The prevailing mistaken Online College Degrees: Treatise on the decline of public education

self-Webster Dictionary defined by the mirage than a false belief with respect or persons or objects that persists in spite of the facts, and one of the most common and powerful delusion that prevailed in the late 20th and early 21st century, the highly erroneous beliefs of millions of rank-and-file people around the world, especially the US, the online computer training pursuits produce enough learning theory is a person, just as traditional classroom instruction. On the one hand there are many rebellious, adolescent, public school students who do not like structured largely free courses that are required to participate in the classroom for twelve years in order to reach the basic knowledge and a high school. These young misguided men and women make up about 67 percent of all public school students, and in most cases only occupy class seats, their minds absent-mindedly elsewhere in elementary, middle school and high school years, and end up barely reached the minimum grades required for graduation . The real sad fact is that to keep the American public schools most of educating some juggling credibility, equivalent to 70 percent of American youth, which is 67 percent of all public school students in grades pragmatically lined with huge disproportionate curves in order to make it appear that the most American young people leaving high school eighteen basically trained and ready to either enter the workforce or attend college. Still, these are basically uneducated, barely literate men and women leaving public high school and is now in the end up, within three years, enlisting in the military, participated in junior college or vocational school, apprenticing trade to continue to live at home the parents, or more beggars on the street. Every year, thousands of these young millions of 15-18 years of age, ran away from home spending 5-10 years until the end of the street, many turn to crime before the time and valuable resources they wasted the extravagance and inertia.

Since around 1995, many of these millions of badly educated young adults, 18-30 years of age, received the great illusion that they can achieve their personal computer at home alone thousands of dollars, he refused to meet over a dozen years free public education was offered as teenagers. What I mean by that? Seventy years ago, the majority of graduates of public high schools actually performed a real eleventh to twelfth grade level, and were ready for either a college or university, or a real college-level work, or provide a marketable trade. Since American homes bringing up children (parents support and encourage their children to succeed in public schools) it has been for decades, since 1950, more burden than a privilege and responsible husbands and wives who are looking for more goals individuals than were fathers and mothers, male and female children of these very self-centered men and women struggling alone in the apartment and also scientifically formative teenage years in them. As a result, what used to be a real high school diplomas conferred upon most of the eighteen graduates of public schools no longer better than certificates of 12 years of attendance, while the junior college degree (AAS and the Donkey) actually improving high school diplomas to show that the students compensate for the lack of a university degree during their high school years during junior and community colleges two years of the study. Therefore, as a logical consequence of the traditional baccalaureate degrees now conferred upon senior university graduates who emerge from community and junior colleges, are not equivalent, to any extent, the B.As and BS conferred university graduates in the 1950 '60s and' 70s .

now the question comes, however, to achieve BA, BS, MA, MS, and even a PhD qualified on the basis of these students in colleges and universities, which is a complete online web syllabus leading programs transfer this level. What's happening if low-skilled men and women at university level who are likely to make high school attempt at the ninth to tenth grade level real scientific work five to leave the public schools after ten years? Now, remember that a large percentage of these people have spent time US army military into an eighth-grade level placement courses and said these universities That if you enroll in training programs, especially online and pay the required tuition fees, you can get college credit for military courses and "life experience (whatever that means) that" leads to the baccalaureate degree is required to complete 120 hours of college credit. In fact, many of these low-skilled adults, between 25 and 35 years of age, begins the so-called university online courses without any previous junior college remedial study.

So, we have yet figured out the dismal result of the great delusion? These millions of under-qualified students who are anxiously embraced the computer age, are actually made to believe that they can use the Internet at home alone to study books and course materials that are not in the online colleges and universities, the presence of an instructor / teacher in order to learn the equivalent of what is taught over four years of classroom teaching traditional brick-and-mortar universities. This is what we called in the 1950s, 60s and 70s had an impact correspondence / distance education, which has not been approved university equivalent classroom training regional accrediting commissions. Currently, 98 percent of most accredited colleges and universities offered by all Internet online college degree programs are not interactive; that is, they do not offer video-teleconference designated hours per week during periods when the individual students are connected to each other that all students enrolled in a given field, to his or her classmates and the instructor / teacher, a computer screen during the class period, and interact with one another within the hour. As the cost of tuition in American history from the University of Maryland, which is about $ 500, the cost of an interactive online Internet courses for about $ 700, and continues the Socratic method can not be effectively utilized during the training is very expensive electronic interaction of the three units of college course .

most online undergraduate and graduate, however, "not" interactive any way, and the only way for a student to communicate in an instructor or other classmates, the semester or during the quarter period via e-mail, training and it is considered to be the most rational people as a very impersonal and less-efficient means of communication. Assume that the low-skilled university student living in South Carolina and enrolled in an online college degree program at the University of Maryland. The students, of course, all textbooks and teaching materials, half a year, mailed to his residence, and he or she may perform the required tasks lesson when convenient. There are no oral presentation unless the instructor fix them, and allows students to access them, along with other educational materials, the "Board" software. If this is the case, the course tuition will increase significantly. Now, believe it or not, the instructor actually lives in a remote state like Minnesota and the student is not able to contact the instructor via e-mail for longer periods of time. Therefore, the remaining under-qualified university students basically alone most of the semester or quarter to study the material alone, the UN-proctored, open-book, multiple-choice question tests in grades if the student's academic honesty is not questioned.

