Contrasting emotions in stressful situations

Checked emotions spoil your judgment

I remind you of a coaching wood story at the beginning of your teacher career at South Bend Central High School when one His student and his father were at the school board. The coach is 99% sure to recommend this student to a high school basketball card, even if he does not meet the criteria. This student "worked hard for a positive attitude throughout the season, and although lacking adequate playing time, the tree was strongly considered as a basketball security letter." ] "A few days before I posted the final list of my mailing list, the player's father" suddenly "appeared in my office without a hello asking to know – His son's name on the list?

"I have not made a definitive decision yet, but I can put him down but technically his son is not eligible." "The man's finger was knocking on the coach's chest and threatening." Wood would be better if I received a letter or a job. "

The wood was angry and even questioned the man" to arrange things outwardly "

And emotionally, the boy's father left the office, but Not when he repeated his demand and threatened his wooden coaching work, emotions got the best of it, and decided not to offer a young man a letter even if she was 99 years before she was "designed.

The coach said, "It was really terrible for me to really, after I turned the list of slides that received emails, cooled, and tried to get the boy's name, but it was too late."

N about the day that "Checking emotions in stressful situations". He said, "If you let your emotions take over, you will play because you will make unnecessary mistakes, your judgment will be damaging."

2) "Vulnerable leader is like a bottle of nitroglycerin The smallest knock and blow up nitroglycerin or the temperamental boss who is knocking around their head and not their workplace. An environment that is a leader in a winning organization. "

3" Strive to create a trusted model that is reliable and productive in emotion "

Time" "Fred Slaughter, a former disciple and player, described Coach Wooden as" cool when he counted: his confidence and strength became ours, he had a positive attitude, And focused on moving on with what we had to learn to make it better. "Slaughter told Coach Wood:" The cool leader Prevents overheating. "John Wooden and Steve Jamison" Wooden Driving "

For over 70 years the coach taught his students, teachers, assistant coaches and Their family members are "self-control". He said, "Practice self-discipline and keep your emotions under control, good judgment and common sense are vital." 70 years later, he still remembers how he had let his emotions intervene in his good judgment, disappointing the young basketball player who did not get a basketball. "(Woodcut" Success Story ")

"Control is under the guidance of emotions or emotions."

2) "Avoid excess, shoot at moderation."

3) "Light your emotional discipline".

Trainer Wooden poker face. After winning the championship, the news media asked how it felt. She said, "I'm so glad!" In the early years as a professor at a local dormitory at a military base in Virginia, I taught a three credible course required for each Bachelors degree. We checked the materials for our first half-year test and everyone made notes. One of my students, an army officer, told my classmates and myself that our class was "a photographic memory and did not have to write anything." I said, "It's always good to write something to spare your memories later." A week later we got our first test. After sorting the papers, all members of the class accepted A and B + as "Mr. Photographic memory" whose rating was "F".

I returned the test logs to the next week After the class, "Official Photo Memory" was waiting until all the class left the room and said, "If you do not give me an" A "test, then a false report Against you I am the CIA officer. "19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 In your camera memory? "He did not answer and went away. After the class went home, he was thinking about the threat of the student, and the next morning I called the decree of the college and reported the name of the student and the threat he did to me after failing."

The dean said, " Give her what she deserves, Ake takes care of it, she is the CID, the Central Intelligence Department."

[3] What steps can you take in "difficult situations to control your emotions ? "

1) Take 1-2 deep breaths, stay calm and quiet!

2) Listen to the threatening person without interrupting or arguing with them.

3) If you need help, you are asked if there is an honest and trusted person who guides the organization who can advise me?

For me the president of the college will free me!

After the next three steps, you learn to be like Coach Wooden, capable of resisting your emotions in stressful situations. "Do not forget to be like a businessman, wear a poker face and direct your feelings

" To avoid consistency, avoid peaks and valleys Avoid excessive.

Source by Madeline Frank

In hitchhiking in China

To be honest, I do not understand what this prejudice, which some people did against China. He even tells people that I'm leaving for the innocent Shenzhen for the sexy massagers and the weekend of crossing custom-made clothes, the reaction always happens: Beware!

Not just people who have never been to the border, but surprisingly a number of seasoned travelers in this most interesting countries seem to be a subordinate concern that the big red dark communist land mass in China actually does nothing, If not completely avoided So at least we are dealing with the greatest intimidation as an unexploded earthquake.
. "China is dangerous!" Roar. "Dirty, everybody is a cheat!" "She will rob or worse!"

Hong Kong people are both local and bequest persuasion, I feel strange that they spent hours at the airport and go through more and more tedious security checks, on a terrible machine for hours to go. Accepted holiday destinations Phuket, Kotakinabalu And Bali.

To walk dignitously or take a comfortable taxi at Hong Hom Station and take a train without the destination. Somewhere in China, our nearest resort almost seems as if there was something beyond the deck. So when I announced to New Year in China that I wanted to go to China, I was waiting for a lot of accusations about the darkness that he referred to – the disasters that would come to light. But it seemed that at this stage my friends had lost. "To take care of" some of my weak expectations just got me. I was almost frustrated.

As soon as it turned out and as I was fully expecting, Hitch hiking in China fought on all other means of transport, including the holy train, manually down.

It was not the first time that I and my trusted Chinese girlfriend, Lee, went into the beloved womb. Just a year ago we pulled our thumbs off the great successes of Inner Mongolia on the lawn outside Hohhot and frozen our donkey to wait for a bus that never came. The second car caught that day, a kind doctor and all the way to our hotel From the phone numbers.

