Police Oral Board Interview – The issues of illegal drug use

If you want to be a police officer and had used drugs in the past, then the best thing to do is to tell the truth about it. If you try to restrain drug use before the interview panel, or polygraph examiner, it will be immediately disqualified. Although you must specify the issue has been the polygraph test, the oral tablet evaluators also be asked during drug use.

Some departments will not allow you to continue the recruitment process if you have used drugs in the last 2-3 years. So if you're into a career in law enforcement, then I recommend that you stay clean from drugs. The use of drugs policy is changing class division, but I'm not a coincidence that the fight a few weeks to sniff the interview. Why do I say this. I knew a recruit who actually received the high polygraph night before the test. Needless to say, it fell on the ground.

The bottom-line is that it is always up to past drug use. I do not care what kind of drugs could have been. If you did marijuana or other drugs, just in front of him. Classes noticed, there are quite a few qualified candidates who might make a mistake or two in their lives, but ultimately sin is lying about it. This is inexcusable and grounds for refusal.

how to deal with the illegal drug issue

The best way to respond to an illegal drug issue is to remain calm and to tell the truth . Be totally honest during both the polygraph and the oral board interview. There is no sure way to get started the hiring process as to restrain the use of drugs already on the interview panel and / or the polygraph examiner.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Multiplayer Games

Online games these days is indeed very popular, especially young people of today's generation. Thousands of online games is now widespread in the circles of the World Wide Web. The online game, just the necessary computer network that is the Internet through a personal computer or a video game console, which is interoperable with other players online. This proves that the typical online gaming device for connecting players together, instead of the usual pattern game. As we mentioned before, one of the advantages that online gaming offers to connect to multiplayer.

Multiplayer games by games played more than one person with a computer and an internet connection, allowing players to play the same game at the same time setting. It serves as the avenue by the players benefit from interactions with other people or the establishment of a joint venture or competition. It also allows them to be a form of social communication.

Advantages multiplier online games

· Promotes Association

Multiplayer game allows players to build their own networks, alliances . This facilitates interaction with the players, as needed, to support each other in order to win the game. It also allows players to build a team effort to achieve victory.

· Enhance Self Reliance

Multiplayer online games can help boost people confidence, as this type of game is not just limited to forming groups or teams but as well as the growing competition for each player. It will encourage all to do better than reward points are still given separately for players who show up during the game.

· improves social interaction Capacity

Because alliances and competition, that permits it definitely improves the player's social interaction capacity, as it allows the monitoring band play activities, resources and skills. Players will also be required to communicate with each other in order to achieve a common goal, or a good fight.

· The most exciting gaming experience

Multiplayer games promise to practice an exciting gaming experience, because you can now deal with or battle other individual, unlike a typical single-player, which is just up a fight between you and your computer. Having a life partner or a competitor lures to think about strategies and techniques to achieve their goal.

Disadvantages multiplier online games

· requires long hours playing

because we play many other players, you can not just stop the game because it will affect the network. Typically, this requires you to play well for long hours depending o co-players of the game.

· health hazards raised

Due to the long hours of playing, many health problems can be acquired, such as the eyes or per carpel tunnel syndrome, poor posture and severe stress joints and nerves. Everyone should be aware that there are some real health hazards involve too much time at the computer.

Modern technology makes it really twists on the typical online games, which, as you can observe, this generation is widely accepted. The advantages and disadvantages of the above, then you need to decide now that you want to participate in multiplayer games or practices.

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Punching Power – How to hit a wall or a sheet of lightly

I will quickly explain how you can gain tremendous punching power and ability to hit a wooden board studded or plasterboard wall is relatively easy.

Board first break and punching power is very much a "metal" state, which is completely focused on the end result; Punch through the object. If you have any doubt in your mind, even for a second that you can not hit the object, then the fist does not allow it.

2. We need to focus on "too" is the goal. If this mental state and the image of a fist sailing all the way, although the object, the fist will want to have a focus on the end point. It always aims beyond the object you want to hit. This is true of actual combat.