in the 19th and 20th centuries, this type of learning called Lincoln Effect, named Abraham Lincoln supposedly learned the way to a lawyer and was called, and most colleges and universities as a bad method to learn the average student. Lincoln learned from their reading and studying he needed to know to succeed in the legal efforts and his success was due to the fact that he is a highly intelligent and intuitive man, able to learn on their own, in which the great majority of all public high school graduates They are unable to do. Even going today, the college or university "can not" give a person credit for self-study, and in fact can and mastering college-level curriculum before enrolling in college and paying for the course. Then, even after a "very clever" people will pay the expensive tuition for the course and the professor using the aspiring individual to a comprehensive final examination of the course of study, class is in most cases not the usual final exam taken at the students, but one that has been inexorably difficult to express purpose is to ensure a very clever man does not make a passing state. This sounds unfair and inequitable serious? Yes that's right, because this is it! The current university system is shockingly unfair, both very smart and very poorly trained. The shocking reality is that almost all colleges and universities in the US is much more concerned with advanced learning lucrative money-making business, as it should be, capable of terrified responsibility of facilitating intuitive and intelligent way men and women who are in college level work to achieve your learning and research skills that are needed for success opening new frontiers of the natural and physical sciences, mathematics, humanities, and literature. The sad fact is that under-qualified baccalaureate and university degrees awarded each year, men and women who are undergraduate and graduate online degree programs online, which are by no means the same degree can be achieved under the supervision of professors and classroom teachers.

This is especially great delusion grave and eliminating effect, which I tried to explain in this essay is not simply that these men and women who have reached these online pseudo-degree truly believe that they are educated, intuitive and intelligent than other men and women who took part in the traditional colleges and universities achieve their undergraduate and graduate degrees. It's like an online comparison baccalaureate degree in Economics from the University of Phoenix to B. A degree in economics classroom ongoing study by the University of Texas at Austin, or any other traditional brick and mortar institutions accredited high learning. essentially incomparable to two degrees. Still, most of the American people for the 21st century 25-to-40 years of age who are actually conditioned to believe that obtaining a college for quick and superficial diluted online learning is identical through a four-year baccalaureate degree acquiring the painstaking process of continuous classroom participation greatly contributed, a decrease in participation, the education of the American republic, the loss of the status of third world nations. America is now 38th in the world in academic achievement. Can you imagine that time, around 1945 to 1970, in the US in the first place among all nations of the population reading, educational superiority, and academic achievement?

As for the origin and progress of this great disappointment, we owe the reader an explanation. How could this progressive and aberrant mind-set of advanced learning the fundamentals are so destructive widespread in the latter part of the 20th century just a coincidence, or how it could have been widely adopted by the people as a standard model educational endeavor can be seen in the efforts of a great man or a woman? These two former satisfactory explanation of the causes of historical events, accidents and the "big man" is difficult to explain the subtle, imperceptible publicly, as events in the late 19th century and the middle and at the end of the 20th century, which works with causing intentional a systematic change in the Americans trained. The "accidental" and the "great man" event in the history of the explanation is not difficult to explain the sad unfortunate events that has plagued man since the beginning of recorded history. sad for the third accepted contemporary historians accepted explanation of history, conspiracy, the most reasonable and acceptable reasons for the occurrence of fine incremental events, which together combined effect of the following decades, such as the proper method for large deceived the American study. If a thorough examination reveals the facts about the motives conspiring men and women long period of time to cause a significant shift in the essential foundations for the presiding philosophy of education, these facts did not closely examine the existing traditional and electronic media and accepted by the American public, or capriciously discounted same media and hidden from the public. Why hide such an objective and independent media obscene facts to the public? A free and independent media would not make such a blasphemous thing, but a media bought and paid for the powerful and wealthy men and women who have conspired together to make such a change would be the philosophy, so such a thing is quite cleverly.