This time we wanted to see the provincial provinces of the province of Guangdong, ignored by the Hong Kong tourism industry. Surely Guangdong is one of China's most wonderful provinces and undoubtedly one of the friendliest and most trusted people. And believe me, 18 years of intensive travel to China, which says a lot.

Since we were hitch-hiking, which was a break-in business in itself, we decided to leave everything for destiny. So when the bus to the planned first stop Siu Heng (Zhaoxing) in western Guangdong, the so-called "Little Guilin" due to rocky sidewalks and many lakes just left the station in Shenzhen two hours later, we decided to go further The first bus has started. The bus was the Sei wui. (Sihui.) After a three-hour, rather horrible trip (anyone who recognized SCMP's Chinese bus crashes was less cautious about bus trips in China) In a charming city that, despite the huge Arc de Triomphe-like structures and Screaming CNY atmosphere – the perfect starting point for an adventure that was our room at the bar at the hotel It was a fairly big party and we soon became part of the urban party scene and was invited to celebrate the new evening with a young man's family.

A few years later, in the breasts of several serpents we soaked some wine with the family's general cheerfulness, where most of the members were glued to the screen of the television. Like all new countries, China National and regional television channels offer different forms And we were privileged to look at the view of the Tibetan people who would accept Han China's influx on the "provincial" train train. After an endless train, thanking the Chinese government and the ever-protecting PLA for mass media in their festive national costumes.

The next day, our adventure started seriously, with light sieve and a huge poster in which text and images were announced that the PLA and Chinese people were the same. We shook our thumbs and crates, and soon there was a car stopped by three young guys and wondered what we were doing. Do not we know that the bus stop was on the other side of town? This time, we are talking about "hitch-hiking" in Cantonese, and after a lot of conversation they talked about them that they were suddenly cut off. But even the stopping of the car, which stopped, was a victory. And when the three guys came back to us after we left for twenty minutes we were away.

Far from the inner hinterland, they took us to meet the driver's father for breakfast in the guys. Home village, a trip with the inevitable tails of monster houses, indicating that somebody got money for money or badly. Seiwui's adventurous bishops were to celebrate the New Year and were quite satisfied. The father (the uncle of the Communist Party) has been warned that he was called at the government offices as the first sign of trouble, so we bought an umbrella and we boarded. The kids ran away from their home and invited us to tea, but we were bigger fish that we mixed.

The farther from the big cities, the more cars the cars got to catch us. Beside them at the final border of Guangling and the skyscraper in the cozy bamboo forest and dreamy lakes, all systems go. There was hardly time to get out of a car, do not forget the digits or organs before another car, sometimes two stopped. In the meantime, the road began to give up all the excuse that it was ever on the asphalt. Only my undergarment rescued me from severe bumping injuries, because in the truck's cab that I was taken … … … we quickly learned "Oh, anywhere". It was not the right answer to the question of where we were going, and we always chose the closest target we set up as our answer. So when the last stretch … Siu Hengig, where we planned to spend the last night and to escape comfortably, but … A scary bus for the last day in Shenzhen, two guys in the smallest car I've ever seen. We picked up when we came out of a car of a three-year-old car that travels in a New Year's Eve in Guangdong Province Wisely said ………. 20 kilometers on the road.

Lee or I are no toddler, and with her backpack and bike bag I have trouble getting into the car. But the driver was on his feet, but I could not help with scratch-free teeth, but I noticed.

We wanted to get to Siu Hengbe, one of China's biggest party town, the same day, and I was there before getting happy from the guys. Talk about going there. Siuheng! Here we go! A definitely morbid mood fell to the car and its inhabitants. After getting a lot of losses from the driver: Yes, Siu are going to drive, but because of their additional weight on board, they would not be able to drive fast enough to get them in time.

Oh, commitment to Chinese hospitality! We had to beg to leave us at the next station to reach its destination in time. At first, they are dragged away at a high speed and dragged on by the tides and holes on the road now that 200 kilos of foreigners have been rid of it.

In Hong Kong, many of whom I know have expressed great surprise that I've been living. Frankly, what are these people? I had to travel by train in China, but now only hiking will take me. Everything is too slow.

Source by Cecilie Gamst Berg

From bad to big and back to worse? Diversity Stick

"Am I surprised, are you asking?" Bill and Kay share a private moment with Diversity Regional Bank, as well as the initial board response.

"Well, I knew that at least one board member would resist after we presented the plan. I think I was a little surprised that Jerry K. used the research back to the opposition, saying the diversity training simply did not work" Tells Kay Bill.

"The next forum meeting has even better data," Kay smiles.

Kay does not have to look far enough into the solid details of successes and failures of diversity: Ten years ago, a large Midwestern company was regarded as an Early Diversity Leader with strong work / life benefits, women's support and high rents and frequent public announcements Inclusive corporate culture. But this has changed dramatically at the ABC Company – an organization that was once the popular Top 50 list.

ABC first achieved a high ranking with DiversityInc one year after the Diversity Officer joined the various organizations and was able to see corporate diversity. The Chief Executive Leader has led senior executives for the results and was responsible for the leaders of the employee-source groups. ABC's work and lower-level leadership were wide-ranging at race level, especially in comparison with industry average, but remained at the highest levels of leadership, "says Barbara Frankel of DiversityInc.

