Real games could be more than a pastime

Recreation is an essential part of everyone's life. Gaming is a form where children and adults alike can become hooked. But more than just past time that can be used to educate.

strategy slight touch of real estate can be used early to teach children important aspect of the industry. There are real estate game in which the player starts owning a land. In order to prosper, the land must be developed. Problems soon arise in the cash flow from the player's side giving more opportunities to buy more real estate, but it is more difficulty sustaining.

There are some games that will allow an owner of the house flipper, an interior designer, real estate magnate, and so much more. Almost every major job title or the real estate industry is also involved in a game.

Classic Games

Do you know that there is a very classic game that can be used to train the children to develop a fundamental understanding of the property? This game is called Monopoly.

In this game, players battle ownership. Landing on specific properties required, players can buy them in the game, and bank cards to the address given to them. As the game progresses, you can develop the skills to create buildings and hotels.

The other players who have to pay them another player features many hotels set up house or rent an equivalent land.

The game features different types, such as rail and utility companies. Players can own them and collect rent from other players.

This is really a strategic board game as well. This allows the player to think carefully, to buy a certain property or not. There are also financial constraints, such as taxes, maintenance and other costs, which may affect the players earnings.

Modern versions

This is the classic board game has evolved. It can now be played on computers and gadgets. There are several versions, which are slightly different rules. Some are even able to adaptive in certain areas, such as changing street names that are known for a certain country.

The real estate industry is a truly exciting world. It measures not only in the minds of adults but the children's curiosity. Real games could be the first step in understanding what the industry can do for them. Regardless of whether you just want to smooth homeowners or real estate tycoons, there are games to take advantage of their capabilities.

Source by Desare A Kohn-Laski

struggling with Math Help probability, statistics or calculus

If a student struggling in any subject of mathematics, it is important to find ways to help. Probability, statistics and calculus are areas where you normally find themselves struggling with high performance.

works well with a lot of classroom teaching; But for others, around a 45-minute classroom session annoying counterparts simply not the ideal way to learn. Even if the students attention in class, it tends to miss a lesson, a lesson or a part of any number of reasons. And because the math works like a chain, one concept, which is next to the "missing" may later contact materials that do not make sense.

Probability and Statistics

Many students are struggling Probability and statistics are not his fault. After all, probability and statistics based on their own unique language and uniform rules. Nevertheless, the frustration experienced in Probability and Statistics results in the loss of self-confidence of the students.

If a student struggling with probability and statistics, a comprehensive, step-by-step Probability and Statistics tutorial is an approach that simplifies complex concepts by breaking them up into smaller increments using illustrations and would have been examples in real life.


Need help with tartar? You're not alone! The plaque is one of the most difficult subjects for many students, even those who are usually excellent performance. But here's some good news: if a student meets the specific "language" of tartar, it will be one of the simplest and yet most enjoyable things for them to do!

Calculus is based on a special kind of logic – as students return for clicks, it will be easy to apply to any type of problem. The trouble is, some students learn best in different pace and a different environment than others.


Many students struggling with geometry. Geometric shapes not go well with the board. The students should be much more visual imagery to understand such concepts as: dots and lines; nails; parallel lines; analytic geometry; The coordinate system; distance; midpoint; slope; set of equations; deduction and formal proofs; polygons; the introduction of triangles; Angles of a triangle; right-angle triangles Pythagoras; congruent triangles; Similar triangles; four angles: trapezoid, parallelogram, rectangle, diamond, square, areascircles boundaries; Lines associate circles: radius, diameter, chord, cutting, pruning; The equation of the circle; angles associated with a circle; area and circumference! Nevertheless, the fundamental element of the geometry of a good education.

Screening programs help students and tutors will be a difficult mathematical concepts and excel in her math class. Find a math instructor, who can offer a comprehensive demonstration program cement challenging math concepts repetition. Hundreds of interactive exercises are teachers to ensure that students master all the formulas and concepts of the review. The trainers also help ensure good recommendation and math workbooks. Such workbooks and additional exercises and problems of the students eventually work through and solve problems on their own.

knowledge and sense of achievement that a student tutoring program can pay big dividends in the coming years. Not only will this help you earn a good grade of probability and statistics or calculus, but it also lay a critical foundation for future success, including assistance to college entrance exams.