Thomas Jefferson in 1805 "rather no newspapers the government as the government without newspapers." What he really meant that he preferred newspapers refused to publish the facts and the absence of judicial government as the government refuses, the newspapers to publish the truth about what the government is doing against the interests of the governed. The American constitutional Framers worked together to produce a government that serves the people, not in a state to serve the people vaccinated by the government to the humble. The latter condition is a condition to serve the people, it was following the political philosophy of Hegel called the "statism". The free-thinking people, like the original American population ratified the United States Constitution of 1789 is very concerned about individual liberty. As Henry Ward Beecher succinctly, "Freedom is the soul's right to breathe." It's going pretty well what Thomas Jefferson in 1779 in the American Revolution. He said. "I have sworn upon the altar against the eternal enmity of freedom over tyranny of the mind" of these immortal words, many wrote today grace Jefferson Memorial, Washington, DC All of the Constitutional Court Framers, who also signed the Declaration of Independence, he found that "a man or woman thinks he or she is, "and that the perception of reality is the means by which the American people will select, and we are. Therefore, the Constitutional Court Framers wrote the preamble to the US Constitution to express its explicit goal, which concluded the first eleven words of the preamble to the final twenty-three words "to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity. "The preamble has not said that the objective was the US Constitution to" do justice, to ensure the common defense and promote the general welfare. "No, the ultimate goal of those particular things in a proper instrument for implementing that, and to ensure freedom blessings. "Some argue that the constitution of the Soviet Union created a form of justice, if the common defense of the Soviet people and to promote the general welfare in a kind of Soviet people. But there was no freedom to the Soviet people to determine their own destiny in their own independent pursuits of happiness. no, the communist regime does not provide the blessings of personal freedom in a controlled people, but rather just the opposite, over which the mind and body of the people. it is certainly strange that most federal and state politicians today taken into consideration in the preamble to the US Constitution is an essential part of the Artist ent, but in fact

"static" socialist fascist philosophy that people of a nation should be conditioned to serve the state began the new US. flanked by a pragmatic socio-political ideology wealthy ideologues several New England states in the past part of the 19th century. I know it's a long way to look back in American history to collect all the relevant and important facts about what really happened, but these are the facts magazines as historians, journalists and ordinary Americans recorded appropriately, writers, written by calendars, books who actually witnessed the establishment of those facts, and newspaper articles documenting these facts. The five "WS" and "H" for historical research on the issues and questions that will lead to a convincing explanation of the issues. Who, what, where, when, and why, and, of course, how are the basis of historical research and the answers to how and why the sad incident occurred. They were rich in powerful aristocratic people in the US who is from the beginning of the republic, not at all like the idea of ​​a common rabble of people in the rank-and-file American People, is allowed to choose democratically vote to represent them in a bicameral Congress laws and laws that may affect and reduce the power and wealth they aristocrats. In fact, these ideological oligarchy, shadow governments, state and federal governments, that is super-rich people who are afraid of freedom and liberty as a political tool makes them less powerful and less prosperous. Thus came the collective efforts of these shadowy oligarchy disguised to regularly control the minds of the general public in order to provide the wealth and power. They are rich, powerful, and practical people, but in reality very few people knew very well that the appropriate education and intuitiveness to the common rabble, the majority of the US population, causing that the Americans have large cross insightfully seek passage of legislation that would increase the ability of the common people, ultimately, industry and entrepreneurship, compete, and eventually overshadow the aristocratic power-control agencies; such as the common self-taught, intuitive and vivid individuals like Cyrus McCormick, Eli Whitney, Elias Howe, Thomas Edison, and Philo T. Farnsworth, Idaho poor farm boy who invented the television.

a solid cut to the chase, the ten decades of time that has passed into the 19th century was delicious, and extremely harmful changes in steps of public education of the American republic. For example, the ability to read and understand the written word was published in honor of the Framers considered to be the keystone of sensitivity and understanding of current events in the state and federal government in order to ensure an intelligent and well-informed electorate. The basic method of teaching young people of America started phonics that it was such Framers Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams as the appropriate methodology for teaching children, illiterate adults how to read. It was a way to have learned to read and Franklin, Jefferson and Adams used traditional phonics to teach their own children how to read effectively and efficiently used in the method founded the first public school in America before and after the American Revolution. The first state schools created by the new United States of America are local and checked there was nothing at all to do with the federal or state government. Parents of children of all ages hired teachers, and phonics, learning to identify words of vowel and consonant sounds, it has been used for children in these original one-room school reading skills to teach reading.

Yet, another method was established in 1813 by a man named Thomas H. Gallaudet reading about. Gallaudet established the "see, say" method of teaching deaf-mute, how to read because people do not hear the word morbid letter sounds and learn the phonics normal use. Then in 1835, Horace Mann, a college educated intellectuals, himself, learned to read the sound played a role in getting the "see, say" reading primer "Mother's Primer" developed in primary schools in the state Massachusetts; but in 1843 a very normal and reasonable Massachusetts parents refused to "see, say" phonics method and restored as the standard method of teaching reading all normal primary state of Massachusetts, how to read. Still, Thomas Gallaudet, children and grandchildren are graduates of Yale University, as Thomas Mann, and they are also members of a secret order that existed then at Yale, and it still exists and flourishes in the 21st century. This was the secret Order of the Skull and Bones. In fact, Horace Mann co-founder of Skull and Bones, and it is much more than a passing thought, why Mann, who learned to read in phonics would have pushed and shoved to "see, say" reading methodology, originally abnormal süket- silent, accepted as a method of primary-aged children with normal reading. In addition to the false propaganda referred to the supposedly successful application led to the "See-say" a "see-say" method of about 1853-1900, adoption of the influential Columbia Teachers College and Lincoln School, which propelled stake in speciously new John Dewey-inspired educational system, which was directed away from the basics to learning, but also to the basic child to subordinate units intelligent and intuitive instead of organic social individuals who could read comprehensively and efficiently. "See said that" it was ideal for supporters of Dewey. Since learning to read was effectively freeing the primary key to the child's ability to learn to read, the Dewey system deliberately gutted one of the essential key step in the learning process, which ultimately informed the highlights of the preparation of the voters. Refer to say "appeared to be an easy way to learn to read, even though it is recognized that learning personal discipline and hard work needed to read it.

