Failure to oversee the Federal Trade Commission

Many MLM sales people are well understood, but accidentally commit fraud and violate the rules and laws in their presentations. This is an unfortunate and too much issue for the Federal Trade Commission, such as SPAM or Identity Theft; The FTC is impotent. Many such MLM sales people have accepted the term; "Private Franchise", which attempts to separate the negative significance of the multi-level marketing segment. There is only one problem; The franchise has absolute definitions, which in no way resembles what these sellers do not sell.

If MLM sellers do not understand the laws and consumers do not understand the concept of franchise; After all, they can not find the states on the US map; There seems to be nothing to do? This means that the cost of educating the general public is too high and the money would be better if more than one lawyer was hired by the Federal Trade Commission to challenge and collect fees for small and medium-sized enterprises that have more work and tax base than larger companies, Who are paying low taxes or small, small MLM companies that provide one or fewer jobs? Many see the double standards here and question the true motivation of the Federal Trade Commission's law enforcement efforts, which will soon be rediscovered.

The Children's Boot of the Ministry of Justice. Everyone needs clarification. Many believe that the business community has this right of clarification and it is the task of the Federal Trade Commission to tell the country why it allows large fraud on the one hand, but changes complaints, declarations and secret courts as a tactic to selectively well To celebrate more reputable businesses?

If the Federal Trade Commission is unable to answer this question, the franchise and the business op divisions, regardless of the judgment on the most recent amendments to the definitions of these business models, should be discontinued. This will help taxpayers who should be relieved of their ambitions. Shutting down would be as smart as in the franchise industry, there is no fraud in sharing a business opportunity as it does not work. I simply admit that the Business Opportunity virus has reached epic proportions like spam, and problems can not be verified. Allow another agency, such as The CDC. Think about it.

Source by Lance Winslow

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