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ESL TEFL and board games in the classroom

classroom games is probably one of the most effective educational tools available. Here we see how to stimulate and encourage students and a welcome change from more conventional teaching methods, students practice a refreshing new focus of spoken English.

Some important points to keep in mind when it comes to games, which increases their efficiency and get the students to speak in English are:

  1. finding of the first rule is that the game is played in English. Give me some input vocabulary, such as "Who's next?", "Pass the dice, please," or a bit of fun, "Hey, stop cheating!". Then the game progresses and you see different language requirements, provide them, drill them briefly and continued to play. Many times the students keep a separate notebook gaming machines vocabulary. The students' motivation is strong, so take advantage of it!
  2. Encourage students to speak English only by creating a second rule: do not speak the target language, you lose a turn. This sounds a bit dramatic and hard, but you'll be amazed at how well it works. It also creates a huge amount of spontaneity language, which will increase the fluency and reduced reaction time.
  3. Teachers in general are considering a class-slots, whereby the material to be used, to be completed at the end of the allotted time. This can lead to unnecessary self-imposed restrictions on the choice of materials. Often, let a running game for 3 or 4 hours to let the students become very familiar with the vocabulary of the fields and left them to build a sense of momentum to the result.
  4. Students "earn" the right to a place that creates a motive for talks. This would mean, for example, asking a question of the team and allow a turn. Depending on the theme of the party, you can also use the video clips on the story of the reconstruction of sight, or perhaps parallel to role-play situations that allow students to score points, which in turn allows you to throw the dice.
  5. Do not just limit yourself to the rules of the game. Feel free to "play God", and set up the rules as you find comfortable to make the game move more slowly or faster. It's amazing that we reflexively rules of the game can sometimes leave us feeling helpless about how to play the game! Such changes may be a consequence of the new value of a throw of the dice, for example, "If a player throws a 5, you get to throw again." Wham! There is a new dimension to the game.
  6. not a teacher talking time off! Let the students run the game – only the police the distance supply of language is necessary. Since the board generates spontaneous situations in a specific language area, this is the perfect opportunity for the teacher to take it back to the stage and just give & # 39; hot correction "if necessary Fault need feedback and remedial work can be given intervals..

Source by Adrian Allen

Cute Ways to Ask a Guy to Be Your Boyfriend! Here are some Real Good way to get an answer is yes Fast

I ask that your friend is an important event that you can really prepare for. There is nothing wrong with the girls doing the asking, especially if you are going to ask the cutest way ever. It is impossible to a guy that does not say yes if you try to time-tested ideas. If the effort is greater, there would be a greater chance that he tells you yes.

Create an album for the whole dating life

If you have time, it is an album of pictures of the fun times you had when we know each other. Make sure that any images were truly memorable events like the first time you met, or when was the first movie date. At the end of a colorful page of the album, you can ask to be his friend.

Ask until you two stargazing

Ask him by a stargazing locations, complete with a picnic blanket and wine. Then, when a star appears, you can tell him your wishes, causing her to be his friend. To be sure, you will find this is the sweetest and the best surprise ever.

Bake the cookies for him and a note inside

Similar to the fortune cookie, you can make your own. Bake something you really like and find a way that it is a note inside. You should use special paper that will not melt inside the oven, but instead will melt your heart.

Give the origin of the name of a work of art

find out where they got the name and the story behind it. If his name is quite foreign land, you can give him a painting or a drawing that place. After making it to work with him, you ask him, he can be yours forever.

Ask if you can stand a little cheer

If part of the cheerleading team, it would be a breeze for you. Try a nice cheer, complete with clothes, pompoms and dance moves. Not only did he find it cute, but he also enjoy the sexy cheerleader numbers.

Write on the board for his next class

If this is not a problem for you to announce to the world, you can write it on the board for his next class. Even better, you can put a banner on your nice message for the whole class to see.

Arrange a small toy, like a scavenger hunt takes you through the maze at the end of

The guy definitely enjoy a game prepared. Create a scavenger hunt-type activity for where you can find a clue after another. The comment has asked to be your friend could be your last message.

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How to square off in front frame cutting a window in the Mat Board Mat

If an image will be cut mat board is one thing that most people ignore the square of carpet. Before you start to reduce the mat board holes need to ensure that the mat board space and sized correctly. Squaring a mat board is the first step in picture framing, photo frame, or if framing a picture under glass.