3. It is necessary to condition the knuckle that they are used to hitting a hard surface. The absolute best way to do this is a makiwara board. You can either make one yourself fairly cheaply or to buy a store-bought model running with a few hundred dollars. The makiwara will cal lice knuckles and the bones in your hand slightly thick and ability to take a punch.

4. Speed ​​is essential. Think of a ball, and how far you can travel. Think about it, how fast you go and how many objects can penetrate. If the same bullet and threw him against the wall, you probably just smack him and fell to the ground. However, if you fire a bullet in a gun, you can go through the wall. Think of your fist like a bullet. You have to put as much punch behind speed possible. The higher speeds, the easier to go through the object.

5. Finally, you need to have your hips and legs into it. Energy thrown by the legs behind the whole body of the shock. If you just hit the muscles in the arm, did not use its power to the fullest potential.

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Various types of exercises Vault – The Vaulting Board

The gymnastics vault contains a running strip, landing mats, a table and a vault vaulting board, also known as a springboard. All gymnasts perform using these materials and equipment creative gymnastics performances. The gymnast will run down the vault strip as fast as you can and jump on the table, to propel himself through the vaulting table handstand position. He will land on the mat. It was the gymnastics vault entertainment; but it requires a lot of determination and skill to be able to perform well.

There are five types of exercises in the basement. These handspring, half of vaults, domes full twist, Yurchenko vaults and a combination of twists and Yurchenko. Gymnasts are expected to perform these vaults, but each has its own special expertise. Some gymnasts perform only one or two vaults, while others do all kinds of vaults. It really depends on the skill of the individual. Knowing the performance ability of the initial things you need to know before you aim for higher goals, especially around gymnastics vault.

The Handspring vaults where the gymnast must go straight to the board to the table in order to perform a creative exercise routine. He is to instruct himself on the table either go straight or saultos and twists it. The semi-basement is a type of device where the gymnast must jump off the board and do a half turn in the air before he puts his hand on the vaulting table. We also need to push himself back doing saultos or twists to end her routine. The total screw version is the same as half the vault. This type is only required for a full rotational movement before the hand of the vault table. If the gymnast does not round out onto the board, then jump back in the vault, a Yurchenko vault he performs. Another variant of this type, when the gymnast is no more than a screw. Jumping and twisting yourself in any of these types of arches truly an amazing experience that you have.

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Fun Prelude Variations Make-Your-Own Opoly

Remember the excitement you had a pleasant parlor games, when you were young? But now that I have grown up, keeping it more interesting type of game in mind. Consider your own spicy new rules of these games, and amplifies the sex life of erotic fun-filled. Combine the rush of intense competition in some risque fun game that involves intimate and sensual pleasuring. Just a little creative imagination, you can pass an ordinary game of chance erotic pleasure, which is amazing sex. Even the design together with your lover can be its own game.

TDC Games created a Make-Your-Own Opoly kit, so you can design your own personalized version of Monopoly. This includes software to design and print your own game elements. The style of play sexopoly obvious choice for a lot of fun minded adults. If the kit, you probably discovered it's harder than you think to come up with a good sex-themed game. Includes oreplay strip and a variety of activities to make sense and add to the game can be difficult.

Here are some general tips to help you out:

  • Create a theme that suites the game, but adds an erotic flavor. Choose something that will allow gamers to get a role or personality. It comes with a title can help you focus on the design as well.
  • Brainstorm a list of activities that include stripping, erotic dares and challenges, exotic or foreplay ideas. There are a lot of erogenous zones to play, so try to avoid excessive repetition. The options include creative, more interesting will be the game.
  • Assign certain events or intimate activities different points in the game. Classify them in a way that encourages you to sample different types and intensities of stimulation the game progresses. More exotic activities can be assigned a higher value or rare events or exceptional skills as a reward.
  • erotic pictures or clip art to find a style to the game design. This can be a good opportunity to explore the digital camera of new and creative ways.
  • Using basic graphics, paint or editing a document formatted package design elements. The fact that some have their own set of software to do so, but you may want to create your own, so you have more control over the final look. Print full disc label paper, glossy paper or cardboard color depending on the purpose or type of game items. You can use business card templates to create a random decks.
  • Watch for the extra game pieces such as chips, poker chips, different-sided dice, wheels, small toys, etc., to offer new games. You can even create your own custom frames clip art images and labels stuck on a regular cube.
  • Game to test the game a few times and you're done tweaking the design as you go. Above all, have fun planning and play the game you love.