The fastest in 50 lists (Name and information disguise Frankel) becomes the company? The CEO – a new executive who has responded quickly to the economic problems of almost every American business – is changing,

ABC has been experiencing economic turbulence over the last three years, Chief of staff has never known how to "speak" diversity to the CEO and can not support diversity as a business constraint. Managers have resigned from participating in employee resource groups, and mentoring and supplier diversity have shown no more Pointer – can not be estimated what m And what Ffected is in the lower queue. "The Chief Diversity Officer did not have frequent access to the CEO or direct accounts, reporting at two levels to the HR manager. [He] was considered to be a strictly staffed business consultant Does not matter "- Frankel writes. 3 case studies: Why are companies disappointed in Top 50? While other similar companies have applied innovation and diversity management practices, ABC has undermined the best practices: the CEO ceased the meeting with employees Resource groups or advocated Multidisciplinary diversification goals, alternative career opportunities are not recommended for long-term family concern employees and managers leave formally and culturally mentoring. The decline in racial and gender diversity has peaked and while the company has dropped down, blacks and women Latinos are frankly three times as high as whites

Can ABC be solved? Without a solid change management approach: if the ABC forum is looking for a solution, then it would be a perfect time to re-evaluate the role of diversityand is responsible for a new chief diversity officers, a senior business unit executives reporting directly to the CEO of the company. (Five years ago, only 15 percent of the major diversification officers reported directly to the CEO and almost all reported to the HR manager, 30 percent of them report directly to the CEO and less than half report to HR.)

the most important factor will be to support the CEOs, megkívánva someone who is able to collect and present data about the strength of diversity. The ideas presented to the CEO are centered on business goals and rely on valid data demonstrating the link between diversity representation, employee engagement, productivity, and innovation. "Jerry K. is not too far away," says Kay Bill.

"A number of corporate diversity programs have jumped over the past few years and for some good reasons."

Kay explains that some of the first studies on diversity suggests that some current practice does not help much. "Other studies have begun to warn that it actually hurt, and some employers have begun to leave."

Progressive companies for decades have worked to increase tolerance in the workplace and protect them against lawsuits against discrimination. Several major US companies now offer various trainings – videos and web seminars from workshops and retreats – with the billions of total costs. The close and thoughtful discussion of the purses due to the training efficiency of the diversity makes some companies look at whether or not there is a need to recognize the diversity of workplaces is absolutely necessary and how to proceed properly.

Overall, 68 percent of organizations have recently asked for reported diversity training and mentoring in 76 percent in 2005, according to an October survey by some 400 employers of the Alexandria, Va.-based Human Resource Management Society. Eric Peterson, the leader of the organization's diversity and reception initiative, claims that employers who are willing to reduce costs in homeless times will short-term efforts to dissolve diversity in the short term, as these efforts can result in quick savings. Finally, Peterson says companies that ignore diversity are likely to be in a competitive disadvantage.

According to his organization, 84 percent of companies that maintain diversity programs said their efforts were at least "slightly" "effective and include benefits such as better public image, lower employee turnover, and better profitability

"More Long-Term," said Peterson, "strategically important"

Other studies have shown that current training programs are missing. A study that uses more than 800 medium and large companies for about thirty years using the American Sociological Review , The researchers found that the related diversity training is actually slightly reduced, with the likelihood that some minorities manager They can become so-because training can help play back.

Diversity training works best if it is voluntary, emphasizes cultural awareness and avoids serious legal content. It is still the most important finding that other diversity efforts are more effective. Examples of mentoring programs and working groups in charge of Diversity show a "consistent and significant positive" results for both women and minorities.

Frank Dobbin, a sociologist at Harvard University and a study, "The whole story is that training is not really happening." "Psychologist Elizabeth Levy Paluck from Princeton University and the political scientist at Yale University, Donald Green, reported on the 2009 Psychological Annual Report that some types of training may be reduced. In a 2000 study, business students introduced various training videos that encouraged them, To suppress the negative attitudes of the old age, in fact, to get negative opinions on older job seekers than those who did not receive these instructions.

A way to find out what kind of diversity training is really effective because there are so few well-designed terrain jobs that do not mean that companies should give diversity training instead of evaluating how successful a program – Is filled out by the evaluation form

"We have to say," We have no time or money to destroy inefficient or worse harmful programs. "Dobbin And these researchers are closing in. So Kay has to go back to his bank's board and stress to Jerry K. and other members that at the heart of diversity there is a strictly legal approach – what to not do or say, To help keep employees better understood Differences can help the company's business strategy, and companies will expand the definition of diversity not only women and race minorities, but gays and lesbians, the elderly and the elderly Younger workers, parents, and even different types of personality. "I must tell Jerry that many companies are trying new forms of training to increase accessibility. For example, Microsoft Corp. uses instructor-led education with various electronic formats, such as on-demand online learning, so you can tailor programs to a global workforce. The content varies depending on the requirements and the needs of a specific business unit, according to the company's global director of diversity and inclusion. "

Kay tells Bill that it is essential for all regional bank employees to have the same level of understanding of what the corporate attitude is." We will not rely on traditional classroom training, but include events such as volunteer lectures that deal with diversity and inclusion, such as how to better handle the "Applied Generation" or how to understand some basic Spanish terms. A Diversity Council. "" It seems you're ready to go back to the board for another shot, "says Bill.

