KiteSurfing has been bitten, I do not expect to hit the first power to drive her body, which screams 40 meters in the air and falls into the water. By winning each wind, he rose from the surface and broke the waves when he landed. The excitement associated with KiteSurfing's sport has many tireless excitement seekers across the globe to go to the shores of the ocean. But before you can set foot in the water, you need to know how KiteSurf should surf or sail surfing, you have an immediate benefit of understanding how you can maneuver your deck, but if KiteSurfing Your legs are moving slightly, And your arms and hands are the only thing that drags on the dragon, your foot is attached to the board. Most newcomers suffered a KiteSurfers accident because of the difficulty of calculating the distances caused by the windwaves and the changing speeds.

Teaching KiteSurf through education and practice is by far the best way to learn and experience heart attacks and gravity attackers.

Like any sport, there are safety precautions that you have to adhere to.

You must be a good swimmer. Swimming means that if the kite leaves you, you may have to swim after the handles or swim to the shore. Depending on how remote the board is, this is not necessarily an easy task.

Professional tutor can card or evaluate. This will help you understand the risks and the conditions that are appropriate for staying in the water. The instructor must be certified by IKO International KiteSurfing Organization. Never go to a friend, it can prove disastrous.

Always wear a helmet. Like bicycle law, they should be encouraged in some countries and binding elsewhere. Your head is the most sensitive part of the body if you hit high speeds or missiles in the sea, and your chances of head injury will be impossible.

Check out the weather conditions. It is important to understand the effects of weather and strong winds and how to kite the passionate KiteSurfers.

Other directions to learn during the journey are important and somehow will be common knowledge, but it's good to look at the basics to make sure that you and the surrounding people are safe when you start.

· Never launch kites in crowded swimming pools
· Do not lay down the line along the shore
· Prepare to help KiteSurfers when they re-enter the shore
· Measure the ribbon zone when jumping to the water
· If you can not swim long, Deep into the ocean
· Use self-saving signs when killing the dragon's power
· Always wear a life jacket or a coat.

By following the simple rules, you can keep yourself safe and safe when you leave and re-enter the beach.

Source by Jakob Jelling