Therefore, we sincerely believe that rational and reasonable Americans reading this study will clearly be able to convincingly extrapolated adoption inexorable and outrageous results reading method system, "see, say" up "abnormal" deaf-mute, regular use "all" public school districts all Member States by 1920 in order to teach the children in normal school-aged general, how to read. it was not accepted as a result of an accident or a grand gesture of a wise man or a woman, b ut rather the leading long conspiratorial means of education "authorities" 1900-1920, exclaimed in newspapers, magazines and radio "progressive" in the likeness of Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, they formed a select group, mostly men, who had studied at Yale University and They were members of Skull and Bones. In the final analysis basic conspiratorial reason the wisdom of the Constitutional Court Framers, acceptance of respect and preservation of phonics, devalued during this time, and the majority, more than 70 percent of the national electorate have to think about what they supposedly learned men of the 20th century rhetoric about teaching learning standards based on justice for children. Therefore, we have preserved today in the nation's adult dumbed-down, a sad result of a conspiracy that worked evil in increments of more than 150 years ago today. "See, we say" is still the predominant method of reading instruction approved by the federal "common-core" public education system. While many private and religious schools, which continued to teach phonics in the 20th and 21st centuries, the graduates of these schools make up a very small portion, less than 10 percent of all school children in the United States. More than 90 percent of most American kids are, and will remain, the products of public schools.

In summary, a reasonable person can clearly see the progression of ineffective quality of education in the current process of education of most American children. There elementary schools that do not teach the child to prepare basic reading, writing and arithmetic in accordance with the middle school learning experience, and dumbed down for kids to enter high school elementary school inadequately prepared for the last three or four years of high school. Consequently, the general middle school and high school remediation indeed, in most cases, the restoration, he should have learned in high school. Therefore, 98 percent of 17-to-18-year-old adolescents who have high school diplomas, not really receiving graduation certificates to the proper completion of twelve years of education, but rather just part of twelve years in their classes and graduate in much less than a twelfth grader also. Most public high schools seniors actually working on the 9th and 10th grade level when they enter the stage to be graduated. So here we are again at the beginning of the time frame, when men and women between 25 and 35 years of age and graduates of public schools, they start to think that brick and mortar classroom to participate in online college and university diplomas 'real' equivalent degree earned universities and that he could not achieve in a class of its own pre-university level could be achieved outside of a classroom, at home, sitting at the computer. It is, and remains, that the great mass delusion that the US nemesis educational superiority.

Source by Norton Nowlin

What is Coleman?

a natural method of detoxification, which regained popularity in modern society is colon hydrotherapy. This process is important to ensure the removal of waste accumulated in the colon issues involved pumping water into the colon, using a carefully controlled pressure, or simply by gravity. In addition, massage or reflexology techniques are applied to the abdomen during the procedure to stimulate muscle contraction or peristalsis, and promote the final elimination of accumulated waste.

There are hydrotherapy licensed clinics where qualified therapists administrative procedure. Two types of machines that are used by colonic irrigation treatments: a closed pipe system and open pool system. laws of the United States believes the equipment of medical devices, as it has been used to examine and treat some diseases that sense changes the structure or function of the human body. Both machines are approved by the FDA.

In addition, there are home kits colon, also known as Coleman kits are available in the market. Most stocks Coleman checked and approved by the FDA. However, there are some that are being released on the market without the approval of the FDA. So it is best to check the validity of the company producing the Coleman intends to buy.

Typically, a kit comprises a five gallon Coleman gravity tank, Coleman supply pipes and speculum. Coleman board having an opening at one end for removing the shield and contamination purposes. In the end, the board must be placed by opening the top of the toilet, of course, while at the other end should be encouraged to keep a chair or any device that supports turning over.

The Coleman performed each lying on the bottom of the board to place a shield against the opening. The weight of the 5-liter tank should rise 2-4 feet higher than the colon board. The altitude creates a safe and comfortable 1psi pressure. flowing full length of the colon. Water can only be used in the process must be sterilized, or purified, and preferably about body temperature. Moreover, the speculums used colemas similar to those used Colonics open basin system. This thin as a pencil, or perhaps narrower, and 4 to 12 inches long.

The speculum is designed to keep the entire duration of the session of the rectum. The slim design allows the flow of water and at the same time makes it possible for the water and waste to be released around and into the toilet. Abdominal breathing techniques, as well as the abdominal massage can be done to help the cleaning. Although the process can be self-administered, it will help prove that the process less difficult. The entire colon sessions may last 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the condition of the colon. Instructions for the correct use of the device after as well as the use of the decontamination device may come with the kit.

The disadvantage is that there may be colemas persons who perform the procedure incorrectly. Another case of abuse of the treatment. Doctor is actually essential in this process.