" Now I do not think I'm going alone! "

Source by Susan Klopfer

Three Things to Consider to Provide a Memorable Boating Adventure

If you are planning a great ocean adventure with your family and friends, you can choose to be your own captain or charter for the ship that comes with your own crew. With bareboat charter, you can experience the fun and joy of the captain on board.

In order to charter a boat, you have at least some basic sailing skills. In most cases, charter companies provide other services such as ship supply and gliding hours to ensure that you get the most out of your trip. For those who are ready for a great boating adventure here are some things to consider that travel is much more fun and memorable.

Before You Begin

The success of sailing depends largely on how well you are prepared for it. Though you can easily do the things that charter companies provide to their bareboat charter clients, home-made objects can differentiate between a pleasant journey and a disaster. Do not forget to include the essential elements of swimming, medical equipment, and hats between soft-side coolers, floating wheels and chambers.

Having done everything to travel, you are ready to enjoy and enjoy! But before the crew jumps on board, it is important to check if the ship is as ready as you are. Check everything about fuel tanks, water tanks, emergency equipment, and ship electronics. There is a possibility to ship the boat to your charter company, or you can design, package, and prepare your own meals and drinks for the entire trip. When you choose your own boat, you can actually choose what you want and save money at once. Before you create a backup plan, find out if there are food markets and restaurants near the harbor. Once prepared, prepare the menu and plan your meals on each day of your trip according to your sailing plan. Make good taste foods, reasonably healthy and easy to prepare.

Living Aboard

It's important that security be considered the priority of the number. If the children on board give specific instructions on what they can and can not do during the journey and on board. In addition to safety precautions, waterborne talk is also an important aspect as water use is probably the main factor of how often you have to go to the harbor, you have to protect the water as much as possible, so you have multiple boats to go to exciting locations instead of He would go to a port and reload the water tanks. Another thing to deal with is rubbish.

Since there is no way of throwing trash under the water, consider waste segregation. Collect the food residues in a bottle and throw them away when passing through. This helps to reduce the odors that can easily attract the wasps and other annoying insects.

Source by Chiqui Pangan

How can I get clients as a freelance designer

This can be the most important post I've written so far. Provided you meet the minimum requirements to be a freelance designer on the Internet: you need to know English, Paypal, Quality Online Portfolios … What can we do to get a job?

As I have said many times that supporting our services is key to this business, do not think that because very good people come out of the box and ask them to work for them. This is the biggest mistake you can do.

This is the idea:

  1. Get as many people as possible to visit our website.
  2. Be in good relationship with search engines.
  3. Trafic to potential customers.
  4. Re-use of customers: newsletter.
  5. Local publicity.
  6. To get a good representative.
  7. Direct contact with companies.

1. Get as many people as possible to visit our site.

Why? Silly question, is not it? Obviously, while more people visit our website, the more chance they are to get customers. HIBA !!!!

Let me give you a little stress … one example: SOSFactory has visited 4000 visits a few months ago a long time ago I got in touch with a lot of traffic and now More than 25,000 say that the number of customers grew? … Well, no, that's still the same. But the consumed bandwidth has increased, maybe you will need to update my betting plan, which will invest more money. The idea that, to a certain point, the quality of traffic is more important than quantity.

The question may be in your head, why would you like us to visit our website? If you have more than one visit, increasing the number of people you're talking about, more people will link to your site (as long as you offer quality content) so you get a better position in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Msn).

Example: what is masquerade design, imagine being a visitor and whenever I see them you like them. If you have a web site, you would like to do something like this in the links section: " mascot design " (a link to "SOSFactory" with some keywords: mascots design). If many people do the same, Google will understand that my website is about "mascot design," and this is an important webpage for these search terms. So Google searches for my "website" when I search for "mascot design". This traffic is very important … depending on the search term, more or less competitors will be able to appear in the first results.

How to get it:

  1. Get People Get Links to Your Site with Free, Original and Funny Content (Tutorials, Articles, Games …)
  2. Links to your site (forums, blogs, directories, social networks …). Always with respect, what? No SPAM.
  3. Ask your customers for the links. This is voluntary, if you accept it, great.
  4. We're exchanging them with other webmasters. This is difficult and hardly effective.
  5. Buy Massive Links. As far as I know, this does not work well, it may be bad for your business.

What you should never do:

  1. Using Flash, if so, just use a little … no full Flash website.
  2. Forget greeting pages or popup windows. 50% of visitors leave after 30 seconds … so go straight to the point
  3. Try to keep your site from being difficult in graphics, the better the text, the better the text.
  4. Design your site at 1024×768 pixel resolution.
  5. Never design for just one browser. You should be at least in Internet Explorer and Firefox.

2.- Good connection with search engines

This is SEO (search engine optimization), especially for Google. We have thousands of forums, manuals, and blogs, so we will only explain the basics.

It has made it important for us through links from other sites to make Google better understand what our site is. This will increase the chances of first search results.

How can we do this? Well, especially with the HTML code and the structure of our website (as well as with the links mentioned in the previous section):

Title of the Site: Addresses keywords; If you look at the source code of the page (IExplorer: View> Source Code), you will first see something like this:

<title> For Freelance Designers &#8211; SOSFACTORY </title>

This tells the search engine what the site is, so we need to provide the keywords that Google wants to search on the site. The most important ones are those that describe and keywords.

Titles "": The search engine recognizes the relevant texts of the tags in the webpage text. Here, too, we need to provide the keywords.

