Violet Qualifications

If you want some kind of recognition for your current violin game, then the simplest and most enjoyable option is to complete a graduate exam. Two of the colleges are Trinity Guildhall and ABRSM (the Associated Body of the Royal School of Music). They are reputable boards that hold violin exams all over the world so that people can do it.

The Trinity Guildhall Board offers 9 exams: first class, 1st grade and so on, while the final result is 8 grades. However, you must provide a 8-grade theoretical exam to be able to apply the 8th grade violin exam. The ABRSM Board offers 8 exams – up to the first grade (less than the first grade) until the 8th grade. Likewise, the 5th grade theoretical exam must be completed before the 6th grade examination.

Trinity Guildhall Board exams include 7 subjects: 3 scales, arpeggios, reading and reading, viva voce (singing) and ear exams (listening). Each subject has a maximum mark that can be increased to 100. You can walk through, but there are two more types of gateways you can achieve: merit and difference, which shows you have gone higher.

ABRSM's board of directors nominated 6 topics: 3 pieces, scales and arpeggios, visuals and sound audits. These exams must have a maximum value of 150, but 100, and 120, respectively, or 130.

The Theoretical Examination of Both Forums is the Music for Reading, Writing and Analyzing Different keys, transposition, melodic intervals, naming keys and naming chords.

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