Note that since forced increases the excitement of the strip, but clothes should be removed during paced game. In addition, try to translate the growing intensity more explicit types of sensual intimacy is the game progresses.

In order to inspire you to create your own erotic games, keep in mind these tips Erotic is a variation of Monopoly. Instead of the land barons, the game will be the ultimate pleasure broker. Instead of rental houses, built in the pleasure saloon sell special services. The goal is to build up a lot of joy salons as possible while top-notch service to special customers. Having monopolized the form of a special fantasy lover joy business, you can buy the ultimate happiness. Arrange a list of the various pre-game activities to be performed when a player comes owned properties. Kind of activity could be based on a set fee (jump to $ 100 each), or even at home matches each color group. When a fee is paid, the corresponding activities. Since the monetary stakes increase, so the intensity of foreplay. You win if your lover is no money to pay for love, and you have sell for you.

Fun and games are essential for any relationship. As a couple, laughing and playing with their friends and keep both happy. In order to play, on the basis of more free erotic game ideas for the classic games can be found in the Prelude to lose part of the website above. Full rules and printable templates and pre-game ideas available.

erotically spiced game provides a fun and exciting way to introduce sensually playful activities. Playing games together foreplay will help increase your desire and expectation amazing sex. Instead of being the prelude to a routine trip to the sex, foreplay game play ensures it will be the right time, creativity and energy it deserves. The competitive nature of the game with strategy and other incidents will help to create sexual tension and increases the excitement. So why not take the time to design a joy to the game will both enjoy and have fun playing together.

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How to Put Together the Army Promotion Packet

The device tells you if they're considering promotional packages forum. It'll send letters to their subordinate units. This correspondence outlining what is expected of the package, it looks like. In many cases, you can ask for the "Promotion Packet Composition, Elections and Preferences" folder on the left. They are asking Tab-E is the right folder.

What you need

Before you start, make sure that the next two punch; a dossier, two plates, handles, metal clasps at the top center of each page; cut-out single file pages allocated to the various tabs; ear tags; and part of the promotional package.

The unit is a file locking mechanism in the center of the top. All you need is one opens, only two cards. You can buy the plastic tabs on the store that sells office supplies. They are usually instructions on how to produce the labels in Microsoft Word. Here's how to access the Web site to download the template.

make a copy of the package elements, both in print and digital.

Make sure to make a copy of the package, print and electronic. Scan all the elements of the promotional package. Save them in a folder on your PC and then save it to a folder on the computer more, save more devices and personal storage drawers on the Internet.

Here is how it is supposed to work.

Before we continue, here's the breakdown of the "Promotion Packet Composition, Elections and Settings" tab system.

Army of the promotional package will be the elements of Section B "Promotion Packet Composition, Elections and Preferences" form. You'll see three columns titled; Monogram Tab and description / instructions. The first two empty spaces in the "Tab" column for items that are on the top of the right side of the package. I do not own sheet name.

When the jury opens the package, he will see the "Promotion Packet Composition, Elections and Preferences" form on the left. You will see a promotional point calculation worksheet (SGT / SSG promotion) on the right. The DA Form 3355th If you write a letter to the chairman of the board, this will be your promotional scoring sheet.

pursuant to

the promotion points worksheet, the reviewer will see a lot of the "ears" of the site. These tiles are named after the number of the page, or by letter to find the column below the ear. Each tab should be labeled as follows: A, B, B-1, B-2, B-3, B-4, B-5, B-6, B-7, C, D, and E

When the reviewer's ear-economy label "B" and lifts the attached file a single sheet that is fixed, we will see DA Forms 2A and 2-1. When picking up the tab, B-1 and the attached folder, you will see PT card. This concept of the whole army promotion package. The "Promotion Packet Composition, Elections and Settings" tab as a guide.