Key words in "" and "" and "" in bold: repeat the keywords in bold and italic in the content of the site

Keywords: repeat the keywords on our website content.

Photos: Google prefer texts instead of optimizing images. Mostly, keywords are placed in the "Alt" and file names (for example: my-keyword.jpg)

Site structure:

  1. From your website, Google follows the links to other pages on the pages, so it's good if you want to have a sitemap … if Google does not find the page if it does not exist.
  2. Name your address as a keyword (for example:
  3. Enter your site's folders as keywords (for example:
  4. Do not put the pages in a thousand folders up to 3 levels.
  5. Use keywords to link pages on your pages.
  6. External links: link from text to similar content to yours (not competitors, of course)

3.- Trafic is directed towards potential customers

First, until the search engine turnover does not last, be the resource source. This is only about promotion where there are potential customers.


There are two things to keep in mind in the forums: first, in job opportunities, usually low budget jobs, but can help build a good portfolio; On the other hand, you have to appear in the other tables where you can meet the best customers, help people, and find good relationships. This is a forum that is hosting a business (and other things), there are people who have lots of money and thousands of domains … which means they need a lot of plans. Free and in English. When it starts, this is a good place to create a good portfolio and at the same time get a higher level of customer experience on the same forum. basically the same as the previous one.

Paid Websites for Freelance Designers: This is the typical web site where people make projects and you as a designer offer to work, everything in it, decent jobs And his eyes. The site is English and is pretty ugly, and it accounts for one percent of the income. This is more about the programmers, but there are jobs for designers. It works like the previous one,% sales, but the website is much better design, in English.

Elance: design jobs do not have a big budget, but there is a lot of work, if you're fast, you can make a lot of money. They have a complicated system, but in English and very expensive, so it's an investment … if you start, maybe you will not pay for it.

Art Communities:

This is the most risky way to find work where "bad" people are looking for young people to use them. Remember to pay in advance … ALL! !! The best thing is to find partners, inspiration and good time.

Deviantart is the art community of Capital Letters. The work table is not very serious, but the rest of the site offers wonderful, great content and good design … if you want to be able to watch the rest of the world, you need to sign in to this site

GFX artist : Two types of job offers, low budget customers and "entertaining" projects, and job offers for businesses that need to rework in the country of supply. This is a little elite community, you have to give the pictures on the server, or you have to pay for a super. We could say we have more experts.

Digital Strap: If you're crazy enough to live comics, this is one of the best places. I would never recommend merely to comics, as the fund is great, helping to grow as an artist … this is not a good deal unless you are a painter and well known.

4.- Reusing Customers: Newsletters

Newsletters or subscriptions are a good marketing tool, though a dual sharp weapon

is able to remind an old customer to do anything … but you must be cautious or qualify as SPAM. I think there is no need to say that you have to rent again, do a good job as freelance designer, fame is very important

5.- Local Publicity

Always Useful Money is invested Printed matter, such as posters, leaflets, business cards … and leave them in computer-related shops. I do not think I have to say that you have to print all your portfolios URLs.

Dissatisfaction is that it takes a lot more time to invest in customer meetings

The advantage is that there is no brutal competition on the Internet, especially in Asian companies.

6.- Buying a Good Representative

Another option, your Representative, will do all your promotional work as a percentage of your sales. The agents that are worthy of asking very well, so if you do not have a good portfolio, work with them … maybe even if you have it. Like Gez Fry or Jason Brooks, but others are mediocre. he's looking for a bit more alternative artists. the artists of all styles, some of them are good, and others do not. Representative for comics. There are many people, so they do not pay much attention, but you can try.

7.- Direct contact with companies


Jobs for a company, sometimes freelance designers, but this is rare. Requirements are demanding and you will have to go to the company's headquarters. You will need a curriculum and a presentation leaflet. lots of job offers, especially in the United States. Recently, your website has been developed, now it looks like an artistic social network. Job Vacancies only for Sport Games: Billabong, Rip Curl, Adio … Who Do not Want to Work for Such Trademarks? There is a very interesting newsletter where you can give a lot of advice in preparing your curriculum in your time. job offers for the video game industry.

Yellow pages: for spain, I think they can have similar services in other countries. If you want to see hell in life, I advise you to work as a designer in Spain with thousands of job offers, ridiculous pay, asking for the requirements, not even 5 people to be able to co-operate 🙂

Large companies job offers:

The most direct route between two points in the straight line. Many companies are offering jobs on their own site … this is just the search query in the company stages and it does very well what you do. I'm sure this is if your arm is here to come in here, what are you doing reading? If you like toys, work here is the best. Starcraft, World of Warcraft, Warcraft … who does not know this man? for Comics

This post is "hard" and many people do not read them … You know it's just for some people who are really out Wanting to live in design and ready to work hard

If you want a magic formula for $ 10,000 for logos, you're on the wrong side … if I knew I would not write this Article:

Source by Sergio Ordonez

Learning From Snowboarding Games

Let's face it – snowboarding is a dangerous sport especially for children so parents are understandably hesitant about letting their kids enjoy the extreme sport; Snowboarding has higher risks for injuries than alpine skiing.

Plus, kids can learn a lot of lessons about snowboarding, safety in the sport , And sportsmanship as a snowboarder when playing these games.

Snowboarding as a Sport

Of course, you can do so, Flash snowboarding games are based on the extreme sports of snowboarding with designers adding elements that add to the realism of the games. Think of white snow, high slopes and safe snowboarding equipment, all of which are captured in great detail in the games.