If you can imagine, if we are framing an image that goes into a window mat board, the hole should the mat board to be smaller than the size of the image itself, because if you cut the mat board is exactly the same size as the image, the image will fall on the carpet or falls through the window of the carpet. What they generally do not tally with the picture of 5mm or a quarter of an inch on each side.

If you are going to have a tape measure to measure the picture, use the unreliability of the end of the tape measure. I usually come to the 100mm mark, then remove the 100mm measurement. Now some of the rulers is really accurate measurements, where there is a zero. If you have a ruler like the Logan mat cutters ruler, it is a clear signal of zero, and so will start the zero measurement of the image.

squaring mat board is simple if you follow these steps.

'll need a good aluminum or steel ruler, good quality snap-off blade utility knife, cut a few fragments of matting and a sharp pencil or a mechanical pencil 0.5 mm.

Draw two diagonal lines of the rear surface of the mat board. No matter whether they intersect at the corners, as long as there are two straight lines that cross somewhere in the middle of the board.

Weigh along one diagonal in the middle of the table, where the line crosses to a point near the corner of the board. The measurement is not important, but you need to try to measure as much as possible and choose a whole number that is easy to remember. To do this on both sides along the center of each diagonal. Mark the same distance from the center each time.

Join these measurements in a straight line. Put this area, the board and will be ready for measuring a square mat the correct size.

Measure the outside dimensions of the mattress, they require a squared lines as the starting point.

Cut out a utility knife along the board size. Make sure you do the straight edge side of the board you want to keep. This helps to protect the board, because if you slip and it will be a waste not to be kept on board.

Remember that utility knife cuts along the flat surface is not the peak, so you have a flat angle between the knife and the board. Thus, the maximum performance at the cutting surface of the knife on the mat board.

Another tip is to make sure the cut along the back edge of the ruler, not the measurement site. If this will be your ruler straight cuts rather prefer repeatedly represented the years of the utility knife.

This is the easiest to cut the board in several stages.

score board first and then gradually reduce deeper cuts consecutive. It is not necessary to cut through the board, unlike a pass when you cut the carpet slanted windows.

If the square decorated with a board will continue to draw on the back of the window size by measuring from the edge of the mat board.

Source by David A Schummy

How To play Blokus Board Game is turning out to Genius

Fun all teenagers and older people, Blokus Board Game is a new strategy game that challenges spatial thinking. Bright colorings and straight forward rules can help, it's just the right age five and higher, on the other hand, the parents will certainly come to be immersed in this one of a kind and an advanced game.

This is more than just a typical person board. Blokus Board Game induce creative thinking and gained encouraging a balanced human brain activity associated with a certain Mensa award. The mission related to this type of game players that is to say, each is a unique piece on the board. Whenever a piece, it should keep in mind that it certainly does not lie in addition to various other pieces of the player, but then at the end to stop contact with the at least one corner of his own pieces already on the board. The person who becomes clear pretty much all the special tiles first is the champion and the ideal of thinking will help you as you stop moving your opponent. Blokus Board occasionally coming to an end because there is no extra steps are possible.

four players to play this kind of subjective, especially in the fast and exciting; He said that it is of course in the end to be just as pleasant with regard to two or three players. Blokus has come up with a lot of different ways to enjoy the game in order to be even more awesome if you ever play, and considerably fewer than four players. Draft Blokus allows players to begin with more than one color and reverse Blokus reverses the entire game, which means that if a participant who has the fewest tiles on the board wins. It also plays a version of solitaire when a player tries to do each and every single piece of your own sitting.

two or three persons in the closing stages of the game is usually like this: one player will be the winner, the players two and a third at the end of a unique piece of all that can put straight down in case possible It allows him to complete the final round. You may label it a draw, or an individual dub it "1st player will be the winner", either way, it's not much fun.

Do not be angry but. There is a way that is enjoyable, two and three players. The makers did not think hard enough; but it is very easy to mod the board, and all you need is a thin markers (such Sharpie).

The general plan is to reduce the various squares on the board so that the game lovers can also run out of space on board just before you run out of pieces of hand.

so you take a marker and draw up a series of one square at a distance from almost all of the four edges, the board is 20×20 18×18 board. These are the three players board. If three's players were not allowed to play in a square frame just called.

