Euphoria – A Hindi rock pioneers

Euphoria can be defined as a state of mind in extreme elation, where the heart and the mind is the best. The Euphoria band burst onto the music scene in the 1990s, when rock-Hindi was still trying to make an impression on the music of India. They took their chances and decided that the new brand in India. It was something new and unfamiliar voice was a mixture of Indian and Western music together to form a sound that is pleasant to the ears of all who hear it. The goal was to motivate the band to the rock sounds great and it sounds "right"!

In 1998, the success of the first album Dhoom, the band went on to perform a variety of academic and school functions and even held a concert at India Gate. Soon they began touring, visiting Nepal, Sri Lanka and even the United States. They were privileged enough to even hold a concert in the General Assembly of the United Nations. The first man of the band, Palash Sen, who was studying medicine, he soon found his vocation fun of people in India and around the world. After so many years in the music scene believe that the rock they do not meet the stereotypical notion of sex, drugs and violence, I just wanted to make the music speak for itself.

Almost first came on the music in nearly a decade, and countless albums, songs, tours, concerts and music videos later Euphoria continues to believe that should be given more because we always strive to entertain the audience with a clear Hindi rock and a little soul thrown into the mix. Palash, DJ Benny, Hitesh, Ashwani, Gaurav, Rakesh and Prashant good friends, and they believe that the genre is here to stay. This belief may rise as a result of the acceptance and love Hindi rock bands and argue that it's now reached a whole new level. Rock on!

Source by John Ramsey

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