Kids, the more avid players of snowboarding games, will be encouraged to learn more about snowboarding just so They will have a better idea of ​​the sport.

Snowboarding is a winter sport developed in the United States in the 1960s, although it was only included in the Winter Olympics In 1998. Snowboarders descend to slop covered in snow while standing on a board; The latter is attached to the rider's feet with special boots set in its mounted binding. Think of skiing, sledding and skateboarding, all of which served as the inspiration for the sport, albeit with special equipment.

Will also learn that snowboarding has several styles.

jibbing. This includes riding, sliding and jumping on any surface other than snow such as rails, benches, and concrete ledges, thus, its popularity in venues such as snowboard resort parks

• Free riding. This refers to all-around snowboarding because of its emphasis on using the random flow of the terrain to the rider's advantage. This is also the most common style used in snowboarding games because of the challenges presented to the player / rider.

• Freestyle. This involves the performance of tricks where the rider uses both natural and manmade features (i.e., logs, rocks, and rails) to perform tricks. This is different from alpine snowboarding because of the creativity that comes with it.

• Slopestyle. This is probably the most exciting style, therefore, its popularity in snowboarding games. Riders perform tricks while descending down a slope or down terrain (i.e., moving around, across, over, up and down).

• Big air. This is just as it sounds – riders perform tricks in the air (i.e., big air) while striving to achieve substantial height and distance from the jump-off point

• Half-pipe. This is snowboarding over a semi-circular ditch while performing tricks. Riders are supposed to perform tricks while zipping from one side to the other as well as while in the air.

• Snowboard racing. Among all the snowboarding games, this is the most popular among kids for obvious reasons – a winner can be easily determined, for example.

And then there's also the fact that playing snowboarding games encourages the value of sportsmanship among kids . Being a graceful winner or loser matters more than winning the gold medal, after all.

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Asian Walnut Hardwood Flooring – Everything You Need to Know Before Buying

Asian Walnut Flooring is one of the most unique hardwood species available on the market. Often known as Acacia, this walnut hardwood floor will obviously be in Asia. Asian Walnut floors are becoming more popular in recent years. Although oak remains the number one wood flooring, exotic species, such as Asian walnut and Brazilian cherry, have long strides to become mainstream floor coverings. If you are looking for a very distinct floor, which is a central room for your room or home, the Asian walnut hardwood floor is certainly worth considering. There are many things you should know when considering the exotic Asian Walnut wood walnut.

Most Asian Walnut floors are available at the factory. It is ready at the factory that the factory used protective coatings of several polyurethane, aluminum oxide, or both. These coatings protect the floor from minor scratches and wear. Of course all wooden floors can be scratched, but the end of the current factory is far better than 20 years ago. The best solution is to find an Acacia wood floor in combination with aluminum oxide or aluminum oxide and polyurethane coating. When you buy an unfinished Asian walnut floor covering, you must provide the protective cover after installing it in your home. At home, this type can not be compared at the factory, as the installer can not repeat the heat and pressure of the heaters during the manufacturing process used in the factory.

Asian nuts are usually available in 3 colors or patches. Natural is the most common color. In fact, the natural is not painted but protected. The natural Asian walnut table will be broad in color from dark to light. The darker colors will be slightly overweight. Another commonly sold color is cinnamon, or sometimes Cherry. This color is mild, red in color to provide an elegant semi-formal look. Cinnamon is very rich, deep stain. The last color you find is a stain that sometimes is called smoke or caramel. The smoky Asian walnut floors are very similar to another species, the black walnut. The spot is not black or very dark, but deeper, darker in color than other colors. A faded smell, a sweet alternative to the Asian walnut is his cousin, the black walnut, as the Asian version may have a slightly lower price.

There are two things to ask about Asian hardwood walnut patterns. Asian nuts or acacia trees have a wide variety of properties on each board. Two samples give a much better idea for the floor to appear. Another tip, once you've decided to go with a certain color or merchant, first buy a box. When you receive the box, lie loosely in your home to make sure that you like color and style. You may not be able to send the box to the trader, but the initial investment will be much smaller than if you bought the whole job. If for some reason you do not like the Acacia hardwood floor, then only approx. For $ 100 or more instead of thousands.

Some design and construction notes on the Asian Walnut Floor Features. Asian walnuts are almost always a solid 3/4 "solid plate designed for nail design, Asian woody woods also have a variety of grain patterns, because of the large stirrups and loose grain, the Asian walnut is one of the largest Unique look of today's wood species : This unique graininess works very well in large rooms and areas, one of the features of Asian walnut or Acaica hardwood floor coverings is that the length of the board does not usually exceed 4 meters. A high-rise tree, so the boards are usually slightly shorter than traditional Walnut trees.The final comment on Asian walnut walnuts is that the Janka Scale is about 2,300. It determines the hardness of hardwood species: the larger the number, the harder the tree, and 2,300 the worse the Asian walnut, Like ordinary oaks, which are around 1300. Polished, worn, etc. The harder the tree is, the harder it is.

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Violet Qualifications

If you want some kind of recognition for your current violin game, then the simplest and most enjoyable option is to complete a graduate exam. Two of the colleges are Trinity Guildhall and ABRSM (the Associated Body of the Royal School of Music). They are reputable boards that hold violin exams all over the world so that people can do it.

