3 wood fence panel types to make the garden a better place

There are three main types to consider.

1 Flat Panel Panels

2 Flat Panels

3 Trellis Panels

Everyone looks great and transforms their garden to delight, which provides a sense of satisfaction and security.

Closed board is one of the strongest panel types, very well made from strong rackets around all edges and brackets, slats vertically run on the panel and look really strong when installed. Flat panels are also good-looking and the most common types used widely in the fence industry and are still strong but not as strong as the Close table.

Trellis is a great alternative that has a decorative effect. You can select standard square holes or go with very small square holes, but this type is more expensive, you should not forget that the grid is not particularly strong, exceptionally good but not durable.

However, if you have regular furnishings, it can take up to 10 years to properly care, try to avoid climbing climbing plants, which would damage the fence.

There is also a diamond grid that looks really good and can transform the garden again with smaller holes if needed.

The former have been pretreated and require no treatment for at least 18 months when handling high quality conservative and coating.

If you are coated regularly, the fence lasts for many years.

Source by John Rea

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