25 ways to raise awareness of your causes

Nonprofit organizations often have a monumental task, Here are 25 ideas for low cost or cost-free ways of raising awareness

1. Releases media releases with free online services such as prweb.com and openpr.com

2. Start a blog about the affair with a free service like Blogger or WordPress.

3. Every affair must have Twitter, Propeller, and Digg accounts.

4. Submit some videos on YouTube. These can be created with a web camera on your computer, online services such as Animoto or programs that convert PowerPoint to video.

5. Some comics on Bitstrips. This is a community site like a comic book maker.

6. Use tried and true methods, such as PSA radio stations and conversations on local TV and radio.

7. There is a previous student who compiles an email list of all his contacts and promotes his case.

8. Use the same technique as web marketers. Bring people to your mailing list if you do something alienating them.

9. Use keyword implementations to find out what information people are looking for in the matter.

10. Write some articles based on these keyword searches and post them on EzineArticles.com.

11. Read the paper and send congratulatory cards or emails to those who have achieved something.

12. Take care of the birthdays of your child's organizations and send them birthday cards.

13. Make a world record setting event. It can be easier than you think and always get media.

14. Read haro.com and respond if a reporter is looking for information about your case.

15. Do not overlook the old-fashioned paper clips that were published in the public's billboards in supermarkets and libraries.

16. Use free classified ads like craigslist.com and kijiji.com.

17. Probably there are local events on your site that you can use.

18. Get a reputation. You can find it and miss it, but you never know.

19. Add posts to blogs.

20. Be an expert in media interviewing if there is something about your case story.

21. Get a sponsor for a prize and run an essay or poster contest.

22. Give some performance. They also raise the attention of the media.

23. Generate controversies that are not too controversial.

24. Sell some SWAG sites like cafepress.com. Bumper stickers or tees can give you a few miles.

25. Tag a Sponsor and pick up your advertising or corporate newsletter.

Most of these ideas are about activities that volunteers or students can do. Try it every two weeks, and in a year your case will be well-known in your community.

Source by Ron Strand

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