The Trinity Guildhall Board offers 9 exams: first class, 1st grade and so on, while the final result is 8 grades. However, you must provide a 8-grade theoretical exam to be able to apply the 8th grade violin exam. The ABRSM Board offers 8 exams – up to the first grade (less than the first grade) until the 8th grade. Likewise, the 5th grade theoretical exam must be completed before the 6th grade examination.

Trinity Guildhall Board exams include 7 subjects: 3 scales, arpeggios, reading and reading, viva voce (singing) and ear exams (listening). Each subject has a maximum mark that can be increased to 100. You can walk through, but there are two more types of gateways you can achieve: merit and difference, which shows you have gone higher.

ABRSM's board of directors nominated 6 topics: 3 pieces, scales and arpeggios, visuals and sound audits. These exams must have a maximum value of 150, but 100, and 120, respectively, or 130.

The Theoretical Examination of Both Forums is the Music for Reading, Writing and Analyzing Different keys, transposition, melodic intervals, naming keys and naming chords.

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Malaysia Routes

You will find that most Malaysian routes begin in Kuala Lumpur or KL capital, as is commonly known. This home of the bustling town is the source of different cultures and traditions, each of which has its own stamp and effect on the city and its development. There are many different districts and sights to see and visit here; I suggest you visit the world-famous Petronas Towers or the KL Tower with a great view of the city. Alternatively, visit the KLCC Bird Park and the lake garden for a quieter holiday experience in KL for a relaxing stroll away from the busy city noise. Want to try some local delicacies for a trip to Malaysia, I'd suggest you grab a cheap, but tasty bite in the bustling area of ​​China Town.

Then Malaysia's travel plan can take you to Capital A to Taman Negara (Malaysia's most famous national park) at some time in a rain forest canopy in a wooden jungle. There are a variety of activities in the park that you can sign up for, jungle trekking, fishing, a canopy walk or even a night safari.

The cooler climates of the Cameron Mountains are an unbeatable relief. They are from the humid rainforest of Taman Negara, and are usually on the Malaysian routes of people. Excursions can be organized at the Boh Tea Estate, where visitors can discover what exactly is involved in tea cultivation and production. I would suggest that during this part of Malaysia trip, we treat ourselves with a cup of tea, cream and jam with local teas.

Traveling to the beach by plantations on Penang Island should not be missed during the trip to Malaysia. The island's capital Georgetown is full of colonial history and local Malay culture, from spiritual temples to beautiful facades. On the island, a personal sightseeing jumps a trishaw around the city. I think this is the best way to travel on this island and the most enjoyable.

Pulau Penang is a short boat ride to Langkawi Island. This island is the ideal place for a trip to Malaysia, so much so that the island can guarantee a whole two-week stay. This island is one of the most developed Malaysian islands and offers a wide selection of hotels, bars and restaurants as well as sights to keep children (and adults) entertained for all ages. During this time you can visit the Aquarium, the Crocodile Parade or the Madárparadicsom or participate in one of the many water sports on the island. Do something slower, then go to the local spas or golf courses. However, if you relax the shore of the palm trees with a good book, the more you think, Langkawi has everything.

These are just the basic Malaysian travel experiences and if you have the time to pack a lot more into your Malaysia Travel Plan . Happy Trip!

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Guide to PC Memory

To increase PC performance, increase RAM purchasing despite the least costly, yet most effective route. Although the solution seems simple, because of the dizzying array of today's memory card, the actual decision-making process can be problematic for everyone, only for tech-savvy individuals. A wide range of different RAM types can be purchased today, SDRAM, EDO, RDRAM and DRAM to name but a few. Knowing how to determine which RAM types are compatible with the current PC settings and what RAM selection is the most powerful is crucial to make the right decision.

The purpose of this guide is to provide the reader with a general understanding of what RAMs are, what kind of RAMs exist and how to decide if RAM is the best choice.

What is RAM?

The acronym for RAM is Random Access Memory. RAM is the place where data is stored on a computer to access data from your PC processor or processor. RAM should be considered as temporary memory on the computer, so that RAM stores data storage, it should receive a continuous electrical pulse. Any data that exists exclusively within PC-RAM will be deleted if the computer is turned off or lost power.

The PC uses a number of common technologies to store data internally at a more permanent level than RAM. These types of media include ROM read-only memory, hard disks, which store magnetic media permanently – or depending on their use – in semi-permanent form, CDRWs, DVDRWs, floppy disks and tapes. All of these storage methods are considered to be more reliable than RAM storage, although none of them offer RAM access speeds.

RAM stores data that are essential for immediate PC operation and makes it extremely fast and reliable. RAM allows the computer to work at a speed that is unavailable when replacing more durable data storage media. Think of RAM as a fast track on a expressway. RAM allows the most important data of the function or application to access the processor as fast as possible. RAM exists as a "fast track" for which PCs need immediate attention. So the faster you access your PC, the faster bits are available for your PC functions and applications to access your computer's CPU, the faster your computer runs.

RAM types

SDRAM, DDR-SDRAM and RAMBUS are the three most important types of RAM or PC memory used to date.

