From bad to big and back to worse? Diversity Stick

"Am I surprised, are you asking?" Bill and Kay share a private moment with Diversity Regional Bank, as well as the initial board response.

"Well, I knew that at least one board member would resist after we presented the plan. I think I was a little surprised that Jerry K. used the research back to the opposition, saying the diversity training simply did not work" Tells Kay Bill.

"The next forum meeting has even better data," Kay smiles.

Kay does not have to look far enough into the solid details of successes and failures of diversity: Ten years ago, a large Midwestern company was regarded as an Early Diversity Leader with strong work / life benefits, women's support and high rents and frequent public announcements Inclusive corporate culture. But this has changed dramatically at the ABC Company – an organization that was once the popular Top 50 list.

ABC first achieved a high ranking with DiversityInc one year after the Diversity Officer joined the various organizations and was able to see corporate diversity. The Chief Executive Leader has led senior executives for the results and was responsible for the leaders of the employee-source groups. ABC's work and lower-level leadership were wide-ranging at race level, especially in comparison with industry average, but remained at the highest levels of leadership, "says Barbara Frankel of DiversityInc.

The fastest in 50 lists (Name and information disguise Frankel) becomes the company? The CEO – a new executive who has responded quickly to the economic problems of almost every American business – is changing,

ABC has been experiencing economic turbulence over the last three years, Chief of staff has never known how to "speak" diversity to the CEO and can not support diversity as a business constraint. Managers have resigned from participating in employee resource groups, and mentoring and supplier diversity have shown no more Pointer – can not be estimated what m And what Ffected is in the lower queue. "The Chief Diversity Officer did not have frequent access to the CEO or direct accounts, reporting at two levels to the HR manager. [He] was considered to be a strictly staffed business consultant Does not matter "- Frankel writes. 3 case studies: Why are companies disappointed in Top 50? While other similar companies have applied innovation and diversity management practices, ABC has undermined the best practices: the CEO ceased the meeting with employees Resource groups or advocated Multidisciplinary diversification goals, alternative career opportunities are not recommended for long-term family concern employees and managers leave formally and culturally mentoring. The decline in racial and gender diversity has peaked and while the company has dropped down, blacks and women Latinos are frankly three times as high as whites

Can ABC be solved? Without a solid change management approach: if the ABC forum is looking for a solution, then it would be a perfect time to re-evaluate the role of diversityand is responsible for a new chief diversity officers, a senior business unit executives reporting directly to the CEO of the company. (Five years ago, only 15 percent of the major diversification officers reported directly to the CEO and almost all reported to the HR manager, 30 percent of them report directly to the CEO and less than half report to HR.)

the most important factor will be to support the CEOs, megkívánva someone who is able to collect and present data about the strength of diversity. The ideas presented to the CEO are centered on business goals and rely on valid data demonstrating the link between diversity representation, employee engagement, productivity, and innovation. "Jerry K. is not too far away," says Kay Bill.

"A number of corporate diversity programs have jumped over the past few years and for some good reasons."

Kay explains that some of the first studies on diversity suggests that some current practice does not help much. "Other studies have begun to warn that it actually hurt, and some employers have begun to leave."

Progressive companies for decades have worked to increase tolerance in the workplace and protect them against lawsuits against discrimination. Several major US companies now offer various trainings – videos and web seminars from workshops and retreats – with the billions of total costs. The close and thoughtful discussion of the purses due to the training efficiency of the diversity makes some companies look at whether or not there is a need to recognize the diversity of workplaces is absolutely necessary and how to proceed properly.

Overall, 68 percent of organizations have recently asked for reported diversity training and mentoring in 76 percent in 2005, according to an October survey by some 400 employers of the Alexandria, Va.-based Human Resource Management Society. Eric Peterson, the leader of the organization's diversity and reception initiative, claims that employers who are willing to reduce costs in homeless times will short-term efforts to dissolve diversity in the short term, as these efforts can result in quick savings. Finally, Peterson says companies that ignore diversity are likely to be in a competitive disadvantage.

According to his organization, 84 percent of companies that maintain diversity programs said their efforts were at least "slightly" "effective and include benefits such as better public image, lower employee turnover, and better profitability

"More Long-Term," said Peterson, "strategically important"

Other studies have shown that current training programs are missing. A study that uses more than 800 medium and large companies for about thirty years using the American Sociological Review , The researchers found that the related diversity training is actually slightly reduced, with the likelihood that some minorities manager They can become so-because training can help play back.

Diversity training works best if it is voluntary, emphasizes cultural awareness and avoids serious legal content. It is still the most important finding that other diversity efforts are more effective. Examples of mentoring programs and working groups in charge of Diversity show a "consistent and significant positive" results for both women and minorities.

Frank Dobbin, a sociologist at Harvard University and a study, "The whole story is that training is not really happening." "Psychologist Elizabeth Levy Paluck from Princeton University and the political scientist at Yale University, Donald Green, reported on the 2009 Psychological Annual Report that some types of training may be reduced. In a 2000 study, business students introduced various training videos that encouraged them, To suppress the negative attitudes of the old age, in fact, to get negative opinions on older job seekers than those who did not receive these instructions.

A way to find out what kind of diversity training is really effective because there are so few well-designed terrain jobs that do not mean that companies should give diversity training instead of evaluating how successful a program – Is filled out by the evaluation form

"We have to say," We have no time or money to destroy inefficient or worse harmful programs. "Dobbin And these researchers are closing in. So Kay has to go back to his bank's board and stress to Jerry K. and other members that at the heart of diversity there is a strictly legal approach – what to not do or say, To help keep employees better understood Differences can help the company's business strategy, and companies will expand the definition of diversity not only women and race minorities, but gays and lesbians, the elderly and the elderly Younger workers, parents, and even different types of personality. "I must tell Jerry that many companies are trying new forms of training to increase accessibility. For example, Microsoft Corp. uses instructor-led education with various electronic formats, such as on-demand online learning, so you can tailor programs to a global workforce. The content varies depending on the requirements and the needs of a specific business unit, according to the company's global director of diversity and inclusion. "

Kay tells Bill that it is essential for all regional bank employees to have the same level of understanding of what the corporate attitude is." We will not rely on traditional classroom training, but include events such as volunteer lectures that deal with diversity and inclusion, such as how to better handle the "Applied Generation" or how to understand some basic Spanish terms. A Diversity Council. "" It seems you're ready to go back to the board for another shot, "says Bill.

" Now I do not think I'm going alone! "

Source by Susan Klopfer

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