How do I put a package together:

Let's say the "Promotion Packet Composition, Elections and Preferences" on the left. Apply the two hole punch, then put the clamps on the left.

more separate sheets of semi-finished dossier. Let's start with the "E" is the "Tab E." As of this writing, this includes military awards, decorations, letters and / or certificates of recognition for the achievement of praise.

Align the two holes punched in the metal tabs and then set the metal measuring device. You do not want to throw the copies, if you close the promotional folder. After placing a copy of the documentation fee to file the first page. Use the same principles of two-punch you before. Place brown to cover the award documentation.

Turn the elements that go into the "D", "Tab D." As of this writing, the page includes the military reports as a DA Form 1059, and other evidence of military education. Be sure to include the DA from 1059 during the last NCOES. It includes all DA Form 1059s this stage. Apply two punch using the same principles that the employees of this section (Tab E). When you get all the documents, use the two holes punched in a single page file. Put that on top of the sub-element "D".

This process of the remaining packet. Each page will have its own section. When finished, the ears, the right, in the order they appear on the "board" column.

Connect the ear tags, the only file pages, having put the package together.

Can either type or hand-printed, ear tags. Because you want your work to stand out, you want to enter these labels. Read the instructions on the size of the sheets to buy. We'll provide you with instructions on how to download the finished card. Enter a list of tags in the ear blocks and save. Print tab labels them out. Cut them out, and then slide your cards … one by one.

Once done, not through one last look. Go through every item in every part of the promotional package. Make sure that it has signed everything they're supposed to sign. Once you have finished, submit it to the front line manager. Make sure you have available to make corrections.

Some helpful tips.

Take the first professional counseling, formal and informal, really. scored actions. Even if the primary zone for promotion, leadership should not recommend it. If you're not ready for promotion, we provide you with the advice statement about why.

2. Strive to implement the capacity is expected at the next higher rank. Never stop learning in MOS. Always install the MOS knowledge that you already have.

3. Start early promotional package before promotion. Update as soon as more promotion points. Sometimes, promotional signs proclaiming sometimes where you would not have enough time to pack a co-promotion.

4. Max out your weapon and APFT rating scores. Do more in addition to PT PT morning. Civilian gun ranges provide an opportunity to improve Army shooting range between the visitors.

5th Army correspondence courses are the easiest to get points. If you're not doing Army correspondence courses, you deny yourself easily promo points.

6. Obtain a copy of the "Course Promotion Eligibility Point" document. This document lists the courses to be eligible for promotional points. Try to get registered for the courses offered promotion points.

7. Take online college courses in the training plan will allow sufficient time.

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Advantages of Playing Action games

Did you feel the excitement when watching a great action movie you like? Have you been to a theme park and a small thrill of a roller coaster, for example? Well, all this excitement can be felt directly in the comfort of their own home! The answer to this equation is playing Action Games!

Playing games is becoming more and more popular day by day. More and more people are playing games for video game consoles and handheld game consoles. This trend right now, especially on the PS3 and Nintendo W II. This can be a great source of relaxation for all. Many individuals have been found to play your favorite games after working hard in the workplace, they feel completely relaxed. This can be a source of treatment.

Some action game makers greatly animations, and may include a story. This type of game is called a role-playing game. Stories always attract curiosity and people tend to get attracted and continues throughout the game to know more about the story and complete the game. Today, computer games this very well to produce games that can be applied to the decision-makers breath thinking, imagination and art of the game.

Adventures, space fights, planes collided in the air, all the actions that you think you will find it used in the game. Action games provide plenty of excitement and become a great family game of the family to enjoy them. Games can also test the response of the player and sharpen the reflexes and judgment time. Such games are not pure fun. They can be used as training tools if used correctly.

science has proved that the game using the mouse and the keyboard can actually train your brain to work better and faster. But, of course, too much addicted to playing games on the wrong side of it, so do not even take note of the time you spent with the game, you like it.