Modern RAM

Before the SDRAM is introduced, the PC memory is operated asynchronously from PC Clock Speed. This asynchronous operation would in itself bring bottlenecks within the PC and slow down overall performance. The clock is the speed with which the microprocessor performs the instructions; Each computer has an internal clock that controls the processing speed and synchronizes individual components of the PC. As soon as it is justified, the faster the PC clock speed, the faster it can process data from PCs. Before RAM is synchronized to run at the same speed as other computer components, the PC CPU would be forced to delay if RAM is available to accept the data. In theory, as long as the SDRAM was operating at the same speed as the system clock, it would be systematically and consistently available to the system – thus eliminating the data bottlenecks. By linking RAM and power to system clock, memory manufacturers were forced to increase memory performance to match PC clock speeds.


SDRAM – Synchronous Dynamic Accidental Memory Industries are looking for better RAM and PC performance .

SDRAM is available at 66, 100 and 133 MHz, PC66, PC100 and PC133. 66MHz RAM can theoretically run 66.6 million cycles per second and be compatible with a 66 MHz clock speed. Memory is generally considered backward compatible, so a computer with a 100 MHz clock can accept a memory module that is 100 MHz clock. The disadvantage is that the memory only works at 100 MHz.

SDRAM is no longer a choice for modern PCs, but due to the number of PCs using SDRAM, it is certain that memory manufacturers will continue to use this memory at some point. SDRAM has long been on the market and as such is widely available, even as a used product. This availability option offers the buyer the opportunity to save a large amount of money on the purchase but sacrifices a low minimum for reliability, as RAM does not have any moving parts and is generally durable and durable.


DDR and DDR2 – Double-Rate SDRAM – Result of PC Industries' search for better RAM and PC performance. DDR memory has been available since the 1990s and is a great advance in RAM performance. Essentially, DDR RAM improves performance by transferring the data twice to the processor clock instead of the SDRAM. Theoretically, a RAM module that updates the processor twice a day, twice the performance offered by SDRAM. In reality, DDR does not actually deliver SDRAM twice, but this improvement over previous standards.

Available DDR and DDR2 memory types include PC1600 – 200MHz, PC2200 – 533MHz, PC4200 – 533MHz, PC4200 – 533MHz, PC3500 – 400MHz, PC3500 – The first number is the maximum memory bandwidth, Module per second. The second number is MHz, the hour that the module is compatible with. Like SDRAM, the memory is backwards compatible with a PC2100 chip at 266MHz clock speed, along with a 266MHz and 200MHz clock speed computer.

DDR and DDR2 memory are standard PC industry standards and will continue to be manufactured for a while. Like SDRAM, DDR and DDR2 types have been in the market for some time and are being used or refurbished. Both the used and refurbished DDR memory can offer significant savings when purchasing, while providing a similar level of reliability for the new product.


RAMBUS RDRAM was developed by RAMBUS Corporation and is a patented version of RAM as it is only manufactured by RAMBUS. RAMBUS is a powerful version of RAM, which is typically found in high-end business class computers. Today, very few manufacturers use the RAMBUS standard because the DDR and DDR2 memory are similar and in some cases provide better performance. The RAMBUS memory is located between PC800, PC1066 and PC1200. Generally available RAMBUS PC800- () a () contains a number that denotes chip speed in nano-seconds, i.e. PC800-45.

Memory and Performance:

Adding more memory does not provide faster performance, so insufficient memory guarantees slowdown. There are lots of memory installed on your computer to ensure that your computer is running at peak speeds and efficiency. Adding memory almost always results in performance gains, especially when running multiple applications or multiple applications at one time. It's important to note that if you double your current installed memory, you will not see a triple boost in performance. You will almost always see some gain in performance, but you can go a long way in eliminating slow downs.

It's always my argument and good thumb that you never get too much memory. Thanks to memory configuration, it guarantees the peak performance of your computer.

How to choose memory:

Memory selection depends on several factors. First, the compatibility test. Whether you're building a new computer or simply adding memory to an existing system, it's crucial that the memory you buy is compatible with the motherboard. Most motherboards accept a special memory module, SDRAM, DDR, DDR2, or RAMBUS. To determine which type of memory your computer accepts or consult with the motherboard owner, Manual or, if not available, you will check the motherboard based on the brand and model number, enabling online access and defining the type of compatible memory .

Generally, a motherboard that accepts SDRAM accepts memory modules that have a higher nominal speed in MHz than Table manufacturer. For example, if the current motherboard accepts 66 MHz clock speed and PC66 SDRAM, you can install PC100 or PC133 RAM chips. The card uses the memory at maximum speed, so the PC133 SDRAM module only operates at 66 MHz. It is important to determine what RAM speeds – in MHz – the card is compatible with the purchase.

Owners of manual or online documentation should also consult to find out that the board will support maximum memory and physically check the board to determine the number of available memory locations. Usually you want to use the largest and fastest RAM chips that will be supported on the board and load all available storage at an appropriate memory speed. For example, the board has three available slots, and currently uses a DDR PC2100 266MHz RAM module. You'll find that the card accepts DDR RAM to the PC2700 333MHz. If the memory PC2700 spends the remainder in memory, the memory is only the slowest RAM module, in this case it runs at 266 MHz. Used in:

Because of the sheer amount of memory produced over the last few years, there are lots of used memory. When you make the most of your money, you should note that buying used memory is a great way to save money while having similar reliability and performance compared to the new one. RAM has no moving parts to talk about, and as such, extremely durable and reliable.

Spend some time researching new and used memory modules. If you buy purchased or refurbished gadgets from vendors who offer a warranty, you may be making a big mistake by spending extra money on the new RAM.

Small research on your part will help you not only ensure that you get maximum performance from your computer, but also save money in the long run on the long run.

Source by Brad Calli