Using Colors in Poetry

Do you remember from your early days of education that the color of the Crayola box has been colored within the lines? Maybe later, our class teacher to stimulate his imagination, asked him what color they were, smelled or tasted. Poets also use their colors to create similar thoughts in ways. Most of the time, colors can be used as symbols for intangible or conceptual purposes.

green = jealousy, rebirth, money

brown = earthly properties

orange = curiosity, wisdom

] Gray = depression, defeat, monotony, boredom

red = anger, danger, war, seduction, passion

black = sorrow or death

Death (also comes from the sheet)

blue = sadness

In addition to their symbolic and impressionist use, the use of colors added the visuals of poems.

"The waves of the sea are green and damp,

Yet whence they die, yet others rise

And they are brown and dry."

Robert Frost Sand Dunes

Using the colors of poetry is a long way in written history. Roman and Greek poets, like other species, used poetic and color to use their strong emotional connection. For example, Homer used the color of bronze to power, and in Roman poetry some color combinations, especially purple and gold, resembled the royal kingdom, while red and white conquering and other concepts. Virgil used more than 500 words in Aeneid alone. "I gave him (Ulysses) a bronze sword and a gorgeous purple mantle with double lining in a shirt down with a leg, and I sent it to All on His Honor."

Later, Dante painted his color vividly to paint the Inferno image.

"And there are few villages to protect the troops:


In the imagination of readers 19459002

This was the lion's face and posture on a yellow bag with azure grass.

One of them I saw blood in blood, 19459003

To mark a goose, whiter than butter.

And one who was an azure cow and a pregnant

His fashionable little bag was white " From Inferno, XVII Canto Dante Alighieri

Shakespeare has often used the colors, the Word itself, by sticking to other main names for further painting of dramatic lyrics. "SIR ANDREW

Yes, strong and inert

flaming stock. Will we do some pets?

In the course of the past centuries, the use of poetic colors became more subjective, although the colors were also used with their actual identity

"The hilarious sphinx rose,

] The Sphinx

"The Snow White Veil and the Clothes as a Flame,

He Is Who You So Long ago

Passion and A jaj. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Henry David Thoreau Winter Memories "Winter in my Room


Pink, dull and warm. "Emily Dickinson" In Winter In My Room "

Using your desk with pen or computer to write poems, . You may also add a new dimension to their use.

Source by Joy Cagil

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