In hitchhiking in China

To be honest, I do not understand what this prejudice, which some people did against China. He even tells people that I'm leaving for the innocent Shenzhen for the sexy massagers and the weekend of crossing custom-made clothes, the reaction always happens: Beware!

Not just people who have never been to the border, but surprisingly a number of seasoned travelers in this most interesting countries seem to be a subordinate concern that the big red dark communist land mass in China actually does nothing, If not completely avoided So at least we are dealing with the greatest intimidation as an unexploded earthquake.
. "China is dangerous!" Roar. "Dirty, everybody is a cheat!" "She will rob or worse!"

Hong Kong people are both local and bequest persuasion, I feel strange that they spent hours at the airport and go through more and more tedious security checks, on a terrible machine for hours to go. Accepted holiday destinations Phuket, Kotakinabalu And Bali.

To walk dignitously or take a comfortable taxi at Hong Hom Station and take a train without the destination. Somewhere in China, our nearest resort almost seems as if there was something beyond the deck. So when I announced to New Year in China that I wanted to go to China, I was waiting for a lot of accusations about the darkness that he referred to – the disasters that would come to light. But it seemed that at this stage my friends had lost. "To take care of" some of my weak expectations just got me. I was almost frustrated.

As soon as it turned out and as I was fully expecting, Hitch hiking in China fought on all other means of transport, including the holy train, manually down.

It was not the first time that I and my trusted Chinese girlfriend, Lee, went into the beloved womb. Just a year ago we pulled our thumbs off the great successes of Inner Mongolia on the lawn outside Hohhot and frozen our donkey to wait for a bus that never came. The second car caught that day, a kind doctor and all the way to our hotel From the phone numbers.

This time we wanted to see the provincial provinces of the province of Guangdong, ignored by the Hong Kong tourism industry. Surely Guangdong is one of China's most wonderful provinces and undoubtedly one of the friendliest and most trusted people. And believe me, 18 years of intensive travel to China, which says a lot.

Since we were hitch-hiking, which was a break-in business in itself, we decided to leave everything for destiny. So when the bus to the planned first stop Siu Heng (Zhaoxing) in western Guangdong, the so-called "Little Guilin" due to rocky sidewalks and many lakes just left the station in Shenzhen two hours later, we decided to go further The first bus has started. The bus was the Sei wui. (Sihui.) After a three-hour, rather horrible trip (anyone who recognized SCMP's Chinese bus crashes was less cautious about bus trips in China) In a charming city that, despite the huge Arc de Triomphe-like structures and Screaming CNY atmosphere – the perfect starting point for an adventure that was our room at the bar at the hotel It was a fairly big party and we soon became part of the urban party scene and was invited to celebrate the new evening with a young man's family.

A few years later, in the breasts of several serpents we soaked some wine with the family's general cheerfulness, where most of the members were glued to the screen of the television. Like all new countries, China National and regional television channels offer different forms And we were privileged to look at the view of the Tibetan people who would accept Han China's influx on the "provincial" train train. After an endless train, thanking the Chinese government and the ever-protecting PLA for mass media in their festive national costumes.

The next day, our adventure started seriously, with light sieve and a huge poster in which text and images were announced that the PLA and Chinese people were the same. We shook our thumbs and crates, and soon there was a car stopped by three young guys and wondered what we were doing. Do not we know that the bus stop was on the other side of town? This time, we are talking about "hitch-hiking" in Cantonese, and after a lot of conversation they talked about them that they were suddenly cut off. But even the stopping of the car, which stopped, was a victory. And when the three guys came back to us after we left for twenty minutes we were away.

Far from the inner hinterland, they took us to meet the driver's father for breakfast in the guys. Home village, a trip with the inevitable tails of monster houses, indicating that somebody got money for money or badly. Seiwui's adventurous bishops were to celebrate the New Year and were quite satisfied. The father (the uncle of the Communist Party) has been warned that he was called at the government offices as the first sign of trouble, so we bought an umbrella and we boarded. The kids ran away from their home and invited us to tea, but we were bigger fish that we mixed.

The farther from the big cities, the more cars the cars got to catch us. Beside them at the final border of Guangling and the skyscraper in the cozy bamboo forest and dreamy lakes, all systems go. There was hardly time to get out of a car, do not forget the digits or organs before another car, sometimes two stopped. In the meantime, the road began to give up all the excuse that it was ever on the asphalt. Only my undergarment rescued me from severe bumping injuries, because in the truck's cab that I was taken … … … we quickly learned "Oh, anywhere". It was not the right answer to the question of where we were going, and we always chose the closest target we set up as our answer. So when the last stretch … Siu Hengig, where we planned to spend the last night and to escape comfortably, but … A scary bus for the last day in Shenzhen, two guys in the smallest car I've ever seen. We picked up when we came out of a car of a three-year-old car that travels in a New Year's Eve in Guangdong Province Wisely said ………. 20 kilometers on the road.

Lee or I are no toddler, and with her backpack and bike bag I have trouble getting into the car. But the driver was on his feet, but I could not help with scratch-free teeth, but I noticed.

We wanted to get to Siu Hengbe, one of China's biggest party town, the same day, and I was there before getting happy from the guys. Talk about going there. Siuheng! Here we go! A definitely morbid mood fell to the car and its inhabitants. After getting a lot of losses from the driver: Yes, Siu are going to drive, but because of their additional weight on board, they would not be able to drive fast enough to get them in time.

Oh, commitment to Chinese hospitality! We had to beg to leave us at the next station to reach its destination in time. At first, they are dragged away at a high speed and dragged on by the tides and holes on the road now that 200 kilos of foreigners have been rid of it.

In Hong Kong, many of whom I know have expressed great surprise that I've been living. Frankly, what are these people? I had to travel by train in China, but now only hiking will take me. Everything is too slow.

Source by Cecilie Gamst Berg

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