The two players, shoot a frame, this time apart from one square has been reduced by three-player board. So you end up with a sixteenx16 board, which is ideal for both players. Consider it or not, you can continue to draw on this specific provision, but very rarely, and both players need to be smart enough and you need some luck to get a draw.

An additional version of the two players, each player plays two of the four colors (for example, the first player in green and red, and the player two yellow and blue). The participants of Blokus Board will continue to take turns and lay down 1 piece at a time, but you decide which of the two colors to play when it's your turn.

These two x two games a bit tough. Every time you play this version that I feel like my brain is about to explode all (because there are too many choices, and there is only one round at a time!). I recommend trying this very difference if the two participants certainly enough experience in the normal game.

The Blokus Board usually lasts for thirty minutes. As a practical function, raised edges on the board help keep the tiles in place and allows for easy cleaning. This game contains 84 sets of four bright colors, showing instructions, and with a board of 400 squares.

Blokus is essential to see, but the game turned more sophisticated shortly after everyone starts to play. It can be addicting, even for those not usually an abstract games. Blokus catalyst for spatial thinking as participants create their images in their minds just before the pieces on the board. Kids and adults can play alongside each other for hours of competitive family fun. As Europe's 2003 game of the year, Blokus Board Game is admired a lot, and even played pro tournaments.

Source by John Maskowitz

Why Modern Technology is very important that people

For many years now, our state modernization has improved. Decades after so many decades, we see an improvement in today's society. All have a very large impact on our lives. Just imagine the world today than the one it was a century back. Thanks to the incredible human minds of scientists and inventors, now living a very comfortable in the world today.

They all say that technology is important. This has made our lives easier. We can enjoy life to the fullest, while these modern gadgets and appliances. It got to enjoy all the work of the inventors that made them.

One of the great breakthroughs in technology has made improvements on health and nutrition. We can now fight with the coming of diseases and can heal them easily. Now you can enjoy a better life, because we know how to cure, such as health hazards that we get. Extension will be available out of their lives these days. Not to mention all the outfits, accessories, and other useful tools to help you stay healthy and strong.

The communication, there are many improvements that technology has contributed to society. Unlike before, when ancient people used one hand envoys leaves one country to another, which is sent for weeks or even months. Now, it only takes us a few mouse clicks and dials to send a message around the world. This is possible because of our satellite. The internet is one thing that science is always rewarding. Since the dawn of computers and the Internet, our lives have never been the same again. It changed the way we look at many things, such as communication, interacting with people, business, labor, marketing, information, and many others.

Education has also improved. You can now use the modern equipment used in schools for students. This is an opportunity for them to get a bigger picture of what they learn. Before you use the tables and other visual aids. Now, we are using projectors in the school where we can present to the students what the real thing looks like. They are also available on the Internet that help in some way to the study habits that make it easier.

Transport has improved as well. You can now fly to another country, very easily. We reach travel thousands of miles in just a few hours. As the years go by, a lot faster and safer will also be introduced.

we can also achieve a lot more years after the new heights of technology, especially now that there is non-stop all the improvements. We not only have to imagine the future, but we're not in it now.

Source by Jenifer Gate

How to host a semi-Vision Board

If you can dream it, you can achieve it. Vision trays are very popular because it works. They allow you to dream than reality, and if posted in a visible place will keep your attention focused on your dream. While loneliness can be done creatively, Vision Boards are made as a group is really a greater effect. Group work is a great resource for two reasons. First of all, when people come together to create their own vision boards separately even a group, they are openly and clarify their desires and intentions in words. The second reason that is so strong that the group is committed to the success of the individual. Group work is a kind of collective support system of the individual dreams and desires.

So I decided to Vision Board is a party, but you wonder just how to do in order to get the maximum benefits everyone. First, choose your friends wisely. Invite only those who have a keen interest to create a Vision Board. This is not the time to be together naysayers. This is the time that the supportive, loving people. Plan about 2-3 hours for everyone to share and full tables. After selecting the group (I put them in only three and more than 10), send invitations and begin designing fun.


'll need a large selection of magazines and catalogs, one for each guest scissors and glue stick or rubber cement (Rubber Cement makes it easier to move creating the image of the board) . Markers and highlighters nice to have on hand as well. Guests can make their own choice of card stock. Size and color is completely individual.


visitors to sit quietly for a moment, breathing deeply to calm their minds and center. This helps to relax the body and deepen the process. Ask your intuition to create join them. It openly agrees to accept all of the information, which makes them whether or not it makes perfect sense at the time. At this point, the focus is not finished yet.