Source by Paul S Fitzgerald

How to make a great first time a member of the Board of Directors

There's a first time for everything, including becoming a member of the board of a nonprofit. Being asked to serve on the board can be a great opportunity and a rewarding experience. Bridge tax-exempt charitable and nonprofit board members from the community.

Nonprofit board members to ensure the sustainability and success of important community organizations are essential. If you are new to the board, there are a few things you can do to help ensure a thoughtful and begin having a positive comment:

  1. Request a meeting with the Chief Executive Officer: If you have not had a meeting with the CEO, ask them to set up an appointment when you have on the board. Use this time to develop a relationship with the executive. This session is an opportunity to discuss what the CEO sees as his vision for the organization. And as a member of the board, ask the CEO what he sees as the challenges and opportunities of the board and its members to help support the vision.
  2. Meet the responsibility of the government: The most important task of any authorized supply ensuring good governance can individually and collectively. Many directors do not fully understand the role and functions. If the board does an annual meeting to inform and train its members to it yourself to find out what is the role and tasks. You can learn a lot BoardSource board governance.
  3. Fundraising priority: Most organizations have to deal with the fact that many (or most) people do not like the money. It is not uncommon to talk to the prospective trustees and hear them to do anything, but not to raise funds. Bad. Fundraising is a board priority, and one of the most important tasks of each director. If you do not like money-making opportunity, ask the CEO or senior fundraising work and develop a plan for approaching prospects.
  4. Set goals: committees will have lubricated tables, so there is a division of labor. Decide what skills you can and set some goals for yourself. Then he picks up the board chair and make it a point to serve the achievement of one or two committees, such as those objectives. Consider this an opportunity for you to energy, fresh ideas for cooperation and join committees.
  5. Meet the team, but is still of strategic importance: The panel member, you will learn about the organization's management. But the most important thing to remember is that the asset manager, your role is not to micro-management. Ask questions of strategic management, but do not get every day. If you serve as a committee, ask for a meeting with the accountable manager that the area within the organization. And as the CEO understand the issues that the department deals with the vision for the organization. Learn about the challenges and opportunities.

The Board membership is an excellent opportunity to give back to the community and to mobilize the expertise and knowledge. If you are new to serve as a trustee, learn as much as you can, how to do it successfully, becoming one of the leaders.

Source by Wayne Elsey

How Nonprofits Can Overcome the sustainability challenges

I talked about it for years. Nonprofit organizations are great, but I think the people who are starting or working for these organizations need to understand two things:

  1. Non-profit organizations with a business. The fundamental difference between for-profit and nonprofit enterprises to non-profit organizations exempt from tax.
  2. You can not begin or continue the organization's desire and prayer. Sustainability is essential to be able to accomplish the mission.

-profit business model

One thing I always remind people of non-profit organizations to the 501 (c) (3) Title taxes. I think a lot of individuals in the social sector, for example, people who volunteer, donate, or even work for nonprofit organizations, sometimes there is a misunderstanding of a for-profit business model.

Unlike a for-profit enterprise that takes the profits and pays it to the shareholders (even small businesses), a non-profit, "recycles" back to the nonprofit. Any additional revenues would go toward mission; is that okay for nonprofit organizations to have more revenues than operating expenses. I think that this is a point that is sometimes lost on people, especially members of the committee. Nonprofit organizations make a profit, but if they do, it has to go back to social causes. You have to stop for the hungry-for-profit organizations.

The primary thing to remember is that the "non-profit" status IRS tax exemption given to the organization, so you can achieve a social mission.

sustainability is concerned about

has been a businessman for a long time, even as a social entrepreneur, I'm always looking for sustainability. I have the opportunity to work with non-profit organizations every day, and when I say some directors, they are focused on the mission, complaining that not enough money (always), but has no plans for sustainability. Or, you tell me, trying to keep the board to develop a sustainability plan, but it just does not happen.

Sustainability is not something out of nothing. If you have any for-profit or non-profit endeavors, you have to plan to be sustainable. One reason, I think there is so much churn professional fundraisers is because of unrealistic expectations. Fundraisers are not magicians and can not come to a contact list of organizations holding the high-end donors esõképen dollar bills nonprofit organizations. I do not shop around for the links, and if so, then it is going against the ethical principles of the Association of fundraising professionals.

Strategies are sustainable

  1. They operate a for-profit business as well. Admittedly; there are differences between nonprofit and for-profit businesses. The biggest opposition to the non-profit is the motivating factor for nonprofits, social change work. However, all work must come from the executive leadership position. Programs, operational and financial sustainability are always available on the lens that is looking to the absolute best.
  2. How long the money. This may be the opposite, but you have to be smart with the money he is chasing. It can not be all things to all people and all donors. This means that smart, how to raise funds. Create a development plan that you are going to approach it and why. There are the interests of donors and donation history has been aligned with the work? If not, then elsewhere. That's too much time and effort to make money. Be smart on how we approach the task.
  3. Not your father's love. Times have changed. You do not want to think, and to run the charity 20 th Century thinking. Those days are done. Organizations that are growing and becoming sustainable are those that adapt to change, development and moving with the times. A change in an unprecedented pace these days. We are in a new era, and it is important to be flexible and adapt to the new environment.

