Bubble Breaker Game Enigma Solution

Among the many games available on your computer there is a bubble breaker game. This is one of the most demanding game and game lovers, simply can not stop themselves in solving the mysterious, amusing, loving game puzzle. The uniqueness of this game lies in choosing bubbles of the same color on the grid and destroying them with a single click. The more clicks you destroy the bubbles, the points are acquired. Contrary to other games, which is a fast-paced action, this game features many human brain and deep analysis. This game is an exclusive form of entertainment and an effective mental practice.

It should be noted that it is not lawful to dispose of a bubble in a bubble game. First you have to choose a row of similar colored bubbles and you can imagine being destroyed. The points scored vary by the number of bubbles of the same color as a single click. The bubble group to be destroyed can be two groups of similarly colored bubbles, either horizontally or vertically. Although sometimes a group of the same color bubbles will appear diagonally, but you can not destroy them, or if you do, they will not be taken into account. It certainly will not look any point for you and it's just a waste of time. Therefore, you only need to focus on bubbles of the same color that form a cluster vertically or horizontally.

The purpose of the bubble break game is to reach the highest score, which depends only on how well you can select the series of bubbles that will ultimately result in the highest score. When a group is selected, the bubbles will immediately disappear and the holes will be full, to the right. Although the experts have revised different algorithms to solve the puzzle behind the game, they still provide little help to the novice. Some intelligent items often find these algorithms that are often useful for bubbles while playing and has a keen interest in this jigsaw puzzle. The first algorithm is called a sufficiently exhaustive recursive algorithm. Accordingly, you must pass through each row and column on the board individually, selecting the same color. After you have selected the bubbles, you will need to create a new board and try to solve the board but in a recursive way down.

Source by Syed Amaan Ahmad

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