When you are done, look through the pages of magazines and catalogs and cut out pictures, words or phrases jump out at you or strike you as interesting or important. Let your inner guide that choice for you, trust the process. Stack the cutouts in a pile and keep going until you feel you have enough work again, the inner guidance will lead. When you feel enough to collect images, set them aside for a moment.

Next, choose the category of Vision Board; such as family, work / career, friends / social, House / Home, Travel / Adventure, contacts / Romance … each person decides what areas they want to hire. If you work for inspiration, you have to do it right … it's not a good idea to think through this process.

Decide how to arrange the categories on board. Begin sort of intuitive images and place them in the category they belong to. You may find that the picture is left over, it does not seem to belong anywhere. I suggest that you devote your vision board area of ​​these images and arrange them in a way that pleases you, and let your intuition guide you. These pictures can be a big part of the future that you do not already know, you do not even know that this area is important to you, just let your intuition guide during the trip.

The full variety of props available … glue, markers, stickers, highlighters, etc. Try not to think this through, just go to what you like at the moment. You are working on the inner source and inspiration; things will unfold in its favor, now that you understand them or not.

-ending process

The host, keep an eye on the time because you do not want to skip the last step. It's better to have an unfinished Vision Board as a non finalize the intention of this group process. Alternately, and a brief description of each of the board to the others. If there are categories and images that do not understand, they argue that too. The energy of each person clarify and openly that the desired result. You will find that each person shares, the group's collective energy surrounds them support and respect.

This is an interesting thing that happens when people are lonely working in a group. Many Vision Board Parties continued to meet regularly as a team to support each other as they work toward their goals. Although it is not required, it is certainly an additional advantage of the activity. We all have our own way to, and that alone is a visionary is not always easy, but they share the road with others can be a very powerful and fulfillment process that is able to take the dreams and the dream a reality.

Source by Zan Z. Packard

Gwyddbwyll and Tallfwrdd ancient Welsh Boards

Long before chess came to Europe from India, the British Celts board games where the goal was to capture a central "king" pieces. Two versions of the game existed, and Gwyddbwyll Tallfwrdd.

Gwyddbwyll, literally "tree of wisdom" (and thus linked to the Irish game Fidchell ), and is known mostly mythological sources. In fact, in game three, known as the Welsh epics Mabinogion : The Dream of Magnus Maximus, son Peredur Efrawg and dream Rhonabwy.

As for the popular belief gwyddbwyll played a 7×7 board and this ties in Ballinderry during the game board is located in a 1932 excavation "Crannog" or the lake live in Ballinderry, West Meath, Ireland. It seems that the game was played against a king and princes of four (or defense) eight opponents (or raiders.)

The king is in the middle of the table, flanked by four princes. The aim of the game is to move the king to safety boxes in one corner. Eight attackers along evenly spaced apart edges of the board. The king wins by a corner of the central square of the board, and only the king can not enter the central position at any time. The king loses, if attackers around him, or when all the princes lost. Capture the rulers or invaders is accomplished by blocking the opponent's pieces with two of their own. However, a piece can move, made without their two opposing pieces. Each piece can only move one square at a time orthogonal (ie only forward or backward). If the king does not occupy the central square expect another "man", ie a piece (except the king) sandwiched between, and another piece is made. The king is captured by the edge of the board, only three pieces of the opponent. Which means that if an attacker down two men in the king's side wins by default.

By contrast Tallfwrdd (literally peg-board [báraneveisszármazik TAFLAN "throw", referring to the fish, which is played with the body]) is known for its historical sources. This is described in the Cyfrraith Hywel DDA (the laws of Hywel DDA), which includes the value of a towlbwrdd must be ensured that the various members of the king's court (and that might not sell or give away) and the value of the king towlbwrdd; The latter "can score worth the money, which is so common, sixty pence a white forces, and the king … thirty pence and three pence and three … Farthings all people." Which suggests that the game is played the king, against eight "princes" or "defense" very important "attackers".

give more details on the 1587 manuscript of Robert ap ifan the Elizabethan Wales, which supplies us with a sketch of a "towlbwrdd" table as a 11×11 square. and a description of the installation and the game, which, unfortunately, is not in line with previous information to be placed against a king and twelve men of twenty-one (even though it is at least consistent balance against the king's half of the opposing people.) the setting calls for the king placed in the center of the board's own men in the squares next to it, and against the men in the middle on both sides, an ambiguous description the best.