Source by Wayne Elsey

How do I come up with a color scheme of the painting Warhammer Miniatures

I designed a large Warhammer army. Have you talked to your friends and they believe that there is a great balance of power in the style of play. I have purchased the army and edited it. Now is the time to get it looking so fantastic demolish your opponents style. What does that look like? What color combinations are going to use the army? This article reviews the approach to enter some terms of the color scheme.

The first thing you need is inspiration. Let's essential for many armies inspiration. Games Workshop lint-books and white dwarf both the big picture and 40k WFB the great rules; Naturally, both genres is the Codex and the army books. There is a literally thousands of blogs and the best pictures you can scan dozens of online forums. Another great source and probably the best, get a bigger tournament and watching troops there. Timing is important here. The best time to look for during the Games between the first and second or second and third match if the players are doomed to paint the screen.

If you look at the pictures and real armies, ask yourself what you want and why. Really think about it. What is your favorite color? What style do you like painting? I like darker or very bright colors? What emotions do you want to convey? Color Key. Some examples include:

  • Red is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination, passion, desire and love.
  • Yellow is associated with intellect and energy. (Also joy and fun, but they do not appear to be used up to 40k or WFB.)
  • combination of red and yellow, orange represents enthusiasm, fascination, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement and stimulation.
  • Green symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility, as well as security.
  • Blue conveys feelings of trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth and heaven. (Such obvious choice for Ultramarines)
  • Combining

  • blue and red, purple symbolizes power, nobility, luxury and ambition. Also extravaganza. It is associated with wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, mystery, and magic.
  • White perfection and is associated with the light of goodness, innocence, purity and virgin.
  • Black is associated with power, elegance, formality, death, evil, and mystery. (Now this applies to the color range of Warhammer.)

Try a color scheme. You can think of the military. What do you want to say about the color scheme? Like the fluff? (Fluff stories and fictional story 40k WFB and individual competitions?) On the basis that you are an army of the flakes, and if so, determines the basic color scheme? What does the planet looks from the army: desert, forest, water, waste ash and ice? Armies tend to pick colors sympathetic to the environment are fighting for – the camouflage, but also because you best. In addition, a darker tone will look like military combat; lighter tone more imagination.

That said, the color scheme should be stored in a practical, artistic principles decisions. The models are small, and very detailed. To see this data, you need a high-contrast color and sound. It indicates Color Contrast selected colors, which is contrary to the color wheel; tone contrast of dark days and bright colors. For example, you can not see a black shoulder strap dark brown shirt easily. However, visible brownish shoulder strap dark blue shirt. Also, if you want to paint your army to the depth and the big lights of all colors areas, if you really need to choose two or three colors for each color area – one of the keynote, the second mid-tones, and finally one (or more) high lights.

If the army painting competitions, lighter-toned armies usually get a better judge. I think it's just because it is easier to spot, but it's definitely true. Also in tournaments, you need at least three colors.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, can you really paint the color scheme you are considering? With the help of many colors it may seem fantastic, but it's going to take a lot of time. It might be good to spend time working on the characters or the key models for a little extra; but armies of other issues. There is a way to simplify the paint? Maybe you can use the dimmer painting armies faster. Then the color scheme works well with the style of painting and the primary will be used? The main painting style relies heavily black primer, which simply does not work well in some colors.

Once you've got the concept down to two or three color scheme, try them out. Put it works reasonably fast and finished models which system looks good, and the easiest to paint. Here you will find the results of your friends and what they like. Then select the color scheme.

That sounds like a lot of work – but it looks like a good-sized Warhammer army. It is worth spending a little time to design the perfect color scheme; and it will make the army plays that much more enjoyable.

Source by Steve Goeringer

Exchange RipStik Wheels – The Easy Way!

The RipStik caster popular "Razor" company created by the board (known for their successful Razor Scooter.) Two separate conjoined small platform with a track that rotates a difficult spring. All platforms or "board" hosts a rotating wheel of the same roller blade wheels.

The construction of the table allows a person to propel themselves in a twisting motion of the body and the feet to the deck and two wheels. The feeling of riding a roller table entrusted to like riding on a snowboard or surfboard.


RipStik standard wheel in a simple process which does not differ replacement roller blade or skateboard wheel.

First you need a few things. You'll need a pair of needle drivers (or similar) which will act as a crowbar to remove the bearing from the wheel, a new cylinder 76mm impeller (which are the same RipStik wheel) or two when it gets to the front and rear wheels. You will also need two keys Alan (also know is alan keys) 3/15-ers.

First of all, you need to remove the wheel from the truck RipStik. Place the right side of an unclean buttons on the wheel inside the screw and the other screw on the left. Now, an evil twist knob clockwise un-screw the screw, while the other side to keep it a twist. Alan continued to be paid until it is not completely un-screw the screw.