Some major online action games that are currently becoming very popular are- Arcade games, board games, card games, sports games, Shooting games and toys. Earn a good action game, and enjoy! This is a fabulous way fun. These action games can become very addictive, if not controlled. Do not take it in small doses and life will be a joy.

Source by Linda D. Nickerson

How to Achieve New Year's Resolutions – Pro and Cons of Goal Setting and Vision Boards

There is a Vision Board a visual representation of your goals and dreams?

The Vision Board collage of images and words can be arranged in a special way to cut out and paste it on the forum. Traditionally, the Vision Board is sitting on the wall in the office or at home. You can also make an electronic version of the Vision Board, with pictures representing the goals and dreams and you can drag up or ping photoshop these pictures with a blank canvas, and you can print out a print or a screen mode.

This is the year people re-evaluate their lives and decide on some New Year's resolutions, but 95% of these resolutions are completely forgotten or broken "Blue Monday", the third Monday in January each year !

These resolutions are set with the intention that "things will get better" next year. While writing down a goal and the hope that comes true, it is something that many people, only 3-10% of the population more and achieve their dreams.

Although this is a great start, there is more objective to be achieved than just writing down what you want, and then in the hope that will come true. tends to get in the way of life, old habits return, and many people's dreams remained hanging until next year, when he set the same resolution as last year. This is a sure way to never getting the goal.

If you're a New Year's Resolutions and goals that you wish to, creating a Vision Board a visual representation of writing them and the 5 steps thereafter will bring you a sure way to fire your dreams come true success in your dreams and goals in addition to, and many reasons to celebrate this time next year.

Here are 5 easy to follow steps for your dreams, create an action plan and avoid the pain of disappointment.

1. Choose which points you fully commit. Many of the same goals every year who really never achieve them. They say that in a moment of inspiration, "I give up smoking" I drop 10 pounds, "I prefer the society", "I find a new job," "I'm So far, more and find my soul mate" and … (fill in the blank). Mostly these good intentions find their way into the 'too hard' basket and in the end he was sorry, or forgotten dreams that sound like "oh well … one day, maybe one day, if only … "

when that happens, every ad year, the subconscious is a very powerful message that you do not really want to target, the setting, and even worse, your subconscious programming to know that the goal is not the purpose, to be achieved and it will be put up all kinds of blocks and resistance to success just to prove that it is better! This will keep the "status quo" of the pattern is to be used.

2. Relieve the pain, disappointment, anger, anger, fears and frustrations this year. In order to move forward. Simply by forgiving yourself and others to the goals that were not achieved it will give you more energy to move forward. Once the old regrets and anger than lugging around heavy suitcases full of rocks. It would cost you new inspiration, ideas and inner strength.

3. Decide which goals will be to de-commit or let go. You know, those goals that you set, year after year, and never reaches. Maybe it's time to throw them completely. Clarity leads to power. If you clear the deck and give yourself some realistic goals that you really want and are willing to work, you will be inspired and find new strength to achieve the dream again. The drop points, you can always re-visit at a later time, if you still have a passion to achieve them.

4. Complete celebrate and recognize all of this, in recent years, and prior success impetus to the New Year, and activate the self-confidence and courage. We do not celebrate enough. Even small results, it is worth acknowledging that tells the subconscious that does not achieve what you want, and ready for the next goal.

5. Create a new "model" in writing your goals down and so the Vision Board, a powerful tool that perfectly clear what he wants, and guides you to create a real action plan to achieve your dreams for 2011 If he does not know what you want, you can find images that represent what life would look like if the goal is achieved. Your Vision Board is a representation of the end result and it shows your subconscious mind exactly what the new reality will look better. The Vision Board is your personal plan and roadmap to success.

Enjoy your New Year's resolutions this year in the following five steps and see what happens.