This current interpretation of a 11×11 board around a central king or prince twelve defenders. Each side of the table starts with a blue six attackers, bringing the total to 24. The central square is important because it can only be captured by the king, although other pieces can cross, as long as it is not occupied. The game turns the same, and although the existing documentation does not describe it, seems to be moving the first natural that the offensive this (after all, the king's protection against attack). The king also has an undeniable advantage in the game, and so reduce the attacker towards this is the first step to a certain level.

Each piece moves orthogonal (ie, forward or backward, like a chess rook). They can be placed in any number of squares, but do not jump to another piece and must also moved into the space vacant.

Each person (other than the King) to be captured sandwiched between two opponents (ie, when the two men in the opponent adjacent squares in a straight line). Some version of the game allows you to move pieces into squares arrested the man without a face, but others do not allow it. It is also clear that the King is part of the catch; although the game more, even if it is the taking of animals is banned. Also, because there is no other piece next to the king to occupy the central square you can use this additional people to be captured and pieces fitted together against it.

win back the king if the king reaches the edge and the king went on to win by default if the attackers down to three or fewer people. The attackers only win capturing the king; around all four sides of men. However, based on a version gwyddbwyll it would allow an attacker to gain if both of the rulers (kings defenders) have been eliminated from the board.

It is enough information here to re-create the game, but if you require more information and pictures of the links below:

Source by Dyfed Lloyd Evans

Using flannel motherboards in early childhood education

What is the flannel board or story board? This is an invaluable and versatile educational tool for preschool teachers and children. The story board become an integral part of the kindergarten curriculum. It is basically a storyteller tables covered with flannel or felt material that teachers can use to tell visual stories to preschoolers images, storyboard shapes and a variety of other manipulatives that are made from flannel or felt cutouts (sticks flannel flannel). Flannel boards come in various sizes and can be mounted on a wall or a small table in style with an easel, which is easily collapsible to put away.

The table style is a great toddler groups and encourages participation and interaction can be easily stored away. A large wall-mounted style is much more durable and better for large groups, such as in a classroom environment. Flannel boards or story boards are commercially available, but it is very easy to make your own. Some commercially purchased the reverse side of the magnetic boards used magnetic manipulatives and there are also tables on the back.

History tells of a re-development of important skills in language and memory skills in preschoolers. Pre-literacy is important, even young children benefit from listening and watching as the older children play. Younger children always learn by observing and modeling older children. Most pre-school settings in a multi-age population and the age of the different groups overlap, as most families do.

Encourage your child re-tell a story, or a series of numbers or identifying colors and shapes large independent activities and entertainment partners. Re-telling reinforces learning and abstract concepts. Preschoolers gravitate toward it anyway if the materials they use to stay on the board. They can make up your own creative flannel board stories in the form of free-play setup. Children enjoy touching and feeling the soft forms of manipulation.

Parents, flannel board game is a great independent activity for peaceful times such as waiting for the doctor's surgery, a long car rides or before nap time or bedtime. Flannel boards is fun rainy day indoor activities for kids . Teachers like to use them in everything storyteller; abc games for kids thematic lesson plans, teaching songs, rhymes and finger plays.

soft flannel board sets, color cutouts felt shapes, letters (uppercase and lowercase letters) colors, numbers or story characters and props. Trading options can be found tales, nursery rhymes, folk literature, safety classes, maps, seasons, calendars, animals (zoo, jungle, farm, farm animals, etc.), special holidays, dinosaurs, multi-cultural ideas, Bible characters, toys , transportation and many other early childhood issues. They can be purchased pre-cut or teachers and caregivers in the budget is that the feeling of his own design.

flannel board activities, entertainment for families, pre-school centers, Head Start centers, home daycare providers, home school families, early childhood education settings, Sunday school teachers, special education classes, librarians, and teachers in the lower elementary grades . Even the teachers to find teaching good use flannel boards of other States or geography, maps, hours, or higher grades. The utility is almost endless.

Source by Gail Leopold