mud" and rejected the much abused serious.

I can be very insensitive, tough and beware of this thing, but I'm not. The primary battle was fear. I was afraid of loss, because we lose a loved one every three years. In both those years, we were like a family. At the close of the third year, a whirlwind came to share with us. Not sure if you are aware of. Whirlwind is dangerous and reckless. They are serious and can cause damage. Those previous meetings designed to destroy me. He tried to attack a cold and unfeeling hearts of character and love. But the heart never fails authenticity. These patterns created special events for me. So, I could not help but think that those who came into my life disappear after three years.

recall a dream that revealed this.

The wind gracefully moves in a circular motion. I do not just see wind particles like leaves and beautiful flowers, but this captivating appearance snowy air circling, waiting to jump me. I. The nature seasons seductively. But once I get out of the wind coming winter. The trees are bare, white ice covers the ground like a white linen covering. I look at the trees again and freeze. Fear grips and prevents me continuing with the wind. The wind wait for me. They move, and vice versa. They will remain and stand, waiting for me to jump on board again.

wake. The revelation constantly mixes now a new awareness.

always enabled interrupts my life, until such a time as this. Thank you for caring self broken this cycle. You deliberately wanted to know how much care. You listen when I call. Can you teach me balance. Communicate with nature. Meaning, there is a constant flow, sometimes daily, weekly or monthly. A nutritious helped heal a broken vessel. You can switch the sensitivity beings. You taught me the importance to nurture and cherish my relationships. He took time with me, listened, cried, let me vent, fall, make mistakes, and most importantly, do not judge me.

Because of you I can demonstrate the same virtues.

a grateful heart and healed,


Source by Jacqueline T Hill

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