If the wheels are going to take the needle out of the drivers and highlight the eyes from the inside of the wheel. After a two-out bearing will be able to place the bearings inside the new wheel RipStik. Replace the bearings in the middle of the wheel (being careful not to fall over while it is on the wheel), and press the bearing.

After both bearing the new wheel to the wheel of the truck and place. Now put a twist on the truck, the wheel and the bearing. Tighten the screws until they are very determined to make sure it's safe. Be careful not to over tighten the screws as this may cause the bearings to seize. Once you have the RipStik Wheels draw will be good to go and you will have a new RipStik Wheel compete together.

Source by Katie Jenson

FOBT Roulette Machines – Beat the bookie systems and strategies

FOBT is Fixed Odds Betting Terminals. They have become extremely popular with players of traditional bookmakers shops, such as William Hill, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power and Coral, so much so that today compete with casinos bettors!

offer a lot of games, the most popular is that the roulette. Roulette is similar to online casinos generated the winning number from a random number generator (RNG). So beat them in the process of finding fault in the RNG used to determine the winning number.

The Force Zero roulette system FOBT this thing. The idea behind the system is to confuse the RNG Zero in producing more frequently than would otherwise be the case. All of this for all of the options on the table (ie, red, black, and zero). The progressive staking system is used to zero level, to cover any initial losses when the zero hits. Once hit, the players may choose to accept the prize, and start again or continue to chase the bigger prize of zero!

Like all things roulette system, the key to success in the discipline. Online casinos are waiting for you to try the system in the knowledge that most players lack the necessary discipline to follow through their systems properly, or that many people do not follow the required system.

The Force Zero system can be used for any land-based bookmaker or online casinos and European Roulette, which is a random number generator to produce the winning numbers.

Source by Mike Manchester

Advantages and Disadvantages of convergence between US GAAP and IFRS

In the past decade, there has been an increasing demand accounting principles generally accepted in the United States, the corporate world (GAAP) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) that converge to form a universal set of accounting standards. In 2002, a member of the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and a member of the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) met and issued a framework for establishing a memorandum of IFRS in the US is known as the Norwalk agreement, the two boards agreed that "existing financial reporting standards are fully compatible as soon as possible "and that" coordinate is maintained in order to ensure future work programs compatibility "(Kies, 2012, p. EP-second)

to the adoption of the critics of the IFRS produced in the United States, principle based accounting standards leave too many judgment calls in the hands of the creator. In other words, more open to interpretation IFRS than under GAAP rules, and lead companies to issue a fraudulent representations. Also has disadvantages of an increased ability to manipulate accounting, enhanced versions of transactional accounting approaches to similar transactions, and fewer rules to take into account in determining how to account for the transaction ( "Which is better – the principles or rules?", 2011). According to a report issued by the Kroll Global Fraud Inc., 2012-2013, US and European companies greater proportion of fraud (60% vs. 63%) than the global average ( 'Global Fraud Report ", 2013). Changing accounting standards to be more open to interpretation may attract a larger internal or corporate fraud.

Another disadvantage is that the IFRS is expected to cost associated with transitioning from the GAAP accounting standards and IFRS-based accounting information systems information systems. However, while these costs may be high, these are short-term in nature, and is estimated to save companies money in the long run. "Studies show that will have a significant impact on the cost of the transition to IFRS. According to research, the benefits to US investors can not exceed costs. In addition, after the strict requirements of US GAAP, the financial statements minor improvements. Research also these costs and benefits of different companies and it will be difficult to keep track of adoption "(Bolt-Lee, 2009). These costs are a burden on small and medium-sized companies that do not have the capital and resources to provide large multinational. And according Kmpg, the largest component of the IFRS conversion costs, IT costs, estimates that 50 percent to 70 percent the cost of a typical IT transformation effort objects (Krell, 2009).

The large holdup convergence IFRS and GAAP based control. In the United States, the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) of power when it comes to accounting standards. Although the FASB standards, the SEC supervises and ensures companies comply with state laws, practices and acts in a manner that facilitates ethical behavior and decision-making. "In the current system, the SEC is trying to ensure uniformity and consistency in financial reporting. However, the regulator can not enforce a system based on uniform principles "(Thompson, 2009). If the US converted, the SEC will definitely lose a lot of control and influence in the accounting and reporting practices.

One of the advantages that the principles-based IFRS, as opposed to relying on a GAAP rules-based standards. principles-based standards allow more flexibility on how the financial performance of the companies (Galuszka, 2008) portrayed. According to a survey of corporate executives, many of them listed on IFRS principles and standards "intuitive" and "more manageable" than the GAAP equivalent.