© 2010 Barbara Pellegrino

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the brain benefits of puzzles

recently has been putting a lot of puzzles on our website. As I thought about the puzzles I realized how much fun they are to be part of the brain. We decided to puzzles and brain. I found tons of sites of all kinds of puzzles that you could buy or download for free. Most of the sites say that the puzzles challenge and tease your brain and improve your skills, but very little is said about how the brain improves puzzles.

After much research, I finally found some different keywords sites. This is what I found; In 1767, John Spilsbury, a cartographer and British engraver to make a map of Europe on a sheet of wood, sawing around every country. He used this method to teach geography. Soon he caught in the puzzle, but mostly fun. When the tools were found in the interlocking puzzle pieces became popular. Newspapers and magazines have found that increasing the number of subscriptions publishing puzzles.

Wikipedia says: "A puzzle is a problem or enigma that tests the ingenuity of the solver." There are many different puzzles. There are word searching, riddles, mental games, slider puzzles, matching games, optical illusions, Sudoku, Rubik's Cube, and lots more. Some of you may remember the Chinese puzzle boxes to hide jewelry. To open them you have to pull a little lever and slide the pieces of the box in a certain order before you can open the wooden box.

a year is a 3-D puzzle of the Empire State Building. The whole family spent weeks putting it together. There was a lot of fun spending time with each other, and work together to get this thing built. It's almost been consumed. Finally we got together and put them in a respected place on the bookshelf.

puzzles are excellent training for your brain. They stimulate the logistics and mathematical problem solving. They help to improve the ability to analyze, deduce, therefore, one after the other, and promotes problem-solving skills. Puzzle particular helps make sense of spatial arrangements and improve hand-eye coordination. Puzzles are used in many training institutions, schools and student materials.

I think that most people love puzzles in one or another. They're great for kids of all ages. My daughter gave me a Nintendo DS for Christmas two years ago. It has entered the brain training game. I thought it was never like Sudoku game, as it was a numbers game, but found that I like and keep it in my bag. I'm trying to play regularly exercise my brain. Plus, it's funny.

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Whiteboards Things to Know About

Whiteboards known devices where one can write and erase. This means that it can be used repeatedly. The original type of whiteboard using dry erase markers. After writing, you can erase it with a piece of clothing that can be dry or alcohol. Another kind of an interactive touch-screen computers. It is easy to operate and written texts can be copied and saved to your computer. Recently, an online interactive space is now available for those who are in different locations. They also share the same space and interact with the Internet.

Today, most classrooms can use these tables to draw pictures of the school. Compared with chalk boards; most people prefer to use the white boards. It is actually beneficial to most people who use it. They find that it is easier to use compared nonpermanent marker chalk, because it is easier to write on the whiteboard with a marker. It makes images easy to draw, and a greater understanding of who imagine. Some people prefer to use because it is much easier to clean afterwards. In contrast to the chalk board and chalk dust dispersed in the air if you clear the board, thus causing problems for asthmatic children.

apart from other offices to be found in the school. For example, during the conference or meeting in an office, they use a letter white board details so they could develop some themes. They also use demonstrates that charts and other graphical way. While some simply use white boards, overhead projector as a projection medium, since the white background makes the picture much brighter projector. Other jobs can be used as a notice board where you can easily write, edit and delete the messages.

On the other hand, the use of a whiteboard also has some drawbacks. When these signs, only a non-permanent ink marker to be used. Therefore, the similar-looking leaves a trail marker permanent ink is impossible or difficult to remove. Furthermore, the check tightly closed container; it's tricky to figure out if the toner is low; and different people are sensitive to the smell of paint. The other would be a disadvantage for those who are visually impaired. They find the white contrast problem, making it difficult to read written text.

Currently, chalk boards is slowly being replaced. It is clear that the use of a whiteboard with higher benefits. And despite the fact that the downside is still very beneficial to most people, including teachers and office workers. It is used in different work environments, and it provides a multi-purpose and benefits for most people. It is undeniable, and to try to improve the technology in a simple writing tool. So just proves how useful this is not just learning in school, but also to communicate over the Internet.

Source by Marl Jensen