The difference between the two approaches lies in describing exactly where they suggest: on the basis of standards based on a set of overarching principles include a clear hierarchy with little or no regulations and rely heavily on consideration of what constitutes a fair presentation; rules-based standards is characterized by several anti-abuse provisions, and allows for the relatively small scope of discretion in their application. (International GAAP 2010)

the rules of accounting, it sometimes happens that the "transaction should be accounted for as a rule, if the accounting misleading employed" ( "Which is better – the principles and rules", 2011). allows the use of IFRS allow the company to use judgment, best represents the financial performance and increases similar in the comparison companies transactions in various industries. "Rules-based accounting has not worked in practice. critics argue that the current US system does not produce accurate reports. it focuses on "check boxes" over portrays an underlying economic reality "(Thompson, 2009). IFRS is trying to curb this problem in greater understanding of accounting principles.

exchange GAAP to IFRS accounting standards allow interested in financial statements user to more informed decisions. At present, the "more than 115 countries IFRS and the European Union today already requires all listed companies (more than 7,000 companies) to be used in Europe" (Kies, 2012, p. EP-2). In most developed countries, especially the EU members are currently practicing international standards, there is a greater transparency and reliability in financial information. Working towards the convergence of accounting standards make it easier for international investment and make it easier for users to dissect financial information, if in foreign regions.

The adoption of IFRS, long-term, help reduce the cost. Many companies, such as Nike, Microsoft, IBM and Apple have operations in several countries and therefore should be prepared on the basis of several accounting books and records of all standards. In addition, users of financial statements to be recognized as fully dissect GAAP and IFRS financial information reported by multinational corporations (MNCs).

The adoption of IFRS will open the doors for companies across the globe to hire new talent. According to Matt Birney, the manager of the department responsible for financial reporting to the International Financial Reporting Standards IFRS United Technologies says some positive is that more talent (Krell, 2009). Increasingly globalized economy and workforce rental can no longer be restricted to hiring new applicants outside the country.

As the world continues to decline, and the business becomes more globalized, universal accounting standards is desired to help tune with the global accounting practices. The benefits of increasing understanding and creates an accounting standards will help promote the assets and increase foreign investment. Adoption of principles-based approach allows accounting preparers of financial information that accurately represents the financial performance relative to the company's operations. As we improve the global business environment, it is inevitable that one of accounting standards is required.


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Source by Andrew B Johnston

How to reduce ADHD symptoms Mattel Mind Flex from

Maybe the child with ADHD prescription drugs … or if he can Mattel Mind Flex from. Personally, I choose to play as any day of a drug.

ADHD is a serious medical condition that is hard both children and parents. treatment of ADHD can get pretty expensive. So I think it is fantastic that a simple, very affordable game helps kids with ADHD.

Both Flex 1-4 game player, age eight and up. The player wears head gear and earlobe clips that allow the game to measure brain waves.

These brainwaves, in turn affects the air flow of the game board. The air flow is moving forward along a small ball of course.

Players create different obstacles (that come with the game) on the field. The game keeps track of your performance and timing so players can compete against your own best time or against each other.

Kids fascinated by this game. They love seeing their thoughts, which may affect the object. It is as if they are magic, and it makes them feel powerful.

It can also slow down and increase their powers of concentration. Anything that can do that ADHD can be a powerful positive effect.

Here's what Scott Herbst, Ph.D. Behavioral Sciences, Psychology, I have to tell you how mind control Mind Flex teaches: "In labs, where this type of therapy, children with ADHD showed a sharp improvement works. Some kids know who meds altogether. "

Generally, this type of therapy, biofeedback and other mental focus monitoring, is too expensive for the average consumer. It's also intimidating or boring for children.

But the game? This is not only affordable, it's fun!

Mattel Mind Flex from one of the most advanced games in the market, and one that I think is going to help a lot of kids hyperactive.

Source by Shea Daniels

Osprey OSX Soft Surfboard Reviews

The Osprey OSX surfboard is a type of surfboard that suits beginners than anything. The services and materials are so much more you can catch waves and vivid water than all other surfboards that are out there. As we wait for an Osprey from the beginning all the materials used surfboards of the highest quality, but the fact that this is cheap, so its origin can afford it as well. In this article you will find out what qualities make this a surfboard as a good start, and people who want to get more confident in that intimidating waves.

To begin the Osprey OSX surfboard using soft foam lining the top of the board. This intelligent due to the fact that many will have trouble starting balance. Also, more advanced boards tend to have a hard material, such as wood, and sometimes to the end which can be cut or hurt. Fortunately, the soft foam means this board that if you fall down, it will be thanks to the padded foam. The soft foam makes this surfboard is much livelier than other fiber uses.

Another advantage, which is great for beginners is the fact that the Osprey OSX motherboards the size is very light, which means that it is very easy to carry. The polyurethane also makes it easy and vivid. This obviously helps your performance as you'll be able to catch waves and able to stay much longer. The base has an EVA core, which helps to keep it stable, even the most vigilant waves.

included with this light surfboard when buy to 3 and the screws to them. Fins great if you're looking to make extra maneuverability when surfing. This allows you to catch the waves at different angles and this allows you to turn faster and give yourself a lot more space when surfing. In addition, extra until you can come to this leash, a leash is vital for any surfer who has just begun, it is due to the fact that if it rains next to you right on the deck and grab straight to her back, and start paddling again.

There is no doubt that this kind of surfboard great if only just beginning. You have everything you need: the buoyancy, lightweight, soft foam protection and durability.